Recap: Kamen Rider Wizard, Episode 21 – The Crazed Dance of the Dragons

Wizard 21

Beelzebub uses Haruto’s attack against him, causing him to de-henshin when suddenly, the white wizard appears. After telling Kosuke he’s an archetype mage and that Chimaera will devour, the white wizard whisks Haruto away.

Wizard 21

Meanwhile, Phoenix invites Rinko into his apartment.

Wizard 21

Back at the shop, Koyomi tells Kosuke about the white wizard having saved them before. They turn their attention to Shiho who’s even more upset now. Plus, they don’t want to keep Shunpei tied and gagged up against the post.

Wizard 21

Phoenix tries to freak Rinko a little before asking her why she would even be here since she knows how dangerous Phantoms are. I’m a cop, she says, and it’s her job to protect people.

Wizard 21

Phoenix neatly picks up Rinko’s things and places them back in her bag. He tells her about how Beelzebub controls people using little minions that hide on their person. You don’t trust me? he asks.

Of course not, Rinko answers. Phoenix holds out her bag for her which she takes and hurries back to the shop.

Wizard 21

Koyomi and Wajima struggle with trying to calm Shiho down. Kosuke points to Shunpei and Rinko unties him then takes his clothes off.

Wizard 21

“How bold!”

Rinko finds the little minion attached to Shunpei’s body before it hops off. She steps on it before Kosuke can eat it.

Wizard 21

Shunpei is back to normal, though in just his boxers, and is happy to see Shiho is safe. So that guy was telling truth, Rinko realizes.

Wizard 21

They all decide to head to de-minionize the people that’ve shunned Shiho all day. The women think Kosuke and Shunpei are perverts, but they manage to get everyone back to normal, including Shiho’s husband Hisa.

Wizard 21

Meanwhile, Haruto wakes up, but in a strange place full of chanting. White Wizard comes out of the shadows and comments how Haruto has grown as a mage since they last saw.

Wizard 21

Haruto says he needs to grow stronger though. White Wizard says he just needs to draw his Dragon’s powers to its limits, as long as he can endure it.

White Wizard tells Haruto not to let Dragon devour him and recites a spell.

Rinko returns to Yugo’s apartment and brings donuts for Phoenix. They sit by the water as she thanks him for his help earlier. He laughs.

Wizard 21

She asks why he would want to sabotage his comrade’s plan though. She tells him she’s interested in finding out about him.

Medusa asks Beelzebub why he’s so calm since it appears his plan has been uncovered. Not so, he says and he enacts the final stage. All the people are back under his control and Hisa and Shunpei lead Shiho, Koyomi and Kosuke right into a trap.

Wizard 21

Rinko tells Phoenix that she thought all Phantoms were the same, but after meeting him, she wonders if there aren’t different kinds. Maybe some who don’t want to drive people to despair? Am I right, she asks, I’m sure we can be closer. I want to hear your own words, not the Phantom’s.

A tear rolls down Phoenix’s cheek.

Wizard 21 Wizard 21

He runs toward her… to pick up one of the donuts. I don’t have a sense of taste, he says and takes a bite.

Haruto endures Dragon and a “physical manifestation” of his magic appears. A tool, White Wizard says.

Wizard 21

The minions chase Koyomi, Kosuke and Shiho through the forest. Beelzebub pops in and tells them the people will remain under his control for as long as he exists. No problem, Kosuke says as he henshins and fights the Phantom.

Phoenix says trying to drive people to despair stresses him out. Rinko laughs and tells him about her boss not wanting her to investigate Phantoms, but still doing it on her own by helping out Haruto since she couldn’t just sit around.

Wizard 21

What a dumb broad, he says. Sure, it may be dumb, but at least I’m not lying to myself, she replies. Maybe he should try it too, do what he wants.

You’re right, he says. He transforms into his Phantom form and thanks Rinko for helping him feel refreshed.

Shiho’s clothes get caught on a park bench and the mob catches up to them. They tell her to disappear, trying to force her to despair. But Haruto finally arrives and henshins.

Wizard 21

Haruto summons Flame Dragon then pulls out the new tool. Drago Time.
He manages to summon separate Water, Hurricane and Land Wizards and the four of them together take on Beelzebub. They all use their distinct Dragon powers then combine for one final Slash Strike.

Wizard 21

The mob goes back to normal again and Shiho runs to her husband.

Wizard 21

Rinko backs away from Phoenix, shocked at his Phantom identity. He says he doesn’t care about Gates or Sabbaths, he’ll just rampage the way he wants. He screams hot fire and Rinko is sent flying.

Wizard 21

Episode Thoughts

Well! Haruto ended up being the least interesting thing about this episode. Even the White Wizard’s appearance meant very little of anything except a new toy.

The episode was definitely edited differently from the previous 20. Lots of quick cuts, maybe because Haruto’s scenes with the White Wizard were so boring compared to the craziness of Shiho’s histrionics, perverted Shunpei and Kosuke and the big one, the Rinko-Phoenix scenes.

The whole Gate/Shiho stuff with the “minions” and getting people naked was fun.

But really, this episode was all about Rinko-Phoenix.

And wassup, I definitely ship them. That’s a hot pairing right there.

Seriously though, those were great scenes. What’s Phoenix all about? Have they opened up the possibility of a Phantom changing its ways and embracing the human side of them that apparently still exists deep down inside? Or have they set up Phoenix getting offed next week. I hope not.

It is an interesting idea to think that there could still be some semblance of a human in Phantoms after they’ve fallen to despair. I definitely want to see that explored more. Makes for interesting possibilities, which would include Haruto and Koyomi of course.

A 3-parter though, eh? Hoping the next episode builds on this rising tension, which the show needs right now I think.

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  1. The Rinko-scenes definitely were the strongest parts of this episode and I don’t mind that. After all why have more than one main cast member when you just focus on one (Haruto) anyway?
    Sadly that did not last in the end.

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