Recap: Grimm, Episode 2.16 – Nameless

“Then he seized his left foot with both hands in such a fury that he split in two.”

Grimm 216

Juliette comes home from work and asks if anyone wants to talk her. She’s available to listen and can’t help unless they contact her.

“Okay, thanks. Now I’m just talking to myself.”

Meanwhile, a video game company is celebrating the successful launch of a new game, Black Forest 2, that’ll bring in loads of cash, especially to the team who came up with groundbreaking code.

Grimm 216

It’s all fun and games until one of the team, Brody, gets cut in half after he and fellow team member Jenna try to celebrate on their own with “Play my game” scribbled on the wall in blood.

They talk to Jenna’s ex boyfriend from the same company who tells them Brody’s avatar was killed in Black Forest last night, about three hours before he was killed in real life and both by getting sliced in half by a user named “Nameless.”

Grimm 216

Back at the station, Wu figures out the connection between the three title pages found at the video game company. All the authors of Alice in Wonderland, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court and Rage were all written under nom de plumes or pen names. And on each of the pages, writing spelling out: “What’s my name?”

Nick and Hank go back to the video game company to try and watch Nameless in the game and see him just as he kills another member of the team, Vicky. They try to warn Vicky, but Nameless manages to kill her before they arrive.

Grimm 216

Meanwhile, Juliette continues seeing green smokey Nick who appears to be trying to tell her something, but always disappears before she can get anything of use.

She heads to the spice shop and tells Monroe and Rosalee about the visions and how she now clearly sees Nick. One particular vision being of a wet Nick as if standing in rain trying to tell her something. Monroe says he remembers both she and Nick soaking the wet the night she went into a coma. Maybe her memory’s coming back, but she doesn’t want them to tell Nick. There’s something Nick doesn’t want to tell her and Monroe’s in on it too.

But she’s asking for their help, maybe they can help make sense of what she sees.

Grimm 216

Back on the case, Wu solves the sodoku puzzle left by the killer at Vicky’s home, revealing a possible date and time, March 12 at 7:15pm. He might also know what the book pages refer to. While Renard, Nick and Hank are questioning Jenna, Wu comes in with what he’s figured out. Nom de Plume is a restaurant. And relating the date to Jenna, she remembers the team was running behind their deadline having been awake for two days. Her computer crashed and they called an IT guy who offered to fix it if she would go out to dinner with him at the Nom de Plume. But she had stood him up.

She barely paid attention to him, really. She doesn’t even know the guy’s name. But that isn’t the only reason he might be upset. She confesses that it was guy who pretty much wrote the groundbreaking code for them. He basically saved their asses and now they’re taking all the credit and making all the money.

Grimm 216

Monroe and Rosalee join Juliette for dinner before a fun sleepover. Juliette asks Rosalee how she met Nick and she talks about her brother being murdered and how she and Monroe first clicked. Just then, Juliette sees green smokey Nick by the door. This time, he’s looking through a book.

Juliette tries to recount what she saw about Nick and some old book with weird drawings and writing and Monroe let’s slip that it kinda sounds like Aunt Marie’s Trailer. Juliette realizes that’s where she was the night this all started and asks Monroe if he knows where the trailer is. Maybe if she went there, it might help her remember.

Monroe is reluctant to tell her before he can ask Nick. But Juliette says she can’t live like this anymore. If she can’t fully remember Nick, then she’ll just forget him altogether.

Grimm 216

Speaking of Aunt Marie’s Trailer, Nick and Hank find what kind of Wesen the killer might be, a Fuchsteufelwild. The Wesen have strange names, all using the same letters. They take the letters to Wu who puts it through an anagram solver.

They then plug in everything from Tinkles Mil Spurt to Tike Sprint Mulls into the player database and find Trinket Lipslums.

Grimm 216

They have Jenna play the game and Nameless confronts her, but she tells him his name then proceeds to kill him.

“Game over asswipe.”

Trinket Lipslums rages and woges in his little lair before hurrying over to Jenna’s home.

Grimm 216

Across town, Renard is meeting with his informant from Vienna who fills him in on a bunch of crazy Royals and Verrat stuff. His brother’s expanding his influence and he and the Families are working on forcing the “dissolution of the union.” Renard says they must remain strong, especially in their relationship with The Resistance and some guy named Misner.

Renard quickly sees a man leaving a briefcase at the bar and immediately knows it’s a bomb. He hurries to toss it outside before the man detonates it. As everyone in the bar hurries out, Renard pushes his way to chase after the guy whom he shoots to death. He finds his passport, Henri.

Trinket goes to Jenna’s home and walks right into a trap. Wu chases him up a fire escape, but Trinket uses his acid fingers to snap off the ladder from the roof, leaving Wu hanging off the side of the building.

Grimm 216

Nick and Hank confront Trinket on the roof, but he refuses to lose. So he jumps off the building to the ground below.

Grimm 216

“Uh, a little help down here!”

At the station, Renard plugs the USB his informant has given him. A list of the people involved with brother Eric’s plans.

Nick heads home to Monroe’s who tells him about what happened with Juliette. And unless they bring her to the Trailer, she’ll forget Nick once and for all by leaving Portland for good.

Grimm 216

Episode Thoughts
Well definitely an easier episode to watch than last week’s. And there was a lot going on this week too.

First, the case was pretty good. Party because there was so much Wu involvement. It was awesome to see him so much this episode actually being a part of the investigation, but still being his funny self.

And thinking about Rumpelstiltskin reminds me of that hilarious scene in The 10th Kingdom (ahhh! Love that epic!) where Tony and Wolf have to figure out the blind woodsman’s name. (Hint: It doesn’t have a “Rumple” in it.)

Then there was that whole Royals and Verrat and Resistance stuff. It’s been kind of strange. I mean, I think this big picture, greater mythology stuff is important to have on Grimm just like Supernatural has its grand arcs too. But I don’t know if it’s really been developed very well. That whole conversation in the bar was so much to comprehend and the accents definitely did not help.

And finally, Juliette’s memories. It was pretty obvious last week the green smoke was a representation of her memories coming back to her (though the sinkhole is still completely gratuitous special effects). But I did not expect it would lead to her realizing Aunt Marie’s Trailer holds an important key in this whole thing. Should be interesting to see what happens next week and if everything does get revealed to Juliette soon.

So a good episode. And being less gross than last week already makes it great.

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0 thoughts on “Recap: Grimm, Episode 2.16 – Nameless

  1. Liked this episode, too. Enjoyable case made better because of Wu and some fun horror/slasher conventions.

    In our review, we think that the Juliette storyline is a little too comedic. All you need is a laugh track for her conversations with Ghost Nick and you’ll have a brand new sitcom to replace Whitney or Guys With Kids!

    1. Oh I agree about Juliette’s story. I’m not sure if that’s their intention or Bitsie’s performance or all of the above? Starting with the sinkhole, it’s almost been like they’ve played it for laughs. But then there’s the “I’m forgetting Nick for good” stuff too? So maybe they wanted a balance of both lighthearted stuff and the more dramatic, emotional stuff between her and Nick. But maybe they haven’t done the best job of developing the story that way? I don’t know. I guess we’ll see what happens next week and if that’ll be a game changer or something (I haven’t seen any spoilers so I have no idea what’s even coming up. =D )

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