Recap: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, Brave/Episode 4 – Fire! The Courageous Gaburevolver

Kyoryuger 4

Daigo is helping Nobu paint a sign for the restaurant when Amy and Souji walk in. Souji calls Nobu “Nossan” too.

Kyoryuger 4 Kyoryuger 4

Ian, with a brand new young girl, calls over to the “plebeians.” Daigo is excited to meet him. Amy comments on Ian having a new girl and he says that his “love bullets” never miss.

Daigo thinks he’s amazing and asks if he’s really never missed before. Ian flashes back to shooting a gun and tells Daigo that’s none of his business before he and his girl leave.

They’re strolling along when Ian sees a jewelry store being robbed by Debo monster Doronboss. He seems to recognize the monster and quickly goes after him. The other Kyoryugers arrive to help out, but Doronboss is stealthy. Nossan drops a pun as Doronboss takes hold of Daigo.

Kyoryuger 4

Ian aims his Gaburevolver at Doronboss’ chest, saying he won’t miss this time. Daigo tells Ian to not worry about him and just shoot. But Ian can’t do it. He drops his Gaburevolver and collapses to the floor.

Amy and Nobu attack Doronboss together, getting Daigo out of his grasp. Souji tries to finish him off, but Doronboss disappears.

Daigo goes to Black and ask what happened, but he replies “It’s none of your business.” Daigo remembers Ian from earlier.

Kyoryuger 4

Doronboss brings the jewelry back down to the castle. Chaos is pleased that Aigallon’s monster is successful while Dogold is frustrated he wasn’t chosen and Canderrilla is disappointed, but looks on the bright side of things with a smile.

Kyoryuger 4

Daigo, Amy, Nobu and Souji head down to the Spirit Base where Torin tells them he’s thinking of using Kentrospiker, a Guardian Zyudenchi, against the enemy. But the Zyudenchi is missing.

Doronboss is out in the city looking to drive more Gates to despair make more people sad. The Kyoryugers quickly arrive, including Ian who has the Kentrospiker Zyudenchi. He plugs it into his Gaburevolver, but it overpowers him when he shoots. The recoil sends him back, Daigo tries to keep him from falling over, but both of them instead get knocked back into a car, blowing it up.

Kyoryuger 4

Daigo de-henshins from impact. They head down to the Spirit Base.

Daigo realizes the Zyudenchi might be too powerful for one person to use, right Ian? The others are surprised as Ian de-henshins to reveal himself. He asks Daigo not to do something as idiotic and unnecessary as to try and save him.

“It’s a nuisance for you to get hurt like that!”

Nobu and Souji take offense to his bravado, but Amy tries to calm them down. Comrades, eh? Ian asks. “I don’t need any.”

Kyoryuger 4

He leaves his Zyudenchi on the table and heads to the waterfront to ask a new girl out. But she says he’s not as charming when he’s depressed.

Kyoryuger 4

Daigo swoops in, So you do miss sometimes. Just bad luck, like that day, Ian replies. Daigo says he’s listening.

Ian recounts the story. He was doing research on ancient civilizations and visited a country with a friend, Shirou, a treasure hunter. They were looking for and eventually found an ancient stone. But Doronboss captures Shirou. Ian misses the shot at the chest. And Doronboss kills Ian’s friend while also hurling Ian off a cliff.

But Ian is saved by Parasagun as Torin hands him the Gaburevolver.

Kyoryuger 4

He tells Daigo his only goal is to get revenge. He doesn’t care about being a Sentai or whatnot. But Daigo knows what else he’s thinking. Ian doesn’t want to lose another comrade and especially not by missing another shot. But as long as Ian doesn’t fire that shot, the regret will never disappear.

Ian walks away.

Kyoryuger 4

Doronboss is back to attack the city, but the Zyudenchi haven’t finished charging yet. No matter, Daigo says, they’ll just have to stay strong together as team of 5 until they’re charged.

The four of them hurry to meet Doronboss who summons Zorima to attack them. But when they easily dispatch the Zorima, the Deboss knights take their shots. Aigallon fights Nobu and Souji while Luckyuro takes on Amy (and steps on her boobs).

Ian watches Daigo and Doronboss face off, saying something about Daigo rubs him the wrong way. Despite being such an idiot, he does make very good arguments.

Kyoryuger 4

The Kyoryugers get tossed around until Doronboss grabs a hold of Daigo. But Ian comes, Daigo confident and believing in him, and shoots right at Doronboss’s chest. Right on target.

Ian thanks Daigo and they all agree that they are now finally a real team. Torin tosses them their freshly charged Zyudenchi and they henshin.

Kyoryuger 4

After their lively first roll call together, they have some fun fighting Aigallon, Luckyuro and finally Doronboss. They decide to use Kentrospiker, combining their weapons and unleashing a final strike.

Kyoryuger 4

Luckyuro quickly embiggens Doronboss. Ian calls on his Zyudenryu, Parasagun who awakens inside of Hogwarts (it appears).

Daigo suggests a Snapping Combination with Gabutyra and Zakutor and they combine to form Kyoryujin Western.

“I’m not a fan of sausage fests, but I’ll follow your lead.”

Kyoryuger 4

Daigo, Souji and Ian hop in and take on Doronboss while Nobu and Amy excitedly watch from the ground. And with a Brave Finish, Doronboss is defeated and they solidify their team.

Kyoryuger 4

Down in the castle, Aigallon is sad about his favorite underling not surviving even with the invincible mantel.

Episode Thoughts
Even with a far more depressing story like a friend getting killed right before your very eyes!!! Kyoryuger still manages to be crazy, random fun.

It was definitely the most subdued episode of the season and maybe that’s why I like it the most so far. It was still all over the place, in a good way, but less outrageously obvious.

The Snapping Combinations are definitely going to sell toys I think. Especially when there’s a whole bunch of Zyudenryu out there that could pop up, really, every episode.

Again, an understandable creative decision there for Toei and Bandai.
The story is pretty straightforward and definitely written in a paint-by-the-numbers sort of way that does just enough story to keep the half-hour from being the glorified toy commercial Sentai and Power Rangers can be. Not necessarily a bad thing, but definitely leaves the next 46 episodes wide open.

As for our characters, they’re all distinct and I think pretty much settled into their roles. They’re all pretty likeable and manage to dole out the craziness well.

Overall, a good episode. The season is still crazy, but it’s definitely fun to watch.

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