Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 20 (Leg 7, Day 1) – “First time ko nilunok yung suka ko!”

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 20 (Leg 7, Day 1)

Teams open their first clue telling them to hop on a bus to Legazpi, Albay.  Before leaving, they must collect 8 American Tourister suitcases of different sizes at the Holiday Inn Clark which they must bring with them to the next Pit Stop.  From the Holiday Inn, they must take a Jeepney to the bus station.

Boom & Cheng and Marc & Kat hop into very common Toyota Innova hotel shuttles.  Sheena & Gee try to pen the suitcases to place their backpacks in them, but can’t.  Ed & Angel, on the way to the Jeepney, manage to open their suitcases and place the smaller ones inside so they only need to carry two each.

Teams head to Manila and the Cubao bus terminal to catch the bus heading to Legazpi.  Boom & Cheng and Marc & Kat learn they have an hour penalty for not taking the Jeepney at the Holiday Inn.

Fausto & Dayal are on the first bus to leave Cubao while LJ & CJ manage to hop on the 2nd bus leaving at 8:30.  Sheena & Gee and Saida & Jervi catch up to Boom & Cheng and take the same bus leaving at 9pm.  Marc & Kat take a 4th bus while Ed & Angel take a 5th bus, both only going to Naga where they will then have to transfer to another bus on to Legazpi.

LJ & CJ are the first to arrive in Legazpi and find clues waiting on the front of marked jeepneys.  Teams must take the jeepneys to Red Labuyo Restaurant where each person must eat one bowl of Bicol Express, a spicy local specialty, and a bowl of strawberry ice cream in order to receive their next clue.

LJ & CJ get to the restaurant and find HOURS OF OPERATION with the place opening at 8am.  

In Naga, Marc & Kat are waiting for the bus they need to transfer on to make it to Legazpi and it turns out to be the 3rd bus the three teams are on.

LJ & CJ are let into the restaurant and start eating the spicy dish.  Fausto & Dayal arrive and both teams struggle, holding back their vomit.  If they throw up, they will have to get a refill.  CJ & LJ see Dayal giving some of his food to Fausto and point it out, so Fausto returns the spoonful to Dayal’s bowl.

The bro-in-laws still finish before the girls and both teams must hop back onto their jeepneys and head to Casagwa Church.

The next bus arrives in Legazpi and they head to the restaurant.  

Episode Thoughts
A solid first episode for the Leg.  Good competition especially having to find their own transportation.

I’m guessing American Tourister is TARPh’s Traveloctiy.  Since they sponsor the Leg prizes, those suitcases are TARPh’s Roaming Gnome I suppose.  That’s fun.

I appreciate TARPh’s strict enforcement of rules.  So many penalties.  But that’s common on the Asian TARs.  TARAu and especially TARA loved issuing penalties.

The Bicol Express is definitely the TARPh version of the TAR6 Hungarian Spicy Soup Road Block.  Complete with LJ pulling a Freddy and eating her vomit. Lol

So tomorrow or maybe Thursday, Pig or Jig 3.0!! lol.  Whenever TARUS returns to the Philippines, you can bet we’ll get the 4th use of that Detour. lol


Holiday Inn Clark
Angeles City, Pampanga

Boom & Cheng 4:50pm
Fausto & Dayal  5:19pm
Marc & Kat 5:20pm
Sheena & Gee 6:05pm
LJ & CJ 6:10pm
Saida & Jervi 6:25pm
Ed & Angel 7:00pm

Red Labuyo Restaurant, Daraga, Albay

1. Fausto & Dayal
2. LJ & CJ
-. Sheena & Gee
-. Marc & Kat
-. Saida & Jervi
-. Boom & Cheng
-. Ed & Angel

Quotes from Episode 20

LJ: “First time ko nilunok yung suka ko!”

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