Recap: Grimm, Episode 2.14 – Natural Born Wesen

“So the animals debated how they might drive the robbers out, and at last settled on an idea.”

Grimm 214

Nick’s still on the floor and Juliette thinks they’re all crazy.

“If anybody else tries to blame all of this on the cat, my head is gonna explode!!!!”

Monroe tries to give Juliette the not-so-out-there explanation of what’s going on as Nick comes to. Now that the first part’s done, they need to do the second part.

Monroe gets a couple of drops of Nick’s blood which Rosalee then mixes with the potion both Renard and Juliette must drink. (Unbeknownst to them of course.) Neither of them feel any different yet, but Juliette says she’ll wait it out at home.

Grimm 214

But when she gets home, she is shocked to find a huge, black hole in the middle of the living room. She tries to go back out the front door, but it’s locked.

Next morning, Monroe’s at the bank when three Wesen, fully woged storm in with machine guns. They take the money and run off.

At the diner, Nick fills Hank in on what’s been happening, including showing him the key. He says he’ll be keeping it around his neck from now on.

Juliette still hasn’t moved from the door since last night. She decides to go upstairs, but she looks up and the stairs have become neverending.

Grimm 214

Nick and Hank get the call about the bank robbery and they see Monroe who fills them in about the robbers being Wesen. Blutbad and Skalengeck to be exact.

But even bigger than the robbery, these Wesen have broken the Code of Schwaben, the most important code of honor the Wesen have. If you break the Code, you put all Wesen in danger. They head to the trailer to find out more where they see the Code was put in place to ensure the safety of the community, to prevent Wesen from revealing themselves to take advantage of normal humans.

Grimm 214

Meanwhile, Juliette is still peering into the hole when she decides to call someone, probably Nick. But she ends up dropping her phone into the abyss.

Renard calls Nick into his office. Nick first asks if he still has feelings for Juliette. Renard says not as much and for that, “I’m truly grateful.”

Renard stresses that Nick shouldn’t take this personally especially since he knows what caused all it. They need to work together, overcome their differences and could “make history.”

Grimm 214 Grimm 214

Nick asks about Adalind and why Renard didn’t give her key. Renard says she would’ve given it to his brother and frankly, “I trust you more than I trust my family.”

Juliette starts hearing voices coming out of the hole and then sees electrical sparks, or suped-up fireflies come flying up.

Nick and Hank go meet Monroe at a Wesen-only bar when he thinks they can get information about the robbers. Monroe thinks they’ll be especially eager to give up info, knowing the Code has been broken.

Grimm 214 Grimm 214

Since it’s a Wesen-only bar, Monroe goes in alone and tries to strike up conversations with people who are pretty unresponsive. Then he talks to one of the robbers who tells the other two, one of which recognizes Monroe from the bank.

The three robbers approach Monroe who says one too many hurtful things and they start hurl him across the bar. Nick and Hank see people hurrying out and they rush in to break up the fight.

Nick asks to see the Wesen’s IDs and lets everyone go on the guise of a routine bar brawl.

Monroe goes to the shop and Nick follows. Monroe suggests Nick just take care of this as a Grimm, but Nick says he needs to try and take care of it as a cop first.

Rosalee is reminded of her brother who would’ve done anything to protect their community. She asks Monroe if Nick knows about The Council.

Nick and Hank head to an address attached to the two Blutbaden, Cole and Krystal. It’s an abandoned factory. And it’s definitely sketchy. They run into a homeless man who tells them that he stays there as long as he does “what the monsters say.” Otherwise, they’ll cut his tongue out. He mentions one of the monsters is named Gus, referring to the Skalengeck.

Grimm 214

Juliette is sleeping on the stairs when she is awaken by her phone ringing. She steps toward the hole and says “Screw it,” deciding to just walk in, but as she steps over the hole, the floorboards start retuning one by one until she picks up her phone on the floor. The hole is gone.

Grimm 214

She answers the phone and it’s Nick. He asks if she’s okay and she says everything’s a lot better, thanking him for the call.

The robbers shoot up another bank, but this time, Cole the Blutbad shoots two people as they run away.

Monroe tells Nick about the Wesen Council, sort of like a council of justice for Wesen. They take break of conduct very seriously. Like, death penalty serious.

Before Monroe can explain further, Nick gets a call about the latest robbery. Meanwhile, the robbers head to the factory where they stash their cash. Gus is now more worried after Cole’s killing the two people. That’s not what they originally planned.

Grimm 214

After getting a call, Monroe heads to the shop where a dozen or so Wesen are anxious and looking for Rosalee to take over her brother’s position as someone who’d take incidents like this breaking of the code very seriously and into his own hands. She tries to reassure them and calm them down and tells them to just go home and not be afraid.

Once they’ve gone, Rosalee explains to Monroe that her father used to be a member of the Wesen Council, but had a falling out when he didn’t agree with all their positions. But he kept contact with the Council and when her brother Freddie, turned 18, he was told of their responsibility too.

When their father died, Freddie told Rosalee about the Council and now that he’s dead, it’s her responsibility. She finds a letter from her father’s contact, De Groot, and she calls the number, reporting the violation of the Code. Renard sends an e-mail to the same Mr. De Groot, sending headshots of the two Blutbad robbers.

Grimm 214

Back at their apartment, Gus is telling Cole and Krystal that he’s done with this. It was only supposed to be a couple of easy scores. None of this killing people stuff. He says he’s going to take his share and get out of this, but Cole and Krystal aren’t about to let him go. They kill him.

Nick. Hank and Wu head to the apartment after finding the address on file and seeing the dead body, Nick and Hank hurry to the factory.
De Groot speaks to an assistant who fills him on what’s happening in Portland.

“Every generation needs a reminder that our safety is fragile.”

De Groot tells his assistant to deal with it.

Grimm 214

Nick and Hank find the Blutbads at the factory, quickly getting their hidden money and they start a firefight.
“Nice mask.”

Nick and Hank manage to capture them and take them to the precinct. Renard is giving a press conference with a gaggle of reporters who then turn their attention to Nick and Hank bringing in the suspects.

Grimm 214

Suddenly, a man takes a gun out of his coat and shoots the two Wesen right in the chest.

De Groot is told the situation has been taken care of and there hasn’t been a problem since.

Grimm 214

Juliette is in bed and wakes up when her phone rings. She answers it, but she starts hearing the same growls from the hole. She then sees the flying things on the screen and she realizes her bed is hanging off the side of a hole that’s now appeared under the bed and filling the room.

“I just want you to know the truth,” the hole growls.

Episode Thoughts
This was a very good episode. There was a whole bunch of mythology stuff, story arc stuff and a solid case of the week. And that random sinkhole that literally left Juliette frozen by the door was strangely amazing.

That should definitely be interesting.

I love how we always get little insights into the Wesen world like here with the Wesen Council. I doubt Mr. De Groot is going to appear anytime soon or that the Council will become a major player in the major story arc, but knowing that they exist adds to and expands the Wesen world and gives a look into how it works. I also like that it gave a little backstory to Rosalee and her family as well.

I’m kinda disappointed how Nick and Renard’s tension has pretty much gone *poof* in the span of an episode. Kind of anticlimactic. But I can see past that if they aren’t going to waste any time getting right into the bigger picture of them teaming up to “make history.”

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Renard enjoying giving a press conference. And the familiar Wesen showing up at the shop was great too, really highlighting the fact that the Wesen really are a community.

And oh, that’s firefight at the factory was insane. Damn!

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