Recap: The Amazing Race 21, Episode 10 – “Searching for Lucifer at 7 o’clock in the morning, I don’t know how I feel about that.”

Recap: The Amazing Race 21, Episode 10 – Not a Well Rounded Athlete

The Leg

TAR2110 TAR2110 TAR2110

Teams must fly to Barcelona where they will hop on a ferry to the island of Mallorca.  Natalie & Nadiya, Jaymes & James and Trey & Lexi get there on separate flights, but catch up to each other as the ferry to Mallorca doesn’t leave until 11pm.

So they decide to head out for some fun at the beach.  When they head back to the train station, they meet Josh & Brent for the first time in a couple of legs. 

The next morning, the teams arrive on Mallorca.  Josh & Brent hop into a taxi first, but get lost allowing the others teams to arrive at Palma Cathedral.  They must search amongst a group of performing demons for one who will hand them their next clue.

TAR2110 TAR2110 TAR2110

They find the clue–carrying demon and open the clue telling them to drive themselves to Centro de Alto Rendimiento.  They want to stick together, but Nadiya struggles with driving stick and they get left behind.

Jaymes & James and Trey & Lexi arrive at Centro de Alto Rendimiento and find the Road Block.

For this Road Block, teams choose a basket of tennis balls to be loaded into an automatic server machine.  They must then return 20 balls in-bounds before the machine runs out of balls.

TAR2110 TAR2110 TAR2110

Trey, who plays tennis, quickly finishes while James has a little trouble keeping up with the balls.  He gets it on his 2nd attempt and they leave just as Josh & Brent arrive.

Josh struggles with his sprained ankle from last leg and tries a second time before the Twinnies arrive.  Nadiya gets started while Josh rests, but she doesn’t “move [her] ass” like Natalie suggests and has to go a 2nd time.  Josh finally pushes through on his 3rd attempt and as they are leaving, Nadiya manages to get her 20th ball.

Meanwhile, Jaymes & James manage to catch up to Trey & Lexi as they arrive at the Route Marker at the Coves de Campanet.  They enter the caves where they must follow the music to the next clue.

TAR2110 TAR2110 TAR2110

They start hearing music and find two men playing guitar with clues behind them. 

They rip it open to find the Detour.
In Spin It, teams must repair a 400-year old windmill by reattaching two blades.
In Bull It, teams dress up as a bull and must butt the capes of eight matadors before correctly hitting a target, launching a final dummy matador into the air.

TAR2110 TAR2110 TAR2110

They both decide to do the bulls, but Jaymes & James make a wrong turn and end up at the windmills so they decide on that Detour instead.  At the arena, Trey & Lexi find the front half of the bull can’t see, so the one in the back must guide.  Lexi wants to stay in the front, so Trey directs her through the matadors and they get to the target, but Lexi runs right at it and knocks it over.

They must do it again, but Lexi’s cut her finger from the impact.  Jaymes & James finish the windmills and get their clue from Don Quixote and Sancho Panza directing them to the Pit Stop at Castell de Bellver.

TAR2110 TAR2110 TAR2110

Lexi wants to switch, so Trey gets in the front of the bull and they finish the course with 45 seconds left to spare.  They head to the Pit Stop and manage to arrive before the Chippies to claim 1st and win a trip to the Riviera Maya.  Jaymes & James officially check-in 2nd.

Natalie & Nadiya catch up to Josh & Brent who choose to do the windmill Detour.  But the Beekmans keep their small lead over the Twinnies and step on the Mat in 3rd.  Natalie & Nadiya finish last, but it is a non-elimination leg.

Episode Thoughts
It was actually a good episode.  It was nice to see teams actually racing neck and neck.  And Mallorca looked beautiful in HD.

The “Dream Team” having fun in the sun reminded me of all the way back in TAR6.  Kris & Jon (most prominently) and the other teams swam in the waters of Synagogue Senegal with the locals.  Of course, Mallorca is a far cry from Senegal, but we haven’t seen the teams relaxing in years.  Especially with no more “eat, drink and mingle with the other teams” Pit Stops.

The Road Block seemed lame in the preview last week, but it was actually not that bad.  The Detour was good too.  The bull costume was fun and the windmills gave an opportunity for beautiful scenery.  The Route Markers at the church with the demons and the guitar playing in the cave were good, creative extras.

Also very surprised to have realized this was the first time they had to self-drive.  Very interesting.

Overall, a very solid episode. 

House of Rembrandt’s Mistress 

Palma, Mallorca, Spain

Palma Cathedral

Centro de Alto Rendimiento

Coves de Campanet

Plaza de Toros la Monumental

Sa Pobla

 Castell de Bellver


House of Rembrandt’s Mistress 

Natalie & Nadiya 2:55am
Jaymes & James 5:57am
Trey & Lexi 6:38am
Josh & Brent 9:38am



In order of completion
> or < indicates team switched Detours.

Who did the Road Block?
Who wants to get smashed?

In order of completion; Italics indicate who did the Road Block
6 Trey   Lexi 5
5 Jaymes   James 6
6 Josh Brent 5
5 Natalie   Nadiya 5

4 Abbie   Ryan 6
3 James   Abba 4
4 Rob Kelley 3
3 Gary   Will 2
2 Caitlin   Brittany 2
2 Amy   Daniel 1
1 Rob   Shiela 1

 Castell de Bellver

1st Trey & Lexi +2
2nd Jaymes & James =
3rd Josh & Brent  +1
4th Natalie & Nadiya -3

Trey & Alexis Trey & Lexi – They’ve definitely done very well and are stepping it up week after week.  This week, they had to actually do things on their own without the help of the Twinnies or Chippies and they still managed to win the Leg.  That’s good moving forward and they’ve got plenty of momentum.
Jaymes & James Jaymes & James – A good Leg for them.  They didn’t let a wrong turn slow them down as they pushed through with the Detour they stumbled upon and still did very well.  They definitely have the motivation and they too have stepped up their game after a slow start.
Natalie & Nadiya Natalie & Nadiya – The driving definitely did them in.  Or at least almost did them in as they’re still in the Race.  They’re going to need to tighten that part of their Race up as they are an otherwise strong team.  They can’t lose to Josh & Brent now.   
Josh & Brent Josh & Brent – The first solid Leg for them since the first few.  They finally get their act together, but definitely not a perfect Leg.  Also, that doesn’t mean I want to see them fall forward into the final Leg.  They remind me of Dandrew.  They’ve just been saved by too many circumstances that I can’t root for them.
Quotes from Episode 21.10

Jaymes: “Searching for Lucifer at 7 o’clock in the morning, I don’t know how I feel about that.”

Natalie: “How do they have a bloody map of this place?”
Nadiya: “I know, they’re super prepared, they’re gay!”

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