Recap: Grimm, Episode 2.10 – The Hour of Death

“And branded on the beast, the mark of his kin. For none shall live whom they have seen.”


Juliette wakes Nick up from a bad dream. He’s been caught up with a missing persons case. But he’s also getting increasingly frustrated with having to sleep on the couch instead of in his own bed… with Juliette. She says they can talk later as she rushes out.

Speaking of that case, Nick and Hank manage to stumble upon a guy who might be involved in the kidnapping of the missing woman. Of course, the guy is a Wesen and is increasingly afraid of Nick, as a Grimm, threatening him. But part of Nick’s bad mood is all the stuff with Juliette of course.


They have to release the suspect since they have no evidence. So Nick decides to take matters into his own hands. He asks Monroe for a truth or confessing your sins potion. He takes a crossbow and hopes to shoot the guy with it, but when he breaks into the house, Nick finds the guy dead and literally branded. Hank shows up at the house, hoping Nick hasn’t doing anything stupid. They notice the strange symbol on the guy’s body and painted on the wall.

Just then, Wu and some squad cars arrive because they had received a 911 call that had the guy confessing to everything. Back at the station, Wu plays the 911 tape for them and they look at pictures from the crime scene. Ryan the Intern brings them coffee and Wu invites him to take a peek at the pictures too.


Renard gives a press conference (naturally) and the whole town sees the strange symbol. Monroe and Bud the Eisbiber immediately react to the symbol. Both of them immediately call Nick.

Nick and Hank head over to Monroe who explains to them the symbol is an ancient German “G,” as in Grimm. The grandparents used to tell stories albtraume fur Wesen Kinder, kind of like fairy tales about “cautionary tales” for kids about these conscience-less Grimms known as endezeichen-Grimms.

The Hour of Death was when death squads of Grimms roamed the countrysides lopping off heads and limbs and testicles and marking their killings with that symbol, leaving Wesen death and destruction.


But they’re so ancient, no one thought there were any left. Nick needs to take care of this before his own reputation as a Grimm is tarnished.

Later when he gets home, Nick gets a call from a distorted voice. It’s the other Grimm who is upset Nick isn’t doing what he’s supposed to as a Grimm, instead doing his work for him. After the crazyGrimm hangs up, they upload a video of the torture of the guy and it becomes viral. Nick and Hank talk to the abducted girl and her parents, leading them to the van used to kidnap her and its owner.


Meanwhile, Juliette meets Renard for coffee after he calls and offers to talk with her about Nick being on edge lately. He then asks about the night she woke up and she says she felt a surge before regaining consciousness. She also tells him about bad she feels about Nick being a complete stranger to her. He touches her hand and tries to comfort her, which makes get up and leave, leaving her sunglasses on the table.

Back at the precinct, the van is full of evidence, but when they get back upstairs, they find the van’s owner has been released. They head to the guy’s apartment with the SWAT team, but find the guy dead. Same as his partner, he’s been branded.

Nick gets another call.

“Are you a Grimm?”
“More than you ever will be!”


Back at the precinct again, Ryan the Intern brings Bud over to Nick who has come down to the station very worried. He tells him the lodge is going crazy and starting to doubt Nick. Bud pleads with Nick to take care of the endezeichen-Grimm since everyone’s scared out of their mind.

Wu calls Nick over to look at surveillance video of the interrogation room. They see someone opened the door to let the suspect out… it was Ryan the Intern!

Outside the station, Ryan stabs Bud in the neck and drags him away to his shop. Nick and Hank go to Ryan’s apartment where they find his mother.


She says she and Ryan don’t get along so well and that Ryan was going to move out soon because he had important work to do. That he was too good for their situation and he hated who they were. Hank calls Nick over to Ryan’s room where they find a wall of Nick, literally. Photos and articles plastered all over.


They hurry over to Bud’s shop. Ryan has Bud tied up. Bud says Nick’s a friend of his, but Ryan insists that’s impossible and that a Grimm that doesn’t kill Wesen is not a Grimm and is a traitor. All Wesen must be killed and examples must be set.

Right before Ryan can brand Bud, Nick and Hank arrive. Ryan runs and Nick goes after him, chasing him out to the back where he manages to jump on him.

You’re not a Grimm, Ryan says. He looked up to Nick and studied him, but he is better than he will ever be, example, he saved the missing girl. Suddenly he wolges into a strange, brutal looking Wesen, a Lebensauger. “I’m not this,” he says and then starts pleading with Nick to kill him. Instead Nick handcuffs him.


Across town, Renard goes to Juliette to bring her her sunglasses. She apologizes for running out on him so quickly earlier. He leans in for a kiss, which she accepts. Then, she remembers him kissing her at the hospital. “It was you,” she says. He kisses her again and she accepts again until she pulls away and closes the door. She collapses to the floor.


Episode Thoughts
Wow, that was a crazy episode! It started off slow, but quickly got up and running once the that endezeichen-Grimm stuff came up. That was fascinating and actually pretty scary. Can you imagine something like in real life? I could totally see how Wesen would be scared out of their minds. Lol

When Nick walked into Ryan’s room and saw the shrine to himself, that was one of the creepiest scenes on the show. Wow. Almost as creepy as Wu eating couch. I think this is the first time we’ve seen Grimm set something up for a few episodes. I thought Ryan was going to be a fun comedic pairing with Wu at the station, so this all was completely unexpected for me.

The idea of the Lebensauger though is amazing. They are self-loathing Wesen to the point that they drink themselves silly and become obsessed to be something they are not out of contempt for who they are. That’s some deep stuff.

After last week’s excellent episode, I thought this would be a letdown. But the episode revved up the entire hour and ended up being another great one.

Oh and ewe at Juliette and Renard’s kiss. They’re hot and all, but it’s Juliette and Renard. Talk about creepy!

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