Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 2 – “Great googly moogly!”

Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 2 – He Blasted Me With Science

Megaforce 2

Mr. Burley hands out a pop quiz. But all Troy can think about is meeting Creepox in the woods during his morning run.

Megaforce 2

Creepox says he’s on Earth to study what these “soft” creatures are that dare fight the Insectoids. Troy says humans are much stronger than Creepox thinks, but he won’t fight to prove it. Oh, they’ll fight, Creepox says before leaving.

Megaforce 2 Megaforce 2

Mr. Burley falls asleep as class ends and the kids hand in their papers. Jake creeps up on Gia at her locker and asks if he could walk her home…

“Are you afraid to walk by yourself?”

…to talk about the weekend?

Meanwhile on the spaceship, Admiral Malkor calls on Yufo to study the humans and find their weakness.

Megaforce 2 Megaforce 2

Noah brings Mr. Burley his scarf that he left in the classroom earlier and sees a wall full of clippings of cryptozoology and alien stuffs. They share a fascination and hope that science will one day explain all of it. Mr. Burley excitedly looks for pictures of the Loch Ness Monster to show him.

Megaforce 2

Outside, Jake and Gia are walking along and he offers to hold her backpack for her. How retro, she says.

She asks what he wanted to talk about and he says they should get to know each other better since they’re supposed to be a team. Woah hold up, Gia says, I’m sure you’re a nice guy and all…

Suddenly, saucers come flying into the picture and she puts her arms around him. He feels like he’s dreaming, but Gia tries to quickly grab her morpher to alert the others.

Megaforce 2

Jake says, wait, whatever these things are, them two can handle it.

Loogies arrive to help capture humans in nets before getting carried away by the saucers and dropped by the sea.

Megaforce 2

Jake and Gia follow and they morph. They fire at Yufo, but Yufo summons Loogies. Jake and Gia find out they actually do need the others.

“Great googly moogly!”

Megaforce 2

Mr. Burley sees Yufo’s flying saucers outside his window and turns to find Noah is out the door. Troy and Emma head to the seashore as well.

Emma realizes what Yufo’s experiments are for and they finish off the Loogies. But Yufo continues firing at them when Noah finally arrives.

Megaforce 2

They do a roll call before charging at Yufo together. Noah takes him into the water to use his Bowgun before they use their Megaforce Blaster and a Dynamic Victory Charge to finish off Yufo. Or so they think.

Megaforce 2

The humans are freed.
But Admiral Malkor asks Vrak to release his “pets,” Zombats. He tells Creepox that as royalty, he has access to advanced technology.

Megaforce 2

The Zombats attach to Yufo and he embiggens. Now what? Gosei tells them about another power at their disposal. He sends them Power Cards for Zords.

Megaforce 2

They place their Tensou Sentai Goseiger cards into their Gosei morpher to summon their zords which then attach to an airplane, a fighter jet, a train, a bulldozer and a submarine to become MegaMechazords.

Megaforce 2

Emma says she hopes they run on biofuel. But no no, Troy says they run on them, their courage and strength. (ORLY!?)

They hop into the Mechazords. Troy is wowed by flying in a dragon. He helps Emma escape from the saucers that are tailing her. Noah is amazed by such advanced technology as he finishes off a few saucers in the water. Gia and Jake take on some saucers on land as Jake wants to show off for his crush.

Megaforce 2

Yufo returns to his full form and Gosei tells the Rangers to use their Mechazords to form the Gosei Great Megazord. They insert brand new Tensou Sentai Goseiger cards and initiate combining.

Jake inserts his zord into a slot in back of Gia’s zord and they both rise up. Troy lines his zord on top of them before Noah and Emma attach to their side. They all join together in the cockpit and finally finish off Yufo for good with their Victory Charge Card. (Thanks Gosei.)

Megaforce 2

Admiral Malkor is not happy.

Gosei contacts the Rangers and congratulates them on a good day.
Gia tells Jake they should have never gone in alone. Emma says they’re pretty awesome on their own, but Troy says when they work together, no one can beat ’em!

Megaforce 2

Episode Thoughts
Alright, alright. That was a solid episode. Very little of Troy and Emma. (Maybe a good thing, in Troy’s case?) But some great scenes between Noah and Mr. Burley and Jake and Gia.

I like the set-up for what could be Mr. Burley being an unknowing help for the Rangers down the line. And the Jake and Gia back and forth was actually pretty good. I feel like Ciara Hanna definitely improved this week. A lot more natural and definitely better material. On the other hand, Andrew Gray still leaves much to be desired. The others are alright so far though.

What can you say about the ‘Tensou Sentai Goseiger” cards? They’re there, they aren’t going to edit them out, so it’s just something to be ignored and glossed over I guess. This isn’t RPM where they are going to find ways to explain all Sentai references away.

I mean, come on: Tensou? Gosei? And now Mechazords? I had no idea they were called that until after mishearing them roll calling their “Megazords.” That was a big WTF moment for me, but after finding out they are actually “Mecha”zords… well, I still find myself asking what the frack (Vrak?) kind of originality is lifting Sentai terms.

As for the opening, meh to the narration at the beginning. It worked for Samurai, but it’s really not necessary here. That little bit of music playing during their morph sounds like a much better theme song than another MMPR remix. Why couldn’t they have used that instead?

How different is Megaforce from Goseiger?
Very different. No experiments or flirting in Goseiger. Instead, Alata was securing their place to stay with Nozumu and his father. And Agri and Moune were still a little cold to working with others over them just going at it alone, as is their Landick trait.

Hyde was also off worrying about regaining contact with heaven, not geeking out with his science teacher of the Loch Ness Monster.

But most of this episode was Goseiger footage as soon as they morphed and of course all the zord scenes. They did use some footage of the villains from future Goseiger though.

Overall, a solid episode. I’m not overly excited about it, but I’m not cursing it out either.

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