Recap: Kamen Rider Wizard, Episode 33 – What Money Can’t Buy

Wizard 33

Kosuke shows everyone at the shop his little keepsake from Tsuchiya as they take comfort in the Gates having left Tokyo and being reminded about the dangers of getting blinded by money.

Medusa happily gloats about Sora’s plan failing, but Sora chuckles, this is all part of the plan.

Wizard 33

Stopping to fill up his truck, Tsucchii finds a coupon for free gas, but it can only be used in Tokyo. He thinks about it and decides it’d be too bad to waste so he turns around and heads back to the city.

Wizard 33

Meanwhile, another one of the Gates visits Tokyo Tower one last time before heading home. But he gets a big prize when he’s announced as the 100,000 visitor. Haruto and the others are at the shop watching him being interviewed on TV and he realizes it’s the Gate from earlier.

Wizard 33

Kosuke is out looking for Phantoms when he runs into Tsuchiya. While Kosuke scolds him for coming back, a lottery ticket flies into Tsucchii’s hair. He asks if he can use it before he leaves, at least and he ends up winning a million yen. Luck’s on his side, he thinks. As they walk back to the truck, Tsucchii bumps into a guy who just so happens to be wanted with a 3 million yen reward.

Tsucchii decides to buy some lottery scratchers and he ends up winning again… first prize… 1 billion yen.

Wizard 33

Across town, Haruto and Shunpei find the Gate. He’s about to enter a jewelry shop when he finds a watch on the ground. A grandmother comes up to him, happy he’s found it as it is a memento of her late husband. She decides to reward him 5 million yen.

Haruto and Shunpei can’t believe it.

Wizard 33

They bring the Gate to the park. He apologizes for not leaving Tokyo immediately, but good things keep happening to him.

Wizard 33

Kosuke tells Tsuchiya to rein it in after deciding to buyout the guitar shop.

Haruto and Shunpei accompany the Gate to the terminal, but the Gate’s luck is suddenly starting to change the other way. Haruto uses the Light Ring to reveal the Phantom Bogy is following the Gate around.

Wizard 33

Haruto henshins to fight off the Phantom, but he starts experiencing bad luck as well. Nonetheless, he defeats Bogy, or at least, this version of Bogy before Sora pops in and explains what’s going on. Bogy haunts the Gates and manipulates their luck to drive them to despair. Once someone is blinded by money, it’s easy to drive them to despair, he says.

Sora binds Haruto, saying it’s a lot of fun playing with him as he skips away.

Haruto summons the Familiars to find the other Gates and calls Kosuke to update him on what’s happened.

Wizard 33

Haruto henshins into Flame Dragon and uses Drago Time to split up into four so he can quickly take care of the other four Gates.

Wizard 33

Meanwhile, at the fancy restaurant, Kosuke tries to reopen Tsucchii’s eyes, but it’s no use. Tsucchii fights back and accuses Kosuke of being jealous.

Wizard 33

Kosuke follows him out, but Tsucchii has a few thugs beat Kosuke up and tells him they are no longer friends.

Haruto continues experiencing bad luck; stepping in dog poop, twice, getting slapped in the face by signs, and getting his extended arm tangled.

Driving a brand new car with his new friends, Tsuchiya thinks about where the supposed bad luck is. Well, it arrives as Tsucchii swerves to avoid hitting a mother and baby causing the car to flip over. The three thugs manage to crawl out from under the car, but Tsuchiya is trapped. The thugs see gas leaking and abandon him, despite offering them money.

Wizard 33

Kosuke arrives just in time and saves his friend just before the car explodes. Tsucchii apologizes for being an idiot and asks Kosuke to remove the Phantom from his person.

Across town, the Harutos manage to overcome their bad luck and defeat their respective Phantom. Meanwhile, Kosuke goes Hyper to finish off Tsucchii’s Phantom once and for all. He is thankful for the meal.

Kosuke and Tsuchiya reflect on how their friendship can’t be measured with money as friends Haruto and Shunpei joyfully watch.

Wizard 33 Wizard 33

Episode Thoughts
A fine conclusion to the story. A predictable one, of course, but it was alright. Again, I like seeing the backstories of our main characters even if they have no connection to the greater story arc.

Also, it was fun seeing Haruto’s string of bad luck.

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