Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 5 (Leg 1, Day 5) – “Kung pwede Kuya, paliparin na natin.”

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 5 (Leg 1, Day 5)

Anton & Armand, LJ & CJ, Ed & Angel, Mykey & Crystal, and Sheena & Gee leave Quiapo and head to Star City for the Detour.

Ed & Angel and Anton & Armand jump onto the Pindot side of the Detour, see the flag immediately, but the judge says their picture has to be clear.

Mykey & Crystel go on Ikot, but get their first question (908-880 does not equal 120 or 122) wrong so they have to finish this one round on the ride before they can try answering again.  Suddenly, Mykey’s fingers go numb and Crystel feels like hurling.  When they get off the ride, the paramedics check on Mykey and massage feeling back into his hand while Crystel gets some oxygen.

LJ & CJ take a turn on Pindot and they see the flag, but the judge says it also isn’t clear.  Sheena & Gee are luckier and manage to get approved for their next clue.  Ed & Angel get it on their 2nd try, but Ed is feeling a little queasy.

Anton & Armand and LJ & CJ also get it on their 2nd try and all start making their way to the Pit Stop.

Back all the way at Quiapo, Fausto & Dayal are just getting started with the song.  They have no idea how the song goes until a man comes over to teach them.  

Pamela & Vanessa know the game Bingo, but not the song so they decide to make up for it by dancing and being “eenergeeteck.”  But the judge explains to them they have to sing together and they follow a girl who knows until they finally get the clue.

They decide to choose Pindot instead of trying to answer questions.

At UST, Sheena & Gee step on the Mat and Derek tells them they’re Team #…. *pause*  … Team #5.

Anton & Armand run in to claim… *pause* … to claim 6th.

LJ & CJ follow to officially check-in… *pause* … officially check-in … *pause* … as Team #7.

An exhausted Ed & Angel step on the Mat, Derek starts “I’m sorry to say but… *pause* … you are Team #… *pause* … Team #8.”

Mykey & Crystel are still resting at Star City and decide to switch to Pindot. But they don’t get it on their first try.  Fausto & Dayal are behind them, but they DO get the picture and head to UST as Pamela & Vanessa arrive at the park.

Mykey  & Crystel decide to walk around the park and look for the flag before jumping on the roller coaster so they know where to take the picture.

They run into Pamela & Vanessa, but together, they find out the rides are closed because it has started to rain.

Fausto & Dayal run to Derek who tells them… *pause* … who tells them they are Team #… *pause* … Team #9.They are absolutely shocked.  They thought they were 4th or 5th.  (ORLY!?)

Back at Star City, it’s getting darker and the rain continues so neither team can get on the rides.  Arnel Ignacio says since it isn’t the teams’ fault, he’ll hand them their next clue.  Mykey & Crystel get into a cab first, but Pamela & Vanessa are close behind.

Both taxis run into traffic.  Pamela & Vanessa ask their cab driver to find a road with less traffic, or if possible, maybe have their cab fly.

Both teams get to UST and it’s a FOOTRACE!  Albeit a slow one with a touch of comedy.

And it’s that comedy that propels Pamela & Vanessa to the Mat as … *pause* … Team #10.

“Totoo, you’re Team #10.”
“You’re still in the Race.  Ayaw mo?”
“Gusto, kasama pa kita.”

That leaves Mykey & Crystel.  Derek tells them they are the last team to arrive and that they are eliminated.  (Wait!)
But Derek says they still have a chance and he calls over Marc & Kat.

Before they announce whether or not to use the Salvage Pass, Derek tells them they’ve won P200,000 for winning the leg, courtesy of American Tourister.

He then asks Mykey & Crystel to plead their case and they say it’s up to Marc & Kat.  The gym buddies decide not to use the Salvage Pass on them, nothing personal.

Episode Thoughts
Now this was a TAR episode!  It was exciting, teams were falling apart at tasks, mysterious rainstorms that come out of nowhere, it was lots of fun.

The rainstorm shutting down Star City’s rides was crazy!  What would’ve happened if it rained earlier in the day?  A logistical mess on the first leg of The Amazing Race Philippines.  That would’ve been crazy. 

Now, Derek at the Mat though.  Ouch.  That was not good.  He wasn’t saying teams’ names, those horrible, horrible worse than Allan Wu pauses… eek.  And until Pamela & Vanessa, he had zero energy.  Or he was trying to be serious but came across bored and boring.  It was not good.  Hopefully he can do better in the next legs. But what was with him announcing Marc & Kat’s prize at the end instead of when they first won the leg!? TARPh directors very off on that one..   

Plaza Miranda, Quiapo, Manila

1. Marc & Kat
2. Saida & Jervi
3. Boom & Cheng
4. Dani & Mish
5. Anton & Armand
6. Ed & Angel

7. Sheena & Gee
8. Crystel & Mykey
9. LJ & CJ
10. Fausto & Dayal
11. Pamela & Vanessa

Boom & Cheng
Dani & Mish
Sheena & Gee
Ed & Angel
Anton & Armand
Fausto & Dayal
Crystel & Mykey* <
Pamela & Vanessa*

Marc & Kat
> Saida & Jervi

In order of completion
> or < indicates team switched Detours.
* Mykey & Crystel and Pamela & Vanessa could not complete the Detour due to rain.

Quotes from Episode 5

Anton: “I can’t get it from here man, I’ve got freakin 30 poles in my way.”

Vanessa: “Pareho kasi kaming dalawa na wala talagan idea sa Bingo.  As in, talaga narinig ko man may laro, pero hindi ko alam na may kanta palang Bingo.”

Pamela: “Itz reyning, itz reyning, we kan’t do anytheng!”

Pamela: Kuya, yung mga daan na medyo mas maluwag.”
Vanessa: “Kung pwede Kuya, paliparin na natin.”

Pamela: “Okay, you go this way, here now.”
Vanessa: “Are you sure?”
Pamela: “Yeah, this one now is the entrance.”
Vanessa: “It’s not there? The one that, ano, cottage?
Pamela: “The cottage?  We can go there too if you want, we can go everywhere.”

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