Recap: Grimm, Episode 2.09 – La Llorona

“On many a dark night people would see her walking along the riverbank and crying for her children.”

Grimm 209

A father and son are getting ready to fish when suddenly they see a woman in white walking right into the water. The fathers jumps in to save her, but then can’t find her. He then turns to see his son being taken away by the same woman.

The father chases after them, but they’ve disappeared.

Grimm 209

Nick takes a spiked flail from Aunt Marie’s trailer to lend to Monroe who’s going to use it as part of his very elaborate Halloween decorations. His whole house and yard is covered in Halloween stuffs.

Nick gets the call about the missing boy and heads over to the river. Wu says some kayakers captured video of the woman in white. Meanwhile, across country, a woman has a nightmare about a woman in white floating in the water. She seems to be following a trail of similar disappearances.

Grimm 209

The woman gets an Amber Alert for the missing boy and wolges. She immediately books a flight to Portland.

Nick calls Juliette to help translate since their only Spanish speaking person in the station is off on safari. (lol) Ryan the Intern brings Juliette into Renard’s office where Nick and Hank are and awkward looks commence.

Juliette helps Nick and Hank talk to the boy, Rafael’s, father. He tells them about the woman with the long hair and white dress. The father brings them to his home where their neighbors are waiting for information as well.

Grimm 209 Grimm 209

While Nick and Hank go look in Rafael’s room, Juliette talks to one of the neighbors, an older woman. Juliette’s grandmother is from Spain and she lived there when was little, that’s why she knows Spanish.

The woman tells Juliette to tell the others she knows who took Rafael. She says it was La Llorona, also known as the Weeping Woman. But it’s only a ghost story and Rafael’s father doesn’t want to hear it. Nick and Hank leave.

The woman tells Juliette they need to talk when she sees the scratch on her hand. You are very sick, the woman says, but you don’t remember it. She knows about the cat and how the cat was sick.

Kind of creeped out, Juliette doesn’t want to hear it.

Grimm 209

At the station, Ryan the Intern brings the woman from earlier to see Renard. She’s Detective Valentina Espinosa from Albuquerque and she might have info. Renard brings her to Nick and Hank and she tells them that from her five years of research, expect two more kids to go missing before the day’s finished and that they might be dead by morning.

Grimm 209

The woman in white, meanwhile, has Rafael in an abandoned home by the river, humming to him.

Grimm 209

Across town, Monroe is very much enjoying giving out candy to the early trick or treaters. Some kids start bullying a girl for her candy in his front yard and he pinches the boy’s ear to get him to give back the candy and apologize.

Valentina explains more of her research to Nick and Hank. Usually, the woman in white abducts two boys and a girl between the ages of 7 and 10. There’s been as many as 15 in the last five years and they always disappear before midnight on Halloween. Some kids are never found, others are just bodies floating in the river.

They show her the video and says yes, that’s what the woman looks like from the witnesses over the years. She says the woman kidnaps in the general area of where two rivers meet, always the same triangular area. And the woman always cries and pretends to kill herself to allow her to lure the children.

Grimm 209

Nick and Hank mention La Llorona. Valentina knows it. It’s a ghost story, a mother drowns her three children in revenge because her husband leaves her for a younger woman. The killer they’re looking for believes she’s La Llorona. They aren’t following a ghost.

Meanwhile, La Llrona manages to kidnap another kid, this time a little girl. The station calls Wu, who is with Juliette and Rafael’s father. The father locks himself in Rafael’s room when Wu has Juliette tell him another kid has gone missing.

The older woman from earlier returns and tells Juliette she is in pain. You are struggling to understand and don’t, she says. Your world is coming apart and she has to choose between the two you have feelings for.
No I don’t! Juliette says.

Grimm 209

At the riverside where the girl was taken, Renard comes to say Valentina is wanted by the FBI for impersonating an officer since she was relieved of her duties from the force three years ago. He tells them to bring her to the precinct.

When Nick cuffs her, she wolges and says she’s a Balam.

cap11 cap12

La Llorona brings to newly kidnapped girl to the home and lays her down next to Rafael.

“Who is she?”
“I think she’s an angel.”
“That’s awesome.”

At that station, Renard questions Valentina. She was relieved from the force because she became obsessed with these cases. Renard’s line of questioning implies she is suspected of being involved in the kidnappings. Valentina says her nephew was one of the kids taken, five years ago in Albuquerque. She admits she may be obsessed with this case, but that’s the reason. Her nephew was with her that day and now she’s had to relive that day every year since.

She tells them to lock her up because it’ll make no difference. A third child will be taken tonight.

It’s dark and trick or treaters are out in full force. They all love Monroe’s house. The bullies from earlier watch from the street and say they want payback. They move the dummy which Monroe earlier put the spiked flail on to smash pumpkins and instead have it smash the window. He wolges and chases after them.

Grimm 209

Nick and Hank go to Aunt Marie’s Trailer to research and find an entry on La Llorona. It was All Souls Eve. La Llorona isn’t a Wesen. But they find a clue, abrazo del rio, river’s embrace. They see the triangle symbol Valentina drew earlier.

Nick and Hank go to Valentina in the interrogation room and bring her with them. They tell her about La Llorona, but she says this woman is not a ghost, she’s real. They tell her about abrazo del rio and when they get the call of the third missing kid, they figure out the woman must kill the kids where the river’s “arms” meet, at the confluence. They hurry over.

Grimm 209

La Llorona brings the kids to the river and calls out.

“My children, please come back to me. Please forgive me!”

Grimm 209

Suddenly, three ghost children rise up from the river. La Llorona says she has three kids to take their place, but Nick, Hank and Valentina arrive. The ghost kids go back into the river and the woman begins crying blood.

Nick tackles her into the river and they fight underwater. Her ghost face comes out and when Nick tries to swim up, she pulls him down. He tries to choke her and her human face returns. He lets go and she floats down before disappearing.

Grimm 209

The kids are reunited with their families at the station and Ryan the Intern happily congratulates Nick and Hank on another solved case. Renard says the FBI is not happy, but they also never pass up a chance to take credit for something, so they might take it easy on Valentina.

Grimm 209

Juliette watches from the side and remembers what the older woman said to her about choosing. She looks at Nick and they smile at each other.

The bully kids are watching the video of them smashing Monroe’s window on their phone when he shows up and takes it from them. Give the phone back, they say, but Monroe says not until they pay for his window. They don’t want to, so he wolges at them and scares them off.

Grimm 209 Grimm 209

Episode Thoughts
I really liked this episode. It was definitely scary and a great Halloween story. It was interesting to see that difference between monsters and ghosts. Supernatural has pretty much covered all of that, but Grimm hasn’t really dabbled with the supernatural (lowercase ‘s’). Monsters are different from ghosts and spirits apparently. And until now, maybe the Wesen world didn’t even believe in ghosts.

So I think this was definitely one of those “Oh crap, ghosts are real” moments that happens, but you never really talk about it ever again.

We’ll see if there are more ghost stories in the future. But this was definitely a great episode.

Kate del Castillo was great. I actually saw a little of her blockbuster Telemundo telenovela La Reina del Sur and she is definitely a talented actress. She can more than carry her own show.

So overall, a great, scary and fun episode for Halloween.

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