Recap: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, Brave/Episode 5 – Boom! The Cavities of Ankydon

Kyoryuger 5

The Kyoryugers are testing out the Guardian’s Zyudenchi to find out what each one does. But in the process, Torin realizes they aren’t completely coming together yet. That’s when a non-Japanese looking man appears. He is called… Ramirez.

Kyoryuger 5

After Ian uses a Zyudenchi to make Souji’s sword go limp (yeah, they went there), Souji expresses to Daigo how he thinks Ian is being disrespectful.

Kyoryuger 5

Down in the castle, Canderrilla has been chosen by Deboss and out pops Debo Batissier. They take over a cake shop and serve delicious cakes. Canderrilla is excited to see all the human smiles as the happiness gauge rises. But just as quickly, it drops while the sadness gauge rises instead. The cake eaters’ teeth are hurting.

Kyoryuger 5

The Kyoryugers arrive and both Canderrilla and Luckyuro honestly say they were only making people happy with cakes. They had no idea Debo Batissier gave cavities.

Kyoryuger 5

Ian and Souji go after Debo Batissier, but them clashing allows the monster to run off. After sending a cavity burst at a tree, a new Zyudenryu pops out. Torin arrives and introduces Ramirez to the others as their sempai Kyoryuger who introduces his partner Zyudenryu, Ankydon.

Kyoryuger 5

Ramirez says he and Ankydon came to Japan to help, but he suddenly can’t control the Zyudenryu.

They all head to the Spirit Base where Torin explains the Ten Great Zyudenryu; the ones they have now and another five whose whereabouts are unknown except for Ankydon who now has cavities.

Kyoryuger 5

Souji says they could’ve defeated the monster already if Ian would stop goofing off. Ramirez tries to lighten the mood, but it only makes Souji more annoyed at everyone not taking things seriously.

Debo Batissier tells Canderrilla and Luckyuro he had no idea his cakes would give cavities until something entered his body, forcing him to send out a cavity beam.

The Kyoryugers head to the dentist. Ian offers to look around on his own, which annoys Souji again, thinking Ian is just grandstanding. But Daigo says isn’t he doing it out of kindness? Wanting to give Souji some space to cool off? Same with Ramirez, he’s just worried about Ankydon and just wants to keep a smile to cover up his worry since he can’t do anything… because he’s a ghost.

Canderrilla and Luckyuro think Debo Batissier is back to normal and ready to bake delicious, good cakes. But his mood changes again back to the cavity-giving monster. Ian sees him first and henshins, but Debo Batissier sends a cavity beam right at him.

Kyoryuger 5

The others arrive, but it is Souji himself who catches Debo Batissier’s attack from hitting Ian. Souji says he realizes that earlier, Ian pushed him to be attacked by the monster knowing he could use his sword to deflect the beams, allowing Ian to study the monster’s attack.

Ian and Souji agree to work as a team and the others henshin.

Kyoryuger 5

Ian”s cavities are bothering him as Debo Batissier summons Zorima.

Debo Batissier sends Daigo, Amy and Nobu some cavities too, leaving Souji to knock out the monster’s remaining teeth and thus remaining cavity beams. Ian fires the finisher and Luckyuro must embiggen him.

Now embiggened, Debo Batissier’s teeth are back. Daigo, Amy and Nobu jump into Kyoryujin to fight.

Kyoryuger 5

Torin and Ramirez show up and tell Ian and Souji they can hop in too.

Kyoryuger 5

The five of them combine their powers to unlock the Zyuden Penta Sword using it to finish off Debo Batissier.

The cake shop is back to normal and the Kyoryugers tell Ramirez that Ankydon is also back to normal. He tells them he is not a ghost, but a spirit, a soul that continues fighting even after death.

“Isn’t that the same thing?”

Kyoryuger 5

Suddenly, Ankydon bursts out of the ground and takes a huge swipe at them. Turns out he’s being possessed by a Debo Monster who even Canderrilla is not familiar with.

Kyoryuger 5

Episode Thoughts
I’ve though Kyoryuger has been a lot of fun. But then I found myself not in any hurry to watch this episode. That surprised me since it’s not like Kyoryuger is some kind of chore to watch (*cough*Megaforce*cough*).

But when I finally did watch the episode, I was reminded that yes, I do enjoy Kyoryuger and all its happy craziness.

This episode was a typical “team unites” episode, so it definitely didn’t tread any new ground in that department. But it’s definitely interesting to get the introduction of Ramirez and see what he’ll be bringing to the series. Having a non-Japanese actor is pretty cool. And from what I’ve read, the actor is a pretty cool guy himself.

Story wise, I thought it was an intriguing and amusing change to see the villains actually WANTING humans to smile. We’ve had villains who feed on sadness and grief and loss of hope on both Sentai and Kamen Rider.

Seeing Canderrilla and Luckyuro excitedly making humans happy to fill the meter down in the castle was fun and quirky. I do have a feeling that we’ll be seeing Deboss sooner or later and maybe even get a Go-Busters-like midseason climax. (Even though the finale-like midseason finale is one of the criticisms of the anti-Go-Busters fans.)

So while I wasn’t in a hurry to watch this episode, I’m definitely back on the train now.

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  1. Didn’t you see the bit where Amy held King’s arm. A person who got up to episode 20 will know what I’m walking about just don’t watch episode 26 I got confused in that episode.:)

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