Recap: Supernatural, Episode 8.10 – Torn and Frayed

SPN 810

Samandriel is still tied up by one of Crowley’s goons and tries to call Naomi to tell her his whereabouts. Not a good idea.

Dean arrives at the motel and Sam isn’t sure whether or not to slam the door in his face. Dean tries to tell Sam the whole story, but Sam doesn’t even really care. Not only can he not trust Benny, but Dean had to lie about Amelia being in danger just so he could save a vampire.

Sam asks if Dean is done with Benny, but he isn’t sure. He walks out.

SPN 810

Meanwhile, Castiel pops in to cure a crying baby and gets summoned to Naomi. She wants him to save Samandriel and he can get any help he needs. He pops into the cabin and startles Dean awake.

Castiel fills Dean in and after closing the porn window on the laptop get to finding Samandriel’s whereabouts. Castiel notices Sam is not around.

Sam gets a knock on the door and it’s Amelia. She wanted to clear things up from last night at the bar. Sorry she had to run because Don was on his way out of town; he travels a lot. But also because apparently they still care about each other. He cares. She cares.

(I actually don’t care?)

They kiss.

SPN 810

The demon doctor continues torturing Samandriel by sticking more metal sticks into his head hoping to get more info. Instead, Samandriel starts reciting something that eventually transmits his voice to a burning bush.

Dean and Castiel arrive in Geneva, Nebraska where they visit the man who gets blasted back by the exploding bush and Castiel recognizes the words as Enochian. They need to find Samandriel fast.

SPN 810

Meanwhile, Sam and Amelia engage in awkward post-sex conversation about what exactly they are doing now. She says she has a good life now, a good man and a steady life. But she cares… err, he’s always on her mind. And especially if he’s popping in and out like this. She says either he goes and never shows up again or he stays and she leaves her good life to be with him. Not both.

Sam says it’s a big step. (Oh, it’s a serious offer.) He says they need to think about this. Amelia says, then in 2 days, they show up in their motel love nest (or not) and they’ll know.

SPN 810

Dean and Castiel finally find the correct abandoned warehouse. Castiel offers to get Sam to help them against the guaranteed army of demons, but Dean says no. Instead he and Castiel pop in to Garth’s secret boat where Kevin is hard at work trying to figure out half the tablet. He looks like a wreck and Dean asks for some demon TNT. He gives Dean a
and Castiel says just give him the list of ingredients and he’ll get them.

Inside the warehouse, Crowley joins the doctor and Samandriel to help translate the Enochian. Crowley realizes it’s his “factory settings,” basically his orders as an angel of God. They drill into his skull some more.

SPN 810

Kevin puts on some headphones to shut out Dean being annoyingly impatient as Benny calls and apologizes for Martin and thanking him for his help. He also asks for help to get his fix. Dean says he’ll finish this case and he’ll be right there.

Dean asks Kevin where his mom is. He says she’s somewhere safe so he can fully concentrate on the tablet. But she’s your mother, Dean says. Yeah, but the only thing important now is this tablet. He can enjoy life when this is all over.

Sam is on a park bench being a creeper when Castiel pops in.

SPN 810

“Watching humanity, it never gets old does it?

Castiel brings Sam to the boat. Dean says they don’t need him, but Castiel says they do. So they need to “stow [their] crap” so they can get this done.

That night, Sam, Dean and Castiel head to the warehouse. Castiel says they take care of the angel warding and demon mooks and he’ll swoop in to save Samandriel.

Sam and Dean head in to find the symbols they need to spray paint over. Crowley continues screwing into Samandriel.

SPN 810

They finally finish breaking the angel warding and Castiel pops in, but is weak. Samandriel’s screams are affecting Castiel as well as he cowers against the wall. He flashes to Naomi as Sam and Dean try to break the door down.

But inside, Crowley is stunned.

There’s an angel tablet.

Crowley disappears as Sam and Dean make their way in. They fight the doctor and the remaining demon henchmen as Castiel unscrews Samandriel while he continues flashing to Naomi doing the same to him.

Dean tells Castiel to hightail it outta there and he brings Samandiel outside. Castiel says he’ll bring him home, but Samandriel says he can’t. Especially not after he told Crowley angel coding and secrets, stuff he didn’t even know existed. What secrets, Castiel asks. Heaven… Naomi.

Who’s Naomi?!

SPN 810

Samandriel says he’s been there too, “they’re controlling us.”
Naomi quickly pulls Castiel into her office and orders him to kill Samandriel. He asks what Samandriel was talking about. Who’s controlling who and why he was so scared of getting screwed by her?

SPN 810

She zaps him back and he sticks the angel blade into Samandriel.
She jerks him back to her office and she says Samandriel was a traitor. He gave up info that she would die to protect. She gives him the story to tell Sam and Dean, that he killed Samandriel in self defense, and that his body must be taken to her so she can see just how deep he got screwed.

Reciting the story to Sam and Dean, blood starts seeping out of his eye. The Bros don’t understand as he flies away.

Back at the cabin, they seal it off from angels so they can talk freely about Castiel. What the hell man!? They’re both baffled. Dean says Castiel’s been off since Purgatory, maybe it’s the angels’ doing.

Dean stops himself and tells Sam he can go. He’s got this. Don’t you have a girl to get back to? he asks.

Why yes I do, Sam answers. Dean says he’s tired of all the fighting and maybe he’s jealous that Sam could separate himself from the job. Maybe it’s time one of them can be happy.

Sure, she does make me happy, Sam says. But now, with everything that’s left to be done, he’s not so sure. Dean repeats what Amelia said about both feet in or both feet out. Sam wants to take a walk to clear his head.

SPN 810

Benny is drinking from his cooler of blood when Dean calls. He tells Benny that this is the end of the line. Benny understands and they tell each other to stay good. Thanks for the ride, Benny says.

SPN 810

It’s dark out and a comtemplative Dean watches old boxing. Amelia goes to the motel and Sam is not there.

Sam brings Dean a beer and some chili. They nod at each other.

SPN 810

Episode Thoughts
Well there was a lot to process with this episode. But I think the biggest thing was that hilarious zoom in on Crowley’s face. Now, knowing Supernatural, they probably intended that moment to be as hilarious as it inadvertently was.

But for such a “dramatic” reveal, it wasn’t all that shocking. That “dramatic chipmunk” look didn’t help, but the idea of an angel tablet shouldn’t be all that surprising.

Also not that surprising, that Naomi may not be on the up and up. We pretty much sensed that the first time Castiel got zapped into her office.

Another unsurprising moment, revealing Sam chose Dean over Amelia. Well, durr… did anyone really think he’d choose her over the Bro? That attempt at a fake-out (or not, this is Supernatural), was amusing.

Now the whole Sam-Amelia storyline’s gone over my head this whole time. I really didn’t care about it and I was sadly starting to feel that way for Dean and Benny’s friendship too. But that phonecall scene between Dean and Benny was definitely sad and surprisingly, so was Amelia walking into a dark, empty motel room.

Argh! They made me feel emotion over that story!

I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Benny, but I do hope we’ve seen the last of Amelia. It wouldn’t make any sense for Sam to put his foot back in that door, yes?

Awesome to see Kevin and Osric Chau of course. I loved how he was pretty much more focused and concerned with the task at hand than either Sam or Dean. He, more than any of them probably, would love nothing more than to see this through, over and done with. Seal those demons up.

Lastly, I always cheer at any mention of Jess on the show. Sam’s one true love. Hee.

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