Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 4 – “I knew you and I would make a great couple.”

Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 4 – Stranger Ranger

Megaforce 4

Troy wakes up from another Legend War nightmare featuring more strange Power Rangers that don’t exist. He wonders why he keeps having ’em.

Up on the ship, Admiral Malkor lets Creepox unleash Dragonflay to attack the humans.

Megaforce 4

Back on Earth, Troy walks into Ernie’s where Emma’s helping clean up. They’re waiting for the others when a guy nearby is engaging a crowd with a story. Ernie tells Troy and Emma that guy’s been saying he’s the Red Ranger.

Megaforce 4

As the guy excitedly tells his story to the fawning crowd, Emma asks Troy if he’s going to do anything about it. Sure, he says and takes the recycling bin Emma is holding and throws it out for her.

Megaforce 4

Troy wonders what they can do to get stronger and decides to collect the bottles and head to the forest. He hangs them on strings, blindfolds himself and decides to train by flipping around in the middle of his mini-bottle forest.

Megaforce 4

Back at the Brain Freeze, Gia, Jake and Noah join Emma who tells them about the faker who is still telling his stories. Gia says it’s just some guy who’s looking for attention. You can relate, right? she teases Jake.

Meanwhile, Dragonflay has begun attacking the city and Gosei tells Tensou to alert the Rangers. The four at Ernie’s get up to leave when suddenly a guy comes running into the mall warning about the attack.

Megaforce 4

The Rangers wait and see what the faker does and with prodding from the crowd, he gets up and leads them out to deal with the monster. The Rangers head out hoping to keep the idiot from doing something foolish.

But the guy’s already face to face with Dragonflay who sends lasers at him, which is clumsily dodges. The real Rangers arrive and Troy brings the guy to safety.

Dragonflay uses his stealth-like speed to sneak up on them, but Troy uses his new training to sense the wind as the monster moves to anticipate where he’ll be.

Troy manages to get a hit in, knocking Dragonflay to the ground. But the idiot comes running towards them again, cheering before Dragonflay sends a couple of lasers his way again. Creepox decides to join the fun and knocks the Rangers down.

Megaforce 4

Creepox taunts them and Troy uses his angel feathers to fly over to him only to get whacked back to the ground. The other Rangers get up and Creepox and Dragonflay retreat for now.

The Rangers turn their attention to the faker. Jake pretty much calls him an idiot, but Troy gives it to him a little less bluntly. Jordan’s his name. Troy says he knows Jordan wants to help, but he needs to leave it to the guys with special powers and training.

Megaforce 4

The Rangers run off. Jordan asks where they’re going, but Jake tells him to go home. He follows them anyway.

Megaforce 4

Troy brings the others to his bottle course and they train. Their training allows them to sense someone sneaking up on them, so when Jordan arrives, they’re already morphed.

Jake does some moves and they let Jordan try, but he’s hopeless. He says he only wanted to know what it felt like to be looked up to. I’m no superhero, he says.

But sometimes we don’t feel like heroes either, Troy replies. But they take their mission to defend Earth seriously. Emma says he can help protect the world by just being himself.

Tensou alerts them and the Rangers head back to the city where Dragonflay is back attacking.

Megaforce 4

Creepox joins in again and Troy takes him on while the other four deal with Dragonflay.

“We insects were here on Earth long before you. And we’ll be here long after you’re gone!”

Troy and Creepox take their battle into a warehouse. Troy says gives a “We never give up” speech and drives Creepox away (with an attack, not his speech… or maybe).

Megaforce 4

Back to the others and Dragonflay. Noah pulls out the Seaike Brothers Card and Gosei tells them to use the Headders Zords to add power to their Megablasters.

They Sea Blast Dragonflay out of his first life and Vrak sends his Zombats to embiggen him.

Megaforce 4

The Rangers call on their Mecha and hop into their Megazord, but Troy is exhausted. He wants sleepy time and asks the others to deal with this.

Fine. Gia tells Jake since their Zords or Mechazords or whatever control the feet of the Megazord, this is their show. They need to keep up with Dragonflay’s speed.

Megaforce 4

So Gosei sends them new cards that will increase the propulsion power of their Megazord. They stick the new Landick Brother cards into their morphers and summon the Dino, Beetle and Rhino Zords.

“I knew you and I would make a great couple.”
“Don’t get any ideas!”

The use the new Zords to join the configuration and form the Landick Gosei Great Megazord. They use a Victory Charge Card to finish off Dragonflay for good.

Megaforce 4

Jordan walks back to the Brain Freeze to an applauding crowd and admits he lied. The others shake their heads and leave him alone. He sits next to Troy at the counter.

Megaforce 4

Took a lot of courage to do that, Troy says, but I’m sure the real Rangers would be proud of you. Jordan thanks him as Ernie slips and Jordan’s drink goes flying into the air.

But Jordan manages to catch it. He learned that from his friend today, he says.

Megaforce 4

Episode Thoughts
It was an alright episode. Finally, Troy gets more than one line, but we still know little about him other than he dreams about Sentai. That Disney-Era “Ranger wakes up sweating from a dream” scene was amusing though.

The whole poser plot was okay. Though the gray shirt made me start thinking he’s going to end up being RoboKnight or Gokai Silver. I’d rather not. lol

That whole “I’m exhauseted” from Troy came off kinda bad. Like he’s that weak? After watching the Goseiger episode, I realize it’s making use of the footage. But it was definitely not the best way they could’ve dealt with it. Maybe not even use that footage and cut a scene from another Megazord fight instead. More on that below.

And I guess the whole Jake-Gia flirtation will be Megaforce’s answer to the “Mia’s cooking” running gag I guess. Does Jake really have to be a creep and Gia a snob to him every episode though?

The whole Zord/Mecha designation scheme is actually starting to annoy me. I realize they could’ve just called the “Headders” “Mecha” instead of convoluting what a Zord is.

And speaking of, the Rangers have not set foot in the command cave since the premiere. Which also means barely any screentime for Gosei and Tensou.

Oh! I just realized not a single morphing sequence this episode too. Interesting.

How different is Megaforce from Goseiger?
Corresponding Goseiger Episode: Epic 6 – “The Breakout Goseigers”

No fake Goseiger here. But the interesting thing to compare is that awkward “I’m exhausted” scene from Troy in the cockpit. In Goseiger, Alata’s arm was injured in the very first battle of the season just as the Tower of Heaven was destroyed. In this episode, Alata was trying to help Nozumu learn how to do pull ups or some trick on the bars.

That stressed the injury and huge cut on his arm, but Alata, as he does throughout the season, pushes through the pain just to help his new friend and fight alongside the other Goseigers.

In Goseiger, Alata actually dehenshins from being exhausted. So Megaforce had to work around that footage. Instead of just cutting that whole plot point and cut and pasted from another episode or something, they left that in and decided to make Troy weak after one little sparring match with Creepox.

They go through the trouble of editing out the angel wings, like in this scene:

Megaforce 4 Megaforce 4

But they couldn’t cut and paste cockpit footage even though they’ve already cut and pasted scenes of Admiral Malkor and Co. from other episodes.

“I’m exhausted.”

And hello Dairanger Red!
Megaforce 4

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  1. I know that Jake has a crush in Gia but if she’s now interested why is he still going after her? And the way Troy and Emma looked at each other so cute also she cares a lot about him when he fainted she went right by his side awwww

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