Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 8 (Leg 2, Day 3) – “Ang sakit na ng singit ko!!”

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 8 (Leg 2, Day 3)


The Race continues in Vigan as Pamela & Vanessa and Sheena & Gee deliver their pots and are issued a 20 minute penalty.  They are far enough ahead though that they leave before Fausto & Dayal and Dani & Mish, who arrive after them, finish their 11 minute penalty.

TARPh108 TARPh108

Saida & Jervi leave the Road Block as Anton & Armand and Boom & Cheng start.  

Over at Plaza Burgos, CJ remembers watching TAR and likely watching TARA4’s Pukpok Palayok task and how hard it is to communicate using a tambourine, but they fly through it and find Derek to officially check-in 2nd.  

Saida and Angel are the blindfolded ones and after a couple of swings each, Saida is the first to break her pot.  Saida & Jervi head to the Mat and officially check-in 3rd.

While Angel struggles, Anton & Armand arrive and Armand manages to break his pot before her.  They run to Derek who says they are the 4th team to arrive, but he cannot check them in.  Something has come to their attention and action must be taken, so the Del Ro Bros are issued a penalty.  Without saying what for or how long, Derek asks them to wait off to the side.


Angel asks if she can switch with her father and they do.  Ed manages to knock the pot behind him and they run to the Pit Stop where they are surprised to officially be checked-in as Team #4, having already seen two other teams pass them.

Boom & Cheng knock their clue out of the pot and they head to the Mat to check-in as Team #5.  

Back at the Road Block, Sheena & Gee are first to finish  among the stragglers, get through the Palayok and meet Derek as Team #6.

Dani & Mish pass Pamela & Vanessa and Fausto & Dayal are in last.

At Plaza Burgos, Dani uses her childhood experience to easily break the pot and she and Mish scream their way to the Mat to officially check-in as Team #7.

The last two teams are ready to play.  Dayal manages to break his pot just seconds before Vanessa.  Fausto & Dayal run around the plaza not knowing where to go while Pamela & Vanessa hop in a tricycle.  Just as they get dropped off, Fausto & Dayal come running by and it’s a FOOTRACE! 

The in-laws step on the Mat first.  Derek calls the Housewives over.  He tells Fausto & Dayal that they are still in the Race.  Pamela & Vanessa think they are eliminated and Derek tells them they are last.  But then he says they might have a guardian angel watching over them because with Anton & Armand’s penalty, that makes PamVan officially Team #9.

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 8 (Leg 2, Day 3) – “Ang sakit na ng singit ko!!” TARPh108

Derek calls Anton & Armand over.  He gives them a chance to explain why they contacted someone outside the Race.  Anton admits he tried to contact his mother while they were in the room during the Pit Stop.  Because of that they have incurred a 24-hour time penalty and are therefore eliminated from the Race.

Episode Thoughts
Damn, what a way to go.  That was a dumb mistake by Anton. 

TV5 was hyping the episode up all day, hyping a footrace between Fausto & Dayal and Pamela & Vanessa and it actually delivered.  That was hilarious and exciting at the same time.

But the “controversial” ending was definitely surprising.  The fact that Anton & Armand were the ones eliminated wasn’t a surprise though because the promo TV5 released earlier Tuesday clearly spoiled it.  But who would’ve thought anyone would get that kind of penalty?

A tough elimination.  Overall, the episode was okay, though the scenes at the rappel/kayak were very slow today.  

Barangay Pagburnayan, Vigan

Intersected pairs, in order of completion
Marc & KatLJ & CJ
Boom & ChengAnton & Armand
 Ed & AngelSaida & Jervi
Pamela & VanessaSheena & Gee
Fausto & DayalDani & Mish

Who did the Road Block?
Sino ang pwedeng mag-shoot? / Who can shoot?

In order of completion; Italics indicate who did the Road Block
2 Marc Kat 0
2 LJ CJ 0
0 Angel Ed 2
0 Saida  Jervi 2
1 Anton Armand 10
1 Cheng Boom 1
1 Sheena Gee 1
0 Dani Mish 2
1 Vanessa Pamela 1
0 Fausto Dayal 2

0 Mykey Crystel 1

Quotes from Episode 8

Pamela: “Anong gagawin naming, magaantay sa penalty namin!?”
Gee: “Oomagantaytayo.”
Pamela: “Nang 20 minutes?”
Gee: “Oo,okay.”

Saida: “Ang sakit na ng singit ko!!”

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