Recap: Kamen Rider Wizard, Episode 26 – Campus Infiltration

Wizard 26

Medusa is up on a rooftop looking for Gates. She’s found one, a high school girl. Sora offers to help, but Medusa doesn’t want to get tricked by him again. She tells him to stop calling her Misa, but he says it’s cute and anyway, they should be thankful to the Gates who gave them these forms.

Wizard 26 Wizard 26

Meanwhile, Kosuke is snacking when he drops his mayonnaise bottle. He goes to pick it up just as a cute girl walks by. He quickly recognizes her as Medusa, but wonders why she’s dressed as a school girl. He follows and happily stumbles upon a whole bunch of high school girls.

Wizard 26

At the shop, Wajima has a new Ring that brings out a new Familiar, Golem. Haruto sends the Familiars out to find Phantoms, but Golem seems a bit shy.

Wizard 26

Kosuke is at the high school, trying to find the girl he thinks is Medusa but instead gets thought to be a creep. He escapes the mob of people and finds a Medusa, in her Phantom form, already attacking the Gate. He tells her how tricky she was dressing as a student.

He henshins and they fight. Garuda alerts Koyomi and Haruto and Shunpei are off. Golem sneaks a peek, but when Wajima sees him, he hurries back under the dresser.

Wizard 26

Kosuke uses Dolphi and Falco Sabre Strikes, but only rolls a one for the Falco Strike, allowing Medusa to get away.

Kosuke quickly gets back up after de-henshining and goes looking for Medusa again. He spots the girl he thinks in Medusa, dressed as a student again and grabs her. He knocks her to the ground and wonders why she’s pretending to be all weak when a cop suddenly shows up.

Wizard 26

Kosuke knocks him down too, not knowing who he is. The cop puts cuffs on him and drags him away as Haruto and Shunpei arrive. Haruto says not to worry about Kosuke and instead focus on the Medusa-looking girl.

At the station, Rinko pretends not to know Kosuke.

Haruto and Shunpei see Medusa walking right into the school, so Haruto uses the Dress Up Ring to put on a uniform to sneak in too. Shunpei wants to come, but Haruto just leaves him with his inappropriate clothes.

Wizard 26

Haruto sees Medusa quietly and maybe sadly looking at something on the bulletin board when the three girls Medusa attacked earlier call out to her, calling her Mayu.

They ask Mayu about being attacked by the strange man while also telling her about being attacked by a monster as well. They ask Mayu how she can stay so strong and she shows them a key chain of four people on her bag.

Wizard 26 Wizard 26

It sort of gives her moral support. Do they have some kind of moral support?

Haruto listens when he’s joined by a cute girl asking if one of those girls is the Gate. Haruto says yes and then realizes the cute girl is Shunpei. Dressed as a girl.

Where do you get this confidence!? Haruto frustratingly asks. He then realizes the girls are gone and Shunpei offers to go look for them.

On the rooftop of the school, Sora tells Medusa it’s very interesting she’s personally handling a Gate herself. She tells Sora not to concern himself with this though he offers to be on standby.

Wizard 26

Shunpei roams the halls looking for… the restroom. He hurries into the MEN’s restroom and gets kicked out. He’s dropped his handkerchief which Mayu picks up for him. He immediately recognizes her and runs away.

Wizard 26

Haruto, meanwhile, talks to one of the girls in the group from earlier, the larger one and asks about Mayu. She’s a transfer student from America. The girl asks Haruto who he is and he says he’s a transfer student too.

“Seriously? Already checking out the girls? Come on!”
“Well, it’s kind of true.”

The girls walks back into the classroom, eating her snack as Haruto checks her out. Shunpei comes running saying he’s been spotted.

Mayu runs after him, wanting to return the handkerchief he dropped. Haruto tries to keep himself from being recognized by “Medusa.”

Haruto and Shunpei watch as Mayu and the other girls are having lunch. Mayu’s in the dorms and she’s been alone since arriving in Japan.

What a good actor she is, Shunpei notes as Haruto takes a bite of his donut.

Rinko is researching at the station and finds Inamori Misa, Medusa’s human Gate. But she’s from a different school than the one Kosuke was creeping at and her parents are listed as missing.

Wizard 26

Back at school, Haruto decides to hell with it and confronts Mayu directly. She still doesn’t know what he’s talking about when they suddenly hear screams from outside.

Wizard 26 Wizard 26

It’s Medusa. And she’s attacking Takako from Mayu’s group of friends. Shunpei and Mayu come running after Haruto and when Medusa sees her, she reverts to her human form. Mayu knows her… it’s her older sister Misa.

Wizard 26

Rinko hurries to release Kosuke, telling him the girl he followed was Mayu and Medusa, or Misa, is her twin.

Haruto apologizes for mistaking Mayu for someone else and henshins. As does Medusa. They fight as Mayu watches in horror. Shunpei takes Takako to safety.

Wizard 26

Haruto goes Flame Dragon, then uses Drago Timer to fight off fresh Ghouls. Haruto takes on Medusa while Water, Land and Hurricane take on the Ghouls.

Wizard 26

Kosuke flies in to finish off the Ghouls as Rinko and Shunpei get cute with each other about his outfit.

Wizard 26

Sora gleefully watches the situation while Mayu is still shocked and confused.

Wizard 26

Episode Thoughts
Ooo! Very good episode! Definitely liking the whole twin twist. It was definitely obvious, but definitely makes for an interesting episode next week.

Though I fear it could mean the end of Medusa like Phoenix’s episodes meant the end for him? I hope not though. There are A LOT of options as to where they could take this next. I can’t wait to see what they end up with.

Elsewhere, it was a very fun episode too, of course with all the Haruto and Shunpei hijinks.

Kyoryuger is more overt with its craziness and it’s been fun so far. But I think I enjoy Wizard‘s more mellow and subdued crazy and random a little more. Plus, you still get the dark stuff on the side too. Again, that’s my kind of mix.

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  1. Kosuke reminds me if Ian because whenever they see girls who they think are cute they have to go after them I find it funny/gross because I’m a girl. Also Kosuke did the same facial expression he did when he thought that he was on a date with Rinko

  2. What I found most enjoyable about this episode was Shunpei, Misa and Mayu. Of course I could have done without Kosuke completely. Actually Shunpei having this confidence to just dress up as a girl is really saying something and makes me again question why he isn’t our secondary rider. He makes a much better comic relief than Kosuke ever did and with him I could belief he has a legitimate reason to accept the power of a Phantom, but we will get to that in later comments.
    The whole Misa-Mayu thing is interesting, but I did wonder why they decided to do that. Also back then I started asking myself why they don’t use Rinko’s connections to try and determine who the phantoms are by finding out which people were kidnapped during the last solar eclipse.
    They could have at least mentioned that.

    Also a few nitpicks:
    1) Haruto can be a shitty friend. He could have used dress up for Shunpei, also considered how quickly he was fooled by Shunpei’s disguise and how long he had his head on his shoulder makes me wonder whether this started their slash fanfiction. I mean we saw Haruto being interested in a woman once and that was it. Also why did he accept Shunpei to begin with?
    2) Where did Shunpei get that dress and where do Ghouls come from?

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