Recap: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, Brave/Episode 9 – So Strong! Pteraidenoh

Kyoryuger 9

Dogold is anxious to fight the Kyoryugers now! and Chaos says maybe it’s time to reveal Pteragordon’s true power.

Down in the Spirit Base, Torin explains how Pteragordon is the Ten Great Zyudenryu’s cornerstone for attacking, sort of like a captain in a raid. His partner was KyoryuGold who was killed by Chaos and Dogold. Torin blames himself.

The Kyoryugers head out when Torin feels Pteragordon is rampaging in the city. They go to stop Dogold from attacking the civilians, but are surprised when Torin joins them.

He tells Dogold today is the day he avenges his friend, but Dogold has no memory of him or what he’s talking about.

Kyoryuger 9
Kyoryuger 9 Kyoryuger 9
Kyoryuger 9 Kyoryuger 9

Dogold sends the Zyudenchi to Pteragordon who continues attacking as the Kyoryugers try and fend off the Zorima. Chaos watches from the castle while Canderilla shows Aigallon and Luckyuro her great plans for a hot spring.

Daigo has the team split up, Amy and Souji to save the people trapped in a building and Ian and Nobu to summon their Zyudenryu to try and fight off Pteragordon.

Daigo and Torin fight Dogold, but they merely crack his face before he calls Pteragordon to do a Thunder Transformation into a humanoid form, PteraidenOh.

Kyoryuger 9

Dogold hops into PteraidenOh and Torin tells Dogold for him, Ian and Souji to do a Snapping Combination, Kyoryujin Parasagun Stegotchi.

Kyoryuger 9

They proceed to fight, but it’s still tough going. It’s thanks to Daigo’s clever plan that they stave off Dogold’s finisher, but in the process, Dogold’s face cracks some more, a piece actually falling off to reveal… a human.

Kyoryuger 9

Dogold retreats and Daigo tells Souji and Amy to try and find him.

Down in the castle, Chaos says this is a dangerous situation and touches all three towers resulting in Cambrima, a combination of sadness, joy and anger all in one Debo Monster.

Kyoryuger 9

Back at the Spirit Base, Nobu bandages Diago up and they ask Torin to tell them everything about what happened.

It was 400 years ago during the Warring States Period when Chaos and the Deboss Army played a dirty trick on KyoryuGold but killing his human comrades to make him angry.

Kyoryuger 9

On top of that, they had captured Torin, forcing KyoryuGold to henshin and fight Dogold only to get pulled into a dark portal with him and disappear.

But Dogold was the only one who revived. To this day, Torin cannot forgive himself or those cowards for tricking KyoryuGold to his death.

Meanwhile, Dogold can’t believe he’s human, that there’s a human right inside of him. Chaos arrives to calm him down, fix his face and introduce Cambrima.

Torin and the Kyoryugers wonder though how Dogold was able to Brave In the Zyudenchi as it takes a true hero’s power to do that and why Dogold didn’t even remember Torin in the first place.

Kyoryuger 9

Over in the mountains, Souji and Amy are still tracking Dogold, but are first found by Cambrima. The other three and Torin hurry to help, but Cambrima tells them their comrades will be executed.

Dogold is still uneasy, especially about fighting this way.

Cambrima tells Daigo to drop his weapon, but he doesn’t and says he trusts in the strength of his comrades to fight back. Just like KyoryuGold who must have trusted Torin.

Daigo, Ian and Nobu henshin and fend off fresh Zorima with their Armed Braves.

Kyoryuger 9

While Cambrima joins in, Dogold continues to grow irritated but doesn’t know why.

Ian tells Daigo to deal with Dogold and hands him his Parasa Shot. Daigo manages to deflect and send back Dogold’s attack which completely shatters his face off.

Kyoryuger 9

Torin knew it. He’s Utsusemimaru. Also known as KyoryuGold.

The shattered pieces of Dogold’s face reattach to each other, revealing the true Dogold. He had possessed Utsusemimaru since his heart had been filed with rage and trapped him inside just to get his hands on the Zyudenryu. And it was all Chaos’ idea.

Utsusemimaru’s rage boils as he goes after Dogold’s floating face.

Episode Thoughts
A very good work-like episode that finally went into some story instead of just being fun insanity. It was definitely awesome to see Torin out fighting with the team.

You could definitely see the Dogold-Utsusemimaru twist a mile away. Especially when the show itself was teasing “Dogold’s true identity” and all that. Still, it played out well and at the very least allowed Kyoryuger to have some story movement finally.

This’ll be my last episode for a month, so that was a very nice cliffhanger.

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  1. Hey you should recap kyoryuger returns 100 years after it’s really good it’s all about the great grand children of the previous kyoryuger
    And Uppi.

      1. Sorry but epsidoe 20 it’s cool the funny doctor as Kyoryu Violet. Lol to me when the doctor laughs he sounds like that monster from hurricanger that laughs a lot. I didn’t mean to make you upset. I’m sorry

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