The Amazing Race Philippines, Leg 1 and Premiere Week Wrap-up

Well, it took a little getting used to, but I think the first leg and the first week of The Amazing Race Philippines was overall a success. By no means was it perfect, but it managed to accomplish a lot of things including presenting an excellent cast and being fun and hilarious.

First off, the tasks themselves weren’t all that exciting, but they proved to be catalysts for teams to show off their personalities. I think one of the advantages of the 5/6 episodes of a week is that we get to see more of the teams than we would have if it were only an hour a week show and as we do on other TARs.

The editing was iffy at times, but when they were on point, the show was exciting and fun. There was good competition and some great performances from teams, which I think is the show’s strongest asset.

This is a great group. So many different personalities, all given a chance for their moment on the show. They were all generally likeable, rootable, and fun to watch.

Derek Ramsay is probably one of the few hosts in the Philippines who would be a good fit for TAR. While he did alright overall, there were some iffy moments, particularly when he delivered the awkwardly written Tagalog descriptions of tasks and Route Info and his forced suspense pauses at the Pit Stop. I think, or hope, he can get better in the next legs of course.

I was really against the daily format for TAR, if only because we’ve never seen it before. But I think there’s both pros and cons. Cons, it stretches legs maybe a little too long. There were times when the episodes were moving too slowly. But I think the pros outweigh the cons. We get to see more of the teams and actually having teams do more than just Road Blocks and Detours is something I’ve been wanting more of on TARUS. So I definitely welcome that.

Overall, a solid first week.

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