Recap: Supernatural, Episode 8.15 – Man’s Best Friend with Benefits


The Bros are in town to help a friend, James, with something. He had saved their lives once. They get to the motel arguing over who the funniest Stooge is, but the discussion returns to the three tests. Dean offers to tag in for Sam, but Sam repeats he’ll be fine.

Dean goes out for a beer run and Sam suddenly hears a scratching at the door. He opens to find a dog standing alone before she walks in and hops on the bed. She wants a belly rub as Dean returns.

Sam tries to get Dean to let the dog stay the night, but when they go back into the room, the dog is now a hot woman.

She introduces herself as Porsche and she’s a Familiar which Sam explains are companions to witches. In this case, James.


Porsche explains James wanted to learn more about the world Sam and Dean had introduced him to when they helped him and eventually became one. Now it seems like he’s having some sort of breakdown and Porsche hopes the Bros can help.

Dean is hesitant to believe James would be something so horrible as a witch, but Porsche tells him James has done nothing but use his skills for good and for Dean to stop his bigotry and help their friend.

James meets with a friend, Spencer, about his nightmares and “who” they are.

Porsche tells the Bros how James seems to have shut her out to prevent her from seeing what he’s been experience. Witches and Familiars share a telepathic bond. It was her that sent the text message to them to come here and help.

Meanwhile, James has another nightmare of killing someone, this time a blind man.


Porsche brings the Bros to James’ house. He tells them the people in his dreams ended up dying for reals the next day. He shows them his bloodied shirt from when he killed a prostitute (in his dream).

The promise to help him.

Back at the motel, Dean returns with some ingredients for a witch killing spell. But their discussion turns back to the tests. Sam’s had it. He tells Dean he’s been wondering why he won’t trust him. But he realized it’s that Dean only trusts himself.


Sam goes to the police station to try and get more info on the deaths, but the lead investigator, Ed is not very open.


Meanwhile, Porsche brings Dean to the witch bar where they meet Philippe, the Familiar for Spencer. Dean asks Spencer if he knows of such a spell where a witch can control the actions of another. Spencer says no.

Sam calls Dean to tell him the blood on James’ shirt matches the third victim.


Later that night, a negligee’d Porsche is shackling a naked James to the bed. She hates doing this, but James says he has to do the right thing whether or not he’s guilty. She gets into bed with him, says she loves him and they start kissing. She hops on top of him and they continue until she starts flashing to the murders.

Sam and Dean sneak into James’ house with the witch killing bottle. Dean is about to light it when Porsche screams to stop and hear her out. It’s not James.

Porsche explains she and James have a unique relationship. Familiars and Witches aren’t supposed to be intimate. Dean’s mind is blown and proceeds to put his foot in his mouth.

She continues that she saw the kills, but without any planning or context meaning James could really be under someone else’s control. At least look into it more.

Sam returns to the station to talk to Ed who says the cases are likely to get cold. He notices the tech guy with Ed holding a file with James’ name on it. Sam mentions how James rose up pretty quick to become Lieutenant over a lot more senior officers. That’s just the way it goes, Ed says.

Porsche brings Dean to meet with Drexel, James’ snitch. He tells them there’s no word on witch-on-witch hexing, but there’s a lot of talk of James being a killer and how that could expose their whole witch community if he doesn’t either leave town or kill himself. Otherwise, the community might just take care of him themselves.

Dean goes through Bobby’s files and finds out there is a spell that can implant memories into a witch’s mind.


They go up to James and Sam tells him about what he saw with Ed and the tech guy. James says they can break into the locked room Ed had come out from using astral projection. But they got to unshackle him. Okay, as long as the Bros go with.

Sam and Dean hop on for the out of body experience and they find Ed has been building a case against James, the room full of evidence with one witness being Phillippe, the Familiar they had talked to earlier.

James realizes Ed must have kept a grudge against him all this time. His anger gets the best of him. The Bros try to get him to calm down, but he throws them across the room. Porsche wants them to go together, but James says it’s over between them. It’s over for him, but she still has a life.

James goes to the bar and attacks Phillippe who says it wasn’t him, but a command from his master, Spencer.

Spencer explains this is all because he was jealous Porsche had chosen James instead of him. And especially when James and Porsche decided to sex things up against the community code, Spencer couldn’t let it pass.


Sam and Dean arrive at the bar, but Spencer throws them at the wall. James tries hurling a spell at Spencer, but it doesn’t even leave a mark. Spencer takes James and squeezes him in the air while freezing Sam and Dean and making them recall their various hellish experiences over the years.

Porsche, as a dog, arrives and attacks Spencer, breaking the holds he has on the others. That gives Sam and Dean the chance to use the witch killing spell.

James and Porsche decide to leave town.


Winchester Bro Emo Moment of the Week
Sam and Dean leave as well. Dean says maybe he had it wrong. Spencer messing with their minds earlier got him thinking about all the crap they’ve been through. And he realizes they only got through all of it by being together and trusting each other. Dean finally says if Sam’s good, then that’s it, he’s with him 100%.

I’m good, Sam says. But then he starts coughing up blood. He hides it from Dean.

Episode Thoughts
So, Familiars! My Kamen Rider Wizard experience has come in handy. Familiars and witches and wizards. Cool.

The Witch-Familiar sex was definitely kinda awkward, yes?

It was an okay episode overall. I guess just a roundabout way of getting Dean to finally come around to letting Sam go through with the tests. But, here we go with Sam’s coughing up blood. I’m sensing another death and resurrection at the end of the season?

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