Recap: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, Mission 38 – Event! Ace Deathmatch

Go-Busters 38

Jin shows everyone a flyer of a mixed martial arts fight he wants to go with them. The others say they’re busy, but get even more so when they detect FOUR Megazords in transit and they’re heading for the very arena the MMA fight is supposed to be held at.

Hiromu and Nick are sent to fight the first Megazord which has already arrived while the others try to find the Metaroid at the arena. But as Hiromu fights the Megazord, they suddenly get sucked into the arena. An announcer welcomes them to Vaglass Dome for a Megazord Death Match.

Go-Busters 38

The other Go-Busters can’t force their way into the arena, nor can they contact Hiromu, instead finding out what’s going on inside by a video feed on the side of the building.

Go-Busters 38

Enter is at ringside providing commentary. He says he’s set this up to allow the new Messiah card Metaroid to gather combat date from Ace. Hiromu easily takes care of the Alpha Megazord, but Enter says the only way he can escape the arena is to defeat all four Megazords.

Ryuji and Yoko realize they need to find the Metaroid to be able to be let into the arena. Ryuji tries to use the Lioh Attache to find the Metaroid but seems to be giving false readings.

Go-Busters 38

Meanwhile, Megazord Beta and Megazord Gamma are transported directly into the arena. Hiromu manages to trick Gamma into knocking off Beta, but Hiromu and Ace can’t take much more fight.

Enter tells Hiromu the others seem to have given up as he sees them leaving the arena. But they’re merely waiting for the fourth Megazord who arrives outside the arena. They attach themselves to it as it gets sucked in, but they get spit right out.

Go-Busters 38

That’s when Buglars arrive and to quickly take care of them, Ryuji and Yoko use Powered Custom. Ryuji uses the Lioh Blaster to finish the last of them, then tries to use it on the arena’s dome, but it still doesn’t work. Ryuji wants to try something with Lioh.

Megazord Delta arrives inside the arena and it tag-teams with Gamma to take on Hiromu. Ryuji worries about the battle putting a physical toll on Hiromu as he’s never had to fight this long before.

Go-Busters 38

Hiromu’s visor is smashed and Ace is badly damaged. Enter tells the Megazords to stop and asks Hiromu if he should “consider this game over.” If Hiromu gives up here, Enter says, he’ll spare his life, now knowing the limit of humans.

Hiromu responds by telling Enter to leave ringside or he’ll get hurt.

“Oh la la!”

caGo-Busters 38p8

Hiromu says compared to 13 years in the subdimension, this last hour of fighting is nothing.

“Giving up never crossed my mind.”

Go-Busters 38

Outside, Lioh arrives with Jin piloting it. Ryuji tells Jin to initiate the combine operation as they combine into Go-Buster King.

Ryuji says the Metaroid was right in front of them, it was the dome.


They knock the Metaroid into its normal form, spitting out the other three. It was the announcer all along! And Ryuji realized it after seeing the Metaroid mark on the roof when they were spit out earlier.

Go-Busters 38

They easily take care of the Delta and Gamma Megazords and they let Hiromu give a final blow to the Metaroid before unleashing an Emission Break to finish it off.

Go-Busters 38

Enter looks at his laptop and sees there’s only eight Messiah cards left.

Go-Busters 38

Hiromu is out of the hospital and back at the command center. Jin still wants to go to the MMA fight since it’s been rescheduled. Hiromu would rather not want to see a ring any time soon. But Jin turns the flyer over and shows Hiromu a chicken-costumed fighter.

Go-Busters 38

Episode Thoughts
Well that was an interesting episode. Pretty much Megazord/mecha porn and toy commercial for half an hour.

But it was fun overall. And I liked them throwing in that line by Hiromu saying a little fight like this is nothing compared to being stuck in the subdimension for 13 years. #NeverForget!

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