Recap: Grimm, Episode 2.11 – To Protect and Serve Man

“The beast was simply the Call of the Wild personified… which some natures hear to their own destruction.”


Hank reads in the paper about Craig Ferrin, a man he helped send to death row 7 years ago. After everything that’s happened lately, he remembers how Ferrin said the two Kreski brothers he had attacked were monsters and were trying to eat him.

Ferrin’s execution is tomorrow and asks Nick for help to find out if maybe what Ferrin was talking about some kind of Wesen, which would then mean he was telling the truth and killed one of the brothers in self defense.

Meanwhile, Juliette is with a girlfriend telling her about this other guy she has seems to have feelings for but doesn’t understand why. Later, Renard calls her and asks if she’s willing to try something that might help them with their problem.


Nick and Hank talk to Craig’s girlfriend, then his lawyer who gives them a picture Craig drew of what he saw the brothers turn into. Researching in Aunt Marie’s trailer, they find out the drawing is of a wendigo.


They go talk to Ferrin in prison. Nick sees plenty of Wesen wolge-ing as they walk by. Ferrin doesn’t have anything to say to them at first, but eventually describes what he saw that night.

Reading that wendigo bury the remains of their meals in their own yards, they head to the site of the Kreski’s old home but it is now a grocery store. Back at the station, the District Attorney is speaking with Renard about Nick and Hank digging up the old case. She says they better have a damn good reason for an 11th hour reprieve and Hank mentions she’s worried that this could somehow affect her campaign for mayor.


Nick and Hank try looking up info on the surviving Kreski brother, but find nothing. Meanwhile, he’s cooking up a foot stew.


After a long night, Nick heads home to Juliette who is looking up articles about obsession. Nick asks her if she remembers anything else about that night. She remembers being at Monroe’s and then crying in the rain. Nick says he wants to tell her, but can’t right now because it’d make things more complicated.

“Fine whatever, I’m glad you know what’s best for me.”


Seven hours before the execution, Nick and Hank find Kreski’s current employer. Hank talks to him and tries egging him on to get him to wolge, which he does.


Across town, Rosalee checks up on Monroe and says her aunt is getting better and it could be another week or two. Renard comes into the shop to ask about the treatment and says he’ll come tomorrow with the woman.

Monroe promises to help him be “de-obsessified.”

That night, Nick and Hank search Kreski’s home and find a crawl space under the fridge. While Craig Ferrin is getting prepped for the lethal injection, Nick and Hank find a pit of decaying bodies. But Kreski arrives and he attacks Hank who gets out of the crawl space first. They knock the fridge over the floor opening, knocking Nick back down and into the pit.


Gross times for Nick.

Kreski runs and Hank tells Nick to call the DA while he goes after him. Nick reaches the DA on her cell phone as he explains the situation. She then hears over the phone as Kreski attacks Nick.

“You’re a Grimm!?”
“Took you long enough.”

They fight and burst through the window just as Hank comes running back and shoots him dead.

The first injection is already starting into Ferrin, but they get the call and the execution is stopped.


Nick, Hank and the cops are at the grocery store where they dig it up and find more skeletons.

Wu: “Clean up on aisle 4”

Hank talks to Ferrin.

“I believe there are things we don’t understand in this world. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist.”

“You need to know one thing, you are not crazy.”

Back across town, Monroe closes the shop to get ready for his guests. He’s inside the other room as Renard and Juliette walk in. Juliette is unsure about this weird shop, but as soon as she looks into Renard’s eyes, they get so hot for each other that they can’t stop kissing.


Monroe comes out and awkwardly interrupts. But not as awkward as when Juliette turns around and they realize who each other is.

“Oh boy.”


Episode Thoughts
Oh boy indeed!

First off, it was only a matter of time before Supernatural and Grimm intersected. The wendigo is definitely one of Supernatural‘s most memorable hunts, especially being from the first eason.

Different pronunciations apparently, but I thought this episode of Grimm was a great way to put the focus on how Hank is dealing with his partner being a Grimm. That last scene with Ferrin was very poignant. It speaks a lot to how Hank’s world was pretty much turned upside down then upside down again, but not exactly right side up. He thought he was crazy, but then found out about this whole other world that exists all around him.

For that, I thought this episode was excellent. It’s great to see lots of character stuff like that really delves deeper and puts the bigger picture in a more personal light.

So how about that cliffhanger eh? Oh boy is right. Next week should be an interesting episode.

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