Recap: Supernatural, Episode 8.13 – Everybody Hates Hitler

SPN 813

Vitsyebsk, Belarus. 1944.
A large man attacks a Nazi outpost and a leader uses some sort of magic to whisk himself away.

SPN 813

Back in the present day, Sam and Dean are in Lebanon, Kansas where they use the key to open a very, very old warehouse housing the “supernatural mother lode.” They enter and find a full on command center/hideaway.

SPN 813

They switch on the power and Dean enjoys the immaculate amenities. But Sam wants to get a little more serious. What if there’s something here that can finally give them a break after all the crap they’ve had to go through.

Over in Pennsylvania, an older gentleman carefully looks into an old ledger at the library. He calls someone to tell them he’s found it then burns up in the middle of the university bar while some Nazi watches from outside.

Two weeks later, Dean returns from checking up on Kevin and Sam fills him in on what he’s found so far. Most interesting, a rabbi that was part of a group of saboteurs the Letters had been following in Europe during World War II. The rabbi that burned up two weeks ago.

SPN 813 SPN 813

They head to the university to investigate. Sam looks into what the rabbi was researching, but finds a bird watching book in place of the old book. On the other side of campus, Dean talks to two young co-eds who tell him the rabbi was a nice old kook who talked about Nazis and necromancy.

Dean notices he’s getting eyed by a guy at the bar who makes it seem he is merely attracted to him. But when the Bros meet back up later that evening, turns out the guy, Aaron, is the rabbi’s grandson. And the large man is actually a Golem created by the rabbis of the Judah Initiative to protect the Jews.

So no “gay thing” earlier with Dean.

The Golem speaks, weary of the Bros, but they assure him when they mention the Men of Letters.

SPN 813

The bespectacled Nazi person watches from outside while Golem paces around the room as Aaron explains how the Golem arrived on his doorstep a few days after his grandfather died. He and his parents thought all the stories grandpa rabbi had told were just weird things so he never paid much attention. The Golem says the Thule, a secret Nazi organization, were the ones that killed his grandfather and they must find them so he can do his job.

Aaron hands them a strange number his grandfather left on his voice mail and Sam immediately recognizes it as a call number. (Plus knows what the letters and numbers refer to.) They rush to the library and Sam figures out the rabbi must have switched the ledger with a regular book on the shelves.

The others wait downstairs while Sam goes looking for it, but he is then found by the Nazi guy who blows a poisoned dart into his neck. Sam stumbles his way back down and Aaron gets stuck with a dart too. Dean tells the Golem to go find the guy upstairs and he knocks him out and drags him downstairs.

The Golem breaks the guy’s neck and the poison seeps out of Sam and Aaron.

After they burn the Nazi’s body, they head back to Aaron’s rented home where they look through the ledger. The Golem explains the horrifying things the Nazis did to the Initiative camp back then. And Aaron would know what to do next if only he could consult “the pages.”

SPN 813

Aaron explains his grandfather gave him a small book at his bar mitzvah, but ended up smoking it when he went off track.

“The boy smoked the pages.”

Why doesn’t the Golem just tell him what to do. Golem responds by yelling back that it isn’t his place and leaves the room.

Anyway, they see the Nazi necromancers will looking for a way to reanimate their dead and did so to several. There’s a list in the ledger. The only to kill them off is a shot to the head and burning them within 12 hours.

Now they turn their attention to how to control the Golem or put it back in the box. But before they can, the Nazi Thule show up, including the head, Eckart, who poofed himself away in 1944.

Eckart uses a spell to gain control of the Golem and makes him spit out a scroll from the side of his mouth. He explains to Aaron you take control of the Golem by writing your name on that piece of paper.

They end up managing to take out most of the Thule, except one who runs away.

SPN 813 SPN 813

That night, after heading out to burn the ones that they shot, they return to the house. Aaron decides to keep the Golem and officially takes charge of it.

Back at the Men of Letters “batcave,” Sam decides to catalog the new addition to the collection and Dean points out that he seems to be embracing his heritage very much.

SPN 813

Episode Thoughts
I thought this episode was going to be a boring outing after last week’s big reveals as well as having watched the emotional and exciting penultimate episode of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters right just earlier in the evening. (Such a proud geek I am.)

But this was a fun episode that definitely expanded the ever growing Supernatural world. Now Grimm definitely one-upped Supernatural with the reveal that Hitler was a Wesen. But this episode definitely took it a step further. Apparently, the Thule is a common Nazi legend so that is definitely interesting. And keeping that one Thule guy alive as well as Aaron taking control of his Golem certainly assures the possibility we’ll see them again in the future.

Some little fun things. lol at Jared being merely a few inches shorter than the Golem. And a chuckle at the idea of “call numbers” being completely lost on both Dean and Aaron. The 1944 scenes were well done too.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of the supernatural-mother-lode-batcave-hideaway.

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