Recap: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, Brave/Episode 2 – Gaburincho! Snapping Combination

 Kyoryuger 2

The other Kyoryugers are watching Daigo doodle pictures of his new teammates and they wonder how in the world this guy is Kyoryu Red.

They head home for the night.

 Kyoryuger 2

Nobuharu goes home to his sister and niece. His sister makes sure he’s coming to help build the monument at the dino expo tomorrow, but she’s also worried if those monsters might show up again.

 Kyoryuger 2

Meanwhile, Amy is at her mansion working out, but hides that she is from her butler, Gentle.

 Kyoryuger 2

Down in the castle, Chaos asks the other knights to visualize their plans as they touch one of the three towers. Deboss will choose the emotion he likes the most to create a new monster for the week.

Turns out it’s sorrow and Debo Peshango pops out of one of the towers’ mouth.

 Kyoryuger 2

The next day at the museum, Nobu and Amy find Daigo carving dinosaurs out of wood blocks with his bare hands while the kids call him “King.” Nobuharu and Amy tell Daigo a little about themselves and ask Daigo about his own family.

I’m by myself, he replies, traveling the world on his own.

Their little chitchat is interrupted as Peshango starts attacking the city. Zorima arrive at the museum and while Nobu and Amy go hide with their families and butler, Daigo immediately charges and henshins.

 Kyoryuger 2

While the sorrow of the people running away are transmitted back to the castle and into the sorrow tower, Daigo finishes off the Zorima and turns his attention to Peshango. But out pops Aigallon, who introduces himself before trading some punches and kicks with Daigo.

Souji, already henshined, joins Daigo who comments that this Sentai sure sucks at gathering together. Ian soon joins them too and he and Souji use Armed On to summon their personal weapons and an arm guard. Daigo follows suit.

While the big Zorimas are attacking, Amy arrives in her Zyudenryu while Peshango destroys the dinosaur Daigo made before heading back to the castle and absorbing the sorrow from Nobu, his sister and his niece.

 Kyoryuger 2  Kyoryuger 2

Daigo heads down to the Spirit Base to recharge his batteries when Nobu and Amy, henshined, pop in too. Amy apologizes for being late earlier and de-henshins to reveal herself. She says she is strong and rough, but her butler doesn’t know any of this.

Daigo says, won’t it all be for nothing if her family gets into trouble because she hid her identity. This hits a nerve with Nobu who also de-henshins and tells Daigo he wouldn’t understand about family being a weakness.

 Kyoryuger 2

Later that night, Nobu flashes back to him helping his niece, henshined, but his sister thinking he’s also one of the bad guys.

Next morning, Nobu heads to the museum to see Daigo with his niece, Rika, and the other kids painting a brand new dinosaur sculpture. So, Nobu doubts himself, but Diago (with Rika telling him about the “blue hero” who saved her life and who she thinks is cool) gets him to think otherwise.

 Kyoryuger 2

Peshango and an army of Zorima arrive. Gentle tells Amy he’ll protect her, but she thinks, to hell with it and jumps in front of her butler and kicks some Zorima ass. Gentle is shocked, but she tells him to take care of the kids and she’ll handle this.

Peshango is about to destroy the dinosaur again, but Amy runs back and stands in front of it. Daigo hurries to shield her from Peshango, but Nobu also runs back, picks the entire monument up himself and hurls it at the Debo monster.

 Kyoryuger 2

Nobu realizes his family is his strength and he, Daigo and Amy strap their Gaburevolver to their thighs and henshin.

Nobu and Amy go Armed On to take out some Zorimas. Nobu then gives Daigo one of his batteries for a finisher. VAMOLA MUCHO! Peshango is defeated.

Or not. Aigallon cries as Peshango writhes on the ground. Ian and Souji join the others, a little late to the party.

 Kyoryuger 2

Or not, again! Canderrilla and Luckyuro come skipping into the scene, offering to help Aigallon. Luckyuro takes out his Sukusuku Joyro, a pumpkin-shaped watering can and makes Peshango embiggen.

Daigo summons Gabutyra as Torin shows up and tells Nobu and Amy to summon their Zyudenryus so the three can combine.

 Kyoryuger 2

The three do a Snapping Combination and combine into the Kyoryujin. Torin is excited.

 Kyoryuger 2

They jump around Tokyo before doing a Brave Finish, defeating Peshango. They hop down and de-henshin, sorta surprising Ian and Souji who remain in their suits.

 Kyoryuger 2  Kyoryuger 2

Nobu says they’ll have to cancel the dinosaur expo now, but Daigo says he’s got a plan.

Daigo lets Gabutyra stand in front of the museum, holding a pose as the kids enjoy the hell out of it him. Amy and Nobu say they can see why Daigo is called “King.” He’s a good guy.

Ian watches from behind a poster and Souji just looks at them, saying “Family… eh?”

 Kyoryuger 2

Episode Thoughts
That was craziness MUCHO! What in the world is going on!? I don’t even know what’s happening.

And yet, I find myself enjoying it?

If it wasn’t abundantly clear with the first episode (and it clearly was), it certainly is crystal clear this episode what kind of direction Toei and Bandai want Kyoryuger to take.

It is understandable, but man am I overwhelmed. It is definitely different from any of the Sentai I’ve seen, but know have existed in the past. (Power Rangers too.)

So much goofy, random, strange, odd, outrageous stuff. And I usually love goofy and random.

This episode itself though was pretty rushed. The team dynamic is definitely not coming across very well. Yes, they’re not really a team yet, but the way Nobu and Amy revealed themselves to Daigo was pretty boring. Plus where’s Torin? I hope he’s not the Sentai version of Gosei and Tensou who pop up only to say unnecessary things.

But anyway, it was absolute madness. In a good way. I think.

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