Recap: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Episode 8.10 – Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense

Sunny 810

Frank is having trouble driving while listening to directions from Charlie via a recording on a cassette tape, talking about fuzzy poles and blinking lights. Meanwhile, Dennis is in his own car at a stoplight, eating cereal when Frank rear ends him.

At Paddy’s, Mac is talking about leaving his seed in the right woman to create a son that could bend steel after going through genetic mutation. Frank and Dennis come in, arguing.

Dennis insists Frank pay for the damages to his car. Frank says there’s no exterior damages, only interior damages from the cereal and milk spilling all over the place.

The others think eating cereal in the car is a little crazy, but Dennis insists it’s fine and he will take Frank to court. Dee tries to calm them down saying there is no reason for them to take this to court, especially since Dennis has several warrants for sexual misconduct and Frank has a lot of unregistered guns in his car at this very moment.

Charlie agrees that they should “handle this internally.”

Sunny 810

They set up two tables. Charlie is Frank’s lawyer and Dee is Dennis’. Charlie wants to know who the defendant is and who will be persecuted. They establish Dennis is the defendant.

Sunny 810

Mac comes out of the office after 3 hours having made a fancy board with little gavels representing each of the Gang. They will move the gavels accordingly depending on whose side they decide to be on or if they’re on the fence.

Dennis mocks it causing Mac and Charlie to move their gavels to Frank’s side. Dee says her “hands are tied” so she has to move hers to Dennis’ side as she’s representing him.

Dennis is already tired of all this courtroom stuff.

“I will scratch everybody’s eyes out of their sockets!”

First witness for the Persecution, Frank.

Charlie tries to establish common sense that eating cereal is reckless, stupid or in other words… “donkey brained.”

What’s donkey brained is driving “without use of your vision,” Dennis says since Frank needs new glasses. Charlie wants to make sure it has been established that foolish decisions = donkey brained. Dennis says fine, whatever.

Charlie reminds everyone that Frank was institutionalized when he was a kid. He pulls out a certificate from the facility, an official document, that says Frank does not have donkey brains.

Frank explains after getting discharged, the kids in the neighborhood made fun of him for having donkey brains so he and his mom went back to the mental institution to have them give an official certificate.

“We don’t want a donkey on the road eating cereal.”

Sunny 810

Dennis reluctantly accepts that does not have such a certificate. Dee gets up to move her gavel to the fence.

“I wish you had a certificate.”

It’s Dennis’ turn to deliver a rebuttle of donkey brains. He demonstrates his point by handing a glass of wine to Frank then bumping into him to spill the drink. He says he’ll pay for his shirt since it was his fault for causing the spill. Charlie is now on Dennis’ side thanks to that simple demonstration.

But Mac says Frank assumed responsibility of the wine when he accepted it. Frank agrees, he took the glass of wine knowing the risk. Okay, Charlie is on Frank’s side now since Mac made the most credible argument.

Dee has something to say about that though. She questions Mac and his credibility by bringing up how he and Charlie disagree on the subject of superhumans. She asks Mac if he believes he can create a superhuman race of strongmen through genetic mutation and evolution.

Mac denies it and says he was only joking earlier to Charlie. Dee can’t believe it, but Dennis picks it up. He asks Mac why he thinks it wouldn’t be possible and Mac replies it’s because evolution is bullshit.


Frank takes Mac into the office begging him to make himself credible again just to get Charlie on their side. Another 3 hours later, Mac comes out with a new board.

Sunny 810

This time it’s divided between Evolution and “God Almighty” with crosses for each member of the Gang. He calls Dennis and Dee “liberals” while appealing to Charlie’s “rock, flag and eagle” sensibilities. He then brings out a board of Aristotle, Galileo and Newton explaining how even the smartest scientists were made out to be bitches after a while when their theories were disproved.

Sunny 810

Dennis says Mac’s a fool for having more faith in the bible written by men he’s never met over volumes of proven data, numbers and figures and fossil records. Mac counters by saying Dennis gets all his scientific information from books written by men he’s never met either.

Charlie and Dee take their crosses and move them over to the God side. But they’ve gotten way off course. This is supposed to be about Frank paying for Dennis’ car.

Dee wants a closing argument, but Dennis questions why Dee cares so much. She explains it’s because she wants to set a precedent of responsibility. The others still don’t understand why and she says it’s because they’ve destroyed every single car she’s ever owned without even a conversation about it. They don’t recall any such thing happening.

Sunny 810

“I wanted to destroy everything you own!!”

Sunny 810

Sons of bitches. Dee wants to end this and reaffirms she’s voting for Dennis’s side. Mac says he’s still on the fence so he suggests they take this to the streets.

Mac hops into the car with Dennis to see if indeed it is reckless to drive while eating cereal while Charlie and Dee ride with Frank to see if he can really see while driving.

Sunny 810

Mac starts to see Dennis’ cereal eating driving is pretty cool. Meanwhile, Charlie and Dee have their own cereal in Frank’s car to see how reckless it is for themselves. Charlie gives Frank directions with his mouth full and Dee tries to reiterate the directions, but instead confuses Frank and they end up hitting Dennis’ car again.

They all get out and Frank and Charlie say it was Dee’s fault. Mac says see, they just needed to experience this first hand and now they’ve seen that it was all Dee’s fault so she’ll pay for the damages.

“You sons of… . Goddamn it.”

Sunny 810

Episode Thoughts
And so ends Season 8 of Sunny. I must say, it was a nice episode, but definitely one of the weaker episodes of the season. Still funny, but not much of a season finale.

Lawyer Charlie is also hilarious to see. We got fresh Sunny-isms like “donkey brains” and driving while eating cereal.

The trail setup was great, but the whole Evolution part of the episode didn’t really hit the mark. Mac’s staunch Catholic views are definitely worthy material, but it just didn’t work as well here. It’s almost like they couldn’t come up with enough material for the trail stuff and instead to just go with the evolution debate which ended up being off.

Still, I must say that I think this was Sunny‘s strongest season overall. Save for one or two okay episodes, the show was on fire and gave us some hilarious stuff. Sad that it was a shorter season, but quality definitely trumps quantity.

A detailed recap is nice and all, but you know what’s even better? Actually watching the full episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!
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