Will The Amazing Race Australia Return?

Will The Amazing Race Australia Return? And Hints of Another Asian Race?

The award winning Australian version of The Amazing Race took a break this year with home network Seven instead reviving The Mole.  But an article from TV Tonight reports that a 3rd season of TARAu is very much in consideration for Seven.

Personally, I think we will definitely be seeing TARAu3 next year.  Being one of the most critically acclaimed international versions of TAR and its big awards haul, it should be a no-brainer for Seven to order another season.  Their revival of The Mole and host Grant Bowler’s big gig on Syfy’s Defiance  no doubt put TARAu on the backburner this year.

But also in the article, there is this curious line:
“activeTV, which produced [TARAu], has since produced versions in The Philippines, Ukraine, Israel and is planning another in Asia.”

So, what could that mean?  Has another Asian country bought the rights to the TAR format for their own version?  Or will we be seeing the long awaited return of The Amazing Race Asia for its 5th season?  TARA4 aired in 2010.

With this week’s premiere of The Amazing Race Canada and news of international versions running every week, looks like there will be plenty of TAR for years to come.

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