Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 9 (Leg 3, Day 1) – Sipain ko nga ‘tong clue. Na-buwisit ako.”

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 9 (Leg 3, Day 1)

Marc & Kat open the first clue of the Leg telling teams to take a marked vehicle to the Kadchog Hanging Bridge in Bontoc, Mountain Province to find their next clue.

Fausto & Dayal and Pamela & Vanessa have a little trouble understanding what “marked vehicle” means, but soon enough, all teams are off on the 7-hour drive.

But it isn’t a smooth ride up the winding roads.  Dani & Mish’s van gets a flat tire.  Dani tries to chase after Sheena & Gee’s van which was behind them, but they drive on.  Sheena & Gee gleefully shriek at their decision not to stop.  Meanwhile, Pamela & Vanessa’s van overheats and have to wait for a replacement vehicle.

LJ & CJ get to the bridge first with Marc & Kat right behind them.  After crossing the bridge, they must search through numerous clueboxes placed on the rice terraces for the one that actually contains their next clue instead of “Sorry, try again” or “You’re getting closer and closer.”

At the very last cluebox, they find the Detour.

For this Detour, teams will get a taste of the country life.
In Magkarga or Carry, each team member must carry 20 chickens and deliver them to the public market using two holding baskets hanging on a bamboo rod over their shoulders.
In Magsaka or Plow, teams must use a carabao to plow through a rice field to find a flag in the mud to exchange for their next clue.

Both Marc & Kat and LJ & CJ choose Magkarga and finish the Detour even before the other teams even arrive in Bontoc.   

They deliver the chickens and receive their next clue, the Road Block.

In this Road Block, teams must participate in a traditional Igorot dance involving having to balance a palayok/banga/pot on their head.  If they can balance the pot on their head for 90 seconds without it falling or touching it, they get the next clue.

While Kat and CJ have some trouble with the pots, Ed & Angel, Saida & Jervi, Boom & Cheng, Dani & Mish and Sheena & Gee finally arrive at the bridge.

However, locals are blocking them from stepping onto the bridge.  The teams plead with the locals, but only until Ed pushes his way through are the teams able to cross.  

Back at the Plaza, Kat somehow completes the Road Block and they open the next clue telling teams to head to the Pit Sto…. PIT STOP!? at the Maligcong Rice Terraces by taking marked jeepneys.  Derek says the winners will get the Express Pass.  CJ and LJ are close behind.

Back at the Rice Terraces, the teams discover they must go through several false clues.  

After getting the clue and trying to head to the Detour, Dani tries convincing Boom & Cheng to take transportation with them to the location.  The guys refuse, though Dani tells them they did it with Anton & Armand in the other leg.  Boom & Cheng aren’t going to let the “white legs” charm them too much and Dani re-reads the clue to find they apparently must walk.

Dani is now frustrated and Mish tries to get her to not be a “crazy person.”

Episode Thoughts
So, what just happened?  Are we going to be down to 2 episodes a leg now?  Pit Stop when the other teams have just arrived in town!? What!?

Things are getting a little crazy on TARPh now.  We’re down to TARUS-style Road Block and Detour-only Legs.  What happened to the “extra challenges” and tasks?  “Longer Race,” Derek said at the Starting Line.  The Race seems to be getting shorter and shorter.

What an incredibly short leg.  First with the Detour, what a waste of the task that produced one of the most memorable moments ever on The Amazing Race.  It looks like all the teams will do the chicken side of the Detour.  So no “broken” carabaos here.  That should’ve been a Road Block or even an extra task.  

And the Road Block?  How lame.  The task on paper is a very Filipino version of the TAR20 Road Block that had teams participate in a local, traditional dance.  In TAR20, teams actually had to perform the moves.  Here, who knows what you have to do.  The dances of the Cordillera region are fun and wonderful to watch.  Kat and CJ standing, legs spread out, with no movement whatsoever?  Zero fun.  What was that?  This would be such a great task if teams actually had to dance, maybe even following along in the line with the local dancers.  But just standing there?  Not even moving to the beat?  A huge waste of a great task and really a waste of time.

Pit Stop when not even all teams have arrived in town.  I don’t even know.  Not even done yet, but I can say this was such a poorly designed leg.  And a waste of an excellent location.  This is like a TARUS-level poorly designed leg.

After what was a great leg to this… man.  Very disappointing.

And after complaining about the long, drawn out first leg, looks like we’re speeding through the rest now.  Ouch.


St. Paul’s Cathedral
Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Marc & Kat 1:56am
LJ & CJ 2:04am
Saida & Jervi 2:21am
Ed & Angel 2:40am
Boom & Cheng 2:40am
Sheena & Gee 3:53am
Dani & Mish 3:59am
Fausto & Dayal 4:17am
Pamela & Vanessa 4:39am

Marc & Kat
 LJ & CJ


In order of completion
> or < indicates team switched Detours.

Who did the Road Block?
Sino ang may matatag na ulo? / Who has a strong head?

In order of completion; Italics indicate who did the Road Block
2 Marc Kat 1
2 LJ CJ 1

Not yet completed
0 Angel Ed 2
0 Saida  Jervi 2
1 Cheng Boom 1
1 Sheena Gee 1
0 Dani Mish 2
1 Vanessa Pamela 1
0 Fausto Dayal 2

1 Anton Armand 10
0 Mykey Crystel 1

Quotes from Episode 9

Pamela: “We have a very nice car!! I wish I can take my car here.”

CJ: “I’m Ilocana!!  Manang, I’m Ilocana!”

Dani: “What the heck!? Pakiulit ang what!?”

Jervi: “Maraming cluebox, nakakabuwisit.  Yung, nagaasar pa.  Parang, ano ba?  Akyat kami ng akyat ng hagdan-hagdan palayan.  Tapos, kung ano-ano pa ang sinasabi.  Sipain ko nga ‘tong clue.  Na-buwisit ako.”

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  1. I’m not trying to be rude here! But in the Detour of “Magkarga” in TARP, that the two baskets with a carrying pole is not from this country; it’s from Vietnam, that’s called a “Don Ganh”; and it’s not from this country! It’s says on Wikipedia that: These challenges are related in some manner to the country wherein they are located or its culture. Do we have a “Don Ganh” in the Philippines? No! It’s from Vietnam! The Amazing Race International Shows has to be based on it’s “CULTURE” in their or other country! (I’M TRYING TO BE “HONEST”!)

    1. That’s very interesting. Well, TARPh was very interesting when it came to tasks because they were able to use tasks from other versions of TAR from locations in other countries and stage them in the Philippines. I thought that was interesting.

      Not all tasks on TARPh were Filipino-only. Some were very generic, applicable to any location.

      1. Can’t they do it in Vietnam (the TARP), because the “don gahn” is from Vietnam. And by the way TARP is going to race around Asia (Why can’t they use the “carry the chickens on baskets task” in Vietnam?).

        I wish they could “Race around the World” next or later year (I made a fanmade title it’s called: The Amazing Race Philippines: Palalakbay Sa Buong Mundo[it means: Travel around the World])! I wish they (TARP) could go to Malta, Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany, Latvia and Armenia!!!

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