Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 6 (Leg 2, Day 1) – “Isaksak mo baby!”

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 6 (Leg 2, Day 1)

Marc & Kat open the first clue of the leg telling teams to catch a bus and head north to Vigan, Ilocos Sur.  At the Florida Bus Terminal, they and Boom & Cheng hop on a bus leaving at 8pm, but Dani & Mish, who were 3rd at the Pit Stop catch a 7:45pm bus.  Marc says they were going to switch over to the early bus, but were too embarrassed to leave the bus they already bought tickets for

Sheena & Gee wait for Anton & Armand before heading to the bus terminal while Saida & Jervi hop in a taxi only to get stuck in traffic when the bus terminal was only across the street (via an overpass) from UST.

With Pamela & Vanessa leaving the Pit Stop in last and with a cheer, all teams are on their way up North to find their next clue at the Bantay Bell Tower.

Hours of Operation!  Marc & Kat decide to use their Salvage Pass to enter the Bell Tower before the 8:30am opening time.  They head to the cluebox and find the Detour.

In this Detour, teams head to the Vigan Public Market.
In Gawa (Make), teams must make two dozen Vigan longanizas (two links of 12  each) and can receive their next clue only when their sausages have been approved.
In Nguya (Chew), teams must eat 70 longaniza sausages.

Marc & Kat start eating, but with the longaniza being fat and oily, they decide to switch to Gawa instead.  Back at Bantay Bell Tower, the gates are opened and it is a mad dash to the cluebox on top of the hill.

Boom & Cheng, Ed & Angel, LJ & CJ, Anton & Armand choose Nguya while Saida & Jervi, Sheena & Gee and Pamela & Vanessa choose Gawa.

Fausto & Dayal start eating, but switch to Gawa with Fausta saying his high school friend had a meat stall when they were younger.  Dani & Mish start with Gawa, but Dani frantically insists they switch to Nguya instead.  

Dani is forcing herself to eat most of the longaniza since Mish doesn’t want to.  Dayal sees them struggling and leaving Fausto to make the longaniza himself, offers to help Dani & Mish eat, but Dani declines.  Mish says it’s because Dayal is attracted to Dani.  Dani says No, they’ve known each other since 2008.

Marc & Kat finish their longaniza and get the next clue telling teams to head to Barangay Pagburnayan where they will encounter the Intersection. 

For this Intersection, teams must load 50 clay pots known as burnays onto horse-drwan bamboo kariton, or cart and deliver them to a marked building located on Calle Crisologo.  If they break more than 5 pots, they will receive a time penalty for each broken pot.

Marc & Kat wait for the next team which ends up being LJ & CJ who finish the Nguya Detour first.  Boom & Cheng and Anton & Armand are the next to finish eating and end up teaming up with each other at the Intersection.

Ed & Angel are finished eating next while Saida & Jervi are the next ones to finish the Gawa side of the Detour.  At the pots, Ed takes charge as he leads Angel, Saida & Jervi.

Dani is having a meltdown.  She doesn’t eat meat, but says she is sacrificing since this is the easier side of the detour.  Mish doesn’t care.  They finally get the next clue and Dani starts to hurl.

Marc orders the girls around as they carefully make their way down the road.  They break a few pots.  Jervi screams as Ed leads his team.  

Fausto & Dayal wait for a still crying Dani & Mish to start the task.  The bro-in-laws are upset because if they didn’t have to wait for the girls, they’d be long gone by now.  (lol)

Boom & Cheng and the Del Ro Bros start rolling from the pot maker, but their horse starts to buck and their pots start to roll until the horse finally gives one huge kick and all the pots roll off the cart.

Episode Thoughts
Wow!  This was probably the best episode of TARPh yet!  Exciting, crazy, hilarious and fun. 

That Hours of Operation equalizer was definitely welcome and the placement of that Intersection was perfect.   Both sides of the Detour being right next to each other as well as in such a cramped space was awesome.  If you’ve ever been in a Filipino market, especially the meat or fish sections, you know that’s not the most comfortable place to be in, let alone having to compete and enduring all the stress of that competition. 

The clay pots task was taken from TARAu2 (though TAR9 had a different version of it), but it was an individual team task and they had much calmer cows, not crazy horses.  As we saw this episode, all the modifications TARPh made for this particular recycled task produced excellent results.

The episode overall was more fast-paced and a lot more slickly edited than any of the first leg episodes.  It felt like any regular one-hour TARUS or TARAu episode.

It definitely got me fired up and excited.  I hope the show continues like this.

As for the teams (I’ll rank teams at the end of each leg), Fausto & Dayal are hilariously delusional about their Racing skills.  Wow.  Dani’s meltdown at the Detour has to be one of the best on any TAR ever.  So random and hilarious and awesome.

Pamela & Vanessa get more hilarious by the minute.  And Jervi is a one-liner machine.  This episode also brought out a lot from each of the teams.  Maybe even more than all five episodes of the first leg!


University of Santo Tomas

Marc & Kat 7:17pm
Boom & Cheng 7:31pm
Dani & Mish 7:41pm
Saida & Jervi 7:44pm
Sheena & Gee 8:05pm
Anton & Armand 8:07pm
LJ & CJ 8:05pm?
Ed & Angel 8:26pm
Fausto  & Dayal 9:10pm
Pamela & Vanessa 10:26pm

Marc & Kat<
Saida & Jervi
Fausto & Dayal<
Pamela & Vanessa
Sheena & Gee

> LJ & CJ
Boom & Cheng
Anton & Armand
Ed & Angel
> Dani & Mish

In order of completion
> or < indicates team switched Detours.
* Mykey & Crystel and Pamela & Vanessa could not complete the Detour due to rain.

Barangay Pagburnayan, Vigan

Intersected pairs, in order of arrival
Marc & KatLJ & CJ
Boom & ChengAnton & Armand
 Ed & AngelSaida & Jervi
Fausto & DayalDani & Mish
Pamela & VanessaSheena & Gee

Quotes from Episode 6

Anton: “I’m never eating longaniza ever again in my life.”

Jervi: “Wooo! Longaniza queen!”

Sheena: “Isaksak mo na!”
Gee: “Isaksak mo baby!”

Dani: “Show your mouth!  Drink water, please!”

Dani: “WATER!  Ah, it’s going to my nosethisissonastyLETSGO!”

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