Recap: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave/Episode 8 – Where Am I? Get Through the Maze

Kyoryuger 8

The Kyoryugers are at Tiger Boy and a little bored without Nobu’s old man gags.

Kyoryuger 8

Nossan is at the amusement park with sister Yuko and little Rika. Nobu feels uncomfortable lying about being Rika’s father just so they could get the family discount and when they come clean to the ticket agent, they get a ride discount. See, good things happen when you tell the truth.

But another truth is Rika sees Nobu as her father. It’s been four years since Yuko’s husband passed and both Yuko and Nobu have worked hard to give Rika a good life.

Kyoryuger 8 Kyoryuger 8

Meanwhile, Rika thinks she sees her father. Her dead! father while other people are the park start seeing nonexistent people as well. It’s the work of Debo Kokodoko who then puts them all in a domed maze.

Kyoryuger 8

Nearby, Torin is calling for Pteragordon, hoping it can come back to them when suddenly, he thinks he sees KyoryuGold.

At the park. Nobu and Yuko look for Rika and then realize everyone else is acting weird. They follow one woman crying for her father when they suddenly find themselves in a rock quarry. Nobu runs ahead and Yuko starts seeing her dead husband, Kenichi, too.

Kyoryuger 8

Nobu gets sucked into the illusion and tries to snap Yuko out of it. That’s when Debo Kokodoko pops in.

Nobu henshins and Debo Kokodoko summons some Zorima, but when Nobu tries to go after Yuko, he gets transported to another location. Debo Kokodoko forces him to de-henshin and he can’t contact the others.

He hides from Debo Kokodoko and stumbles upon Rika.

Kyoryuger 8

Torin finds the domed force field around the park as the other Kyoryugers arrive.

Kyoryuger 8

Nobu brings Rika back out into the park. Nobu thinks she wasn’t fooled by the illusion of her father because she doesn’t have many memories of him. But she says, no, she has a very clear memory of the day her father died. Being at the hospital, being told her father was in a car accident and how she couldn’t see his face, she had fully understood he was no longer with them.

Nobu is proud of her and she says, she’s KyoryuBlue’s niece after all.

Kyoryuger 8

Torin uses his power to let Daigo contact Nobu while Ian and Souji try to break through the barrier. That’s when Aigallon and Luckyuro arrive. Aigallon laughs about people being sad and having to wander forever chasing dead loved ones.

Daigo tells Souji to take care of the brainy stuff while he and Amy take care of Aigallon.

“So I’m brainless?!”
Daigo nods. They henshin and fight the Zorima.

Kyoryuger 8

Just then, Ian and Souji see Rika run towards them, but trips and her shoe goes flying toward the barrier. Ian and Souji know what to do.

Kyoryuger 8

Nobu finds Yuko and to prove she isn’t looking at the real Kenichi, he says his old man gag #1. See, the real Kenichi would be laughing by now since the person who enjoyed his puns the most was Kenichi.

Nobu drops a couple more puns to cheer Yuko up and to realize what’s been going on. FakeKenichi can’t take the puns anymore and Nobu and Yuko pop up in the forest, out of the first level of illusion (I guess).

Nobu henshins and fights Debo Kokodoko.

Kyoryuger 8

Rika gets ready to hurl a cone at the barrier to allow Ian and Souji to fire at the momentary hole, allowing them to break it open.

The domed barrier is destroyed and everyone’s back at the amusement park. Nobu joins the others as they do a roll call before taking care of the army of Zorima.

They turn their attention to Debo Kokodoko as Nobu delivers the final strike… of tickles and a pun.

Kyoryuger 8

Suddenly, Pteragordon appears through the clouds and fires at the Kyoryugers. Torin explains it’s one of the 10 Great Zyudenryu and tells them to combine themselves.

Kyoryuger 8

They hop into Kyoryujin Western and dodge the Pteragordon’s attacks while Luckyuro embiggens Debo Kokodoko. They propel Debo Kokodoko right into the path of Pteragordon’s attacks and he’s gone.

Kyoryuger 8

Torin realizes Pteragordon’s got a Braved In Zyudenchi, which it spits out back to Dogold.

The Kyoryugers are at the restaurant with Yuko and Rika. And Yuko comments about the old blue Sentai guy, much to Nobu’s annoyance and the other’s delight.

Kyoryuger 8

Episode Thoughts
An interesting episode that highlights just how, I dunno, oddly entertaining Kyoryuger has been. Odd in that I am really feeling the tonal whiplash these last couple of episodes.

The season started out with insanity right off the bat. But these last few episodes have really ramped up the more serious, heavier stuff that have been great, but just odd next to the more crazy things. (Farts!)

It’s fine, but I worry about the stark contrasts within an episode becoming a problem down the line.

Great to see Yuko and Rika be very involved and a little more about Nobu’s backstory.

And the little things… They only dance when they feel like it? And that tour guide flag Debo Kokodoko was holding the entire time was fun.

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  1. Nobuharu always funny when the others say that he makes bad jokes. I liked that Daigo-kun and Amy-chan fought the zorima together. What am I doing I’m spoiling the series. But other then that. Go Rinka Go Rinka. Wow just imagine if she met Damon Rinko. Nobuharu will make an old pun

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