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Sam and Dean would rather not talk about their feelings from their run in with Castiel last week. So they focus on a job, possibly a vampire.

At the police station, the sheriff shows them a video of three teens chopping a would-be attacker’s head off and Dean recognizes one of the girls is Krissy Chambers.


They find her and her two friends, Josephine and Aidan, in the middle of a hunt. Sam and Dean watch as they chase another vampire and Krissy and Aidan let Josephine get revenge for her family being killed.


Krissy fills Dean in on what’s happened since they last fist bumped. She and her father were living an awesomely normal life until she found his throat ripped out one morning. That’s when she meets Josephine and Aidan who were both similarly orphaned by vamps.

Dean tries to remind her this is not the kind of life she should be living, but she insists you’re never too young to get revenge and kill monsters.

The kids tell the Bros about Victor, the guy who took them in and taught them everything they know. They go with the kids to a quaint home where they meet the guy, a hunter they’ve actually worked with long ago.


Victor tells them he’s giving the kids a balanced approach to being a normal kid and a hunter in the hopes of growing a better generation of hunters than they are.

Dean’s not so sure everything’s legit, so he goes to talk to the woman tied up from earlier, leaving Sam to keep watch, while a strange guy in a rape van watches them.


Next morning, Sam watches the hectic normal morning of a family. The kids go to school and Victor shows him a picture of his family, killed by a wendigo. That’s why he’s doing this, no need for crappy hotel rooms and running and no life. Why can’t hunters live a normal life too?

Dean’s at the hospital and the woman tells him she would have never thought Jimmy (the “vamp”) would do something like this. In fact, he seemed scared the entire time she was tied up in bed. It all happened after a guy in a hoodie in a rape van asked her for directions.


Victor has the kids home from school early because he’s found the vamp that killed Krissy’s father. He’s got surveillance captures of the vamp wearing her father’s necklace and a matching sketch from witnesses. Sam is suspicious and tells Dean about it, not sure whether Victor is lying or just wrong. Dean updates him on what he’s found out so far, including the timeframe of Josephine’s family being murdered and Jimmy being in town not matching up.

After hanging up, Sam notices the rape van outside the house and tells Victor who says they’re going hunting. They head outside to look around the nearby park while Dean heads to a lodge the motel clerk says the hooded man picked up a brochure of.

Dean goes into the lodge and finds a woman, banged up. She pleads with him to help make it stop when suddenly, vamp teeth pop out. She explains the hooded man in the rape van did something to her.


Krissy and the others arrive, pointing their guns.

Sam and Victor find the hooded man in the park, but just as Sam is about stab the guy, Victor comes and knocks Sam out.

At the lodge, Dean tries to explain to the kids that this woman couldn’t possibly be the one that killed Krissy’s father. The kids say even so, she’s still a monster. But Dean repeats that hunting is all about killing.

Back at Victor’s home, he has Sam tied up and explains he’s working with the vampire to get the kids’ hunter instincts up to make them faster, stronger and better. Sam doesn’t know what it feels like to have his children killed by monsters.


Dean and the kids come home and Victor easily spills the beans about this being all a plan for him to train them as his perfect hunters. It was him who ordered the vamp to kill their families just so he could mold them.

He still wants them to stay together, but they’re not having it. Krissy points the gun at his head. Dean tries to stop her, but she’s only putting a scare on him. The gun’s empty. Aidan and Josephine ask, they’re just going to let him live?


Krissy says his punishment will be living alone. But as soon as her back is turned, Victor pulls a gun from his leg and shoots himself.

Next morning, they’re helping reverse the vamp effects on the woman. Krissy tells Dean that while she hates how she and the others were brought together, it still feels right. They won’t go looking for trouble, but if it finds them, they’ll be ready. Dean says he’ll send a guy, Garth, to check up on them once in a while.


Dean holds his fist out, but Krissy instead gives him a kiss on the cheek.


Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Week
Sam says this is pretty good, but Dean says it would be a lot worse if they don’t shut the gates of hell soon. That’s the only way those three can get a normal life.

Not just them, Sam says to himself.

Episode Thoughts
This was a cute little episode. Mini-hunters, eh?

It was fun seeing Krissy again. It’s great when Supernatural brings back characters in fun and interesting ways and not just because they can.

Maybe the most interesting thing the Bros pointed out this episode though was that they don’t kill humans. And they don’t hunt just to kill. That’s something that I guess is like an unwritten rule these past 7 and a half seasons, but it still kinda felt weird. Like, really? They don’t?

Considering all the crap they’ve gone through the last couple of years, it’s just weird to put it so simply as they hunt to protect people. Because we know it’s a helluva lot more than that.

A good, fun episode.

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