Recap: Supernatural, Episode 8.04 – Bitten

Supernatural 804

Sam and Dean walk into a home ready to find whatever they’re hunting, but instead find two bodies, blood splattered all over the walls and a computer that with the note “Play Me.”

The Bros play the video and it’s a movie.

We meet aspiring filmmaker Brian and his studly friend and roommate Michael. They’re in a café where Brian is filming the surroundings hoping to find a subject for his film. He zeroes in on a girl, Kate, who notices and walks over. Brian hands Michael the camera and he and Kate (who also likes cameras) immediately hit it off.

Supernatural 804 Supernatural 804

They soon become official and the three of them are inseparable, going to glass together, living together. Kate wants to get into law, Brian wants to work for HBO or Michael Moore and Michael merely imagines being on a boat with his beautiful girl by his side.

After class one day, campus is buzzing when the body of a student and their neighbor is found. They decide to film the crime scene just as Sam and Dean (or Starsky & Hutch and Rizolli & Isles) arrive posing as feds.

That night, Brian and Michael head out to give the new cameras a test run. Kate wants to Michael to stay home and snuggle, but he says “We both know he has nobody else to do this with. They spot Sam and Dean, the feds, who disagree about whether or not there’s a case here.

After they leave, Brian and Michael turn their cameras toward Scott, the campus dick, who gets shot down by a girl he was just making out with. He sees them and chases after them into the forest. Michael turns nightvision on when suddenly something growls and attacks him. He’s been bitten on his shoulder, but when Brian takes him off, there’s not a scratch on him.

Supernatural 804

The bite seems to have now given Michael superhuman strength and Brian excitedly chronicles everything. They wonder what happened? Was he bit by an alien, is he a mutant? Is he a superhero now?

Brian is excited, he’s finally found his movie. He sets up cameras all over the house so he can capture Michael’s superhero “origin story” on camera. Kate is creeped out.

Brian and Michael have a chat. He doesn’t want to be the subject of a movie. Brian wants to get bit too to also become some kind of superhero, but Michael says “You don’t want this.” Sam and Dean show up at their door asking questions about their murdered neighbor. Secretly taping them on the porch, the three overhear Sam and Dean talk about Mayan gods.

So now Michael thinks he’s a “golden god.”

Supernatural 804

That night, he gets out of bed and video tapes himself in the bathroom looking into the mirror. He begins to grow teeth and claws and smashes the mirror before checking up on Kate and then pigging out in the kitchen.

Having eaten everything, Michael goes to the store to buy food, but runs into dickScott and his dick friends, who are also videotaping (must be a filmmaking school. lol). Michael doesn’t want trouble so he drops the groceries and runs into the forest. Scott goes after him, continuing to taunt him until Michael jumps out of the bushes and attacks.

Next morning, Brian asks Kate is she’s afraid of Michael. Yes at first, she says, but now his superstrength is kinda hot. Speaking of hot, they are stunned to see Michael standing at the door bloody all over. He tells them what happened with dickScott.

Sam and Dean are at the scene where Scott’s body is found. Brian and Kate go and film again and find Scott’s been shredded to pieces and his heart had been eaten. They head back home to tell Michael. They are starting to panic and Michael hurls Brian across the room.

Michael cries. He doesn’t know what’s going on. Later, Brian says they should call the police, but Kate doesn’t want Michael to be in danger. She says Brian doesn’t understand because he’s never been in love.

Next day, they follow Sam and Dean into a diner. Brian hacks into the security camera and Michael sits a table away from them to capture video and audio of their conversation about pureblood werewolves and having to kill the perp.

Supernatural 804

The three go back home to discuss what they heard. They try to calm Michael down and Kate says the two guys can’t be FBI since she’s pretty sure FBI don’t say “awesome” all the time. Brian points out that the two feds talked about being apart for a year, so Michael might’ve been right about them being part of an office romance. (lol)

Michael continues freaking out and he and Kate lock themselves in their room while Brian thinks he’s found something. He goes into the forest and finds a distinctive pin worn by their professor. He meets with him after setting up a hidden camera in the office and confronts him about being a werewolf.

Brian heads back home to find Kate packing, saying they’re leaving tomorrow morning. But Brian says he’s taken care of it. He recounts confronting the professor who admits to being a werewolf, has the professor bite him so he becomes one too and sets him up so Sam and Dean come in killing him.

Supernatural 804

Brian, having been jealous of Michael all this time, especially with Kate, says he did all this to protect her, something Michael couldn’t do. Michael says he was trying to protect Brian by not wanting to bite him. He didn’t want him going through this. But Brian likes this power. They end up fighting and Brian ends up stabbing Michael with a letter opener. Kate goes to Michael, tells him she loves him, but Brian says now she and he can be together. He bites her.

She’s in the bathroom crying to the mirror (while holding a camera) and rampages before deciding to kill Brian herself.

Supernatural 804

The movie was edited and finished by her. She concludes by saying she didn’t finish Brian’s movie to justify what happened, but she wanted (Rizolli and Isles?) to know Michael, nor her or Brian weren’t always monsters. She replays the video of the three of them saying their dreams for the future.

She finishes by saying she’s leaving, hoping to never be heard from again and hoping to satisfy her heart cravings with animal hearts. She never hurt anyone, nobody human at least. She didn’t choose this path and pleads with them to give her a chance.

The movie ends and Sam and Dean are speechless. Sam says she couldn’t have gotten far, but Dean says why not give her a shot. They decide if they ever come across her again, they’ll take her down.

Supernatural 804 Supernatural 804

“Hey Sam, do I really say awesome a lot?”
“No! No, no no.”

They leave as Kate walks along railroad tracks into the sunset as the movie’s theme song, “What’s the Matter” by Milo Greene plays.

Supernatural 804

Episode Thoughts
Well that was definitely an interesting episode. I remember reading about one of this season’s episode being a “found footage” episode, but I wasn’t expecting it to be this one.

So while I realized it a few minutes in, it didn’t start out any less odd. It was strange and awkward, but slowly got better as it went along.

Now, it was a nice story and all, and an interesting episode from a stylistic standpoint, but it is definitely not something I’d want to see often… or maybe ever again on Supernatural really. An okay filler, special episode (like the show is one to do regularly in different and creative ways), but I am surely taking comfort in the fact that the Winchester Bros will be back next week.

I think this episode is a perfect example of just how important Sam and Dean are to one’s enjoyment of the series and also a reminder of how Jared and Jensen might just be the hardest working leads of any network drama series. They work long hours considering they’re in pretty much every single scene on any particular Supernatural episode.

This “found footage”/home movie style is definitely nothing new. And the basic story itself was nothing new.

But it was still an interesting hour. Just not something I’m particularly looking forward to seeing more of anytime soon.

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  1. I am incredibly happy with how last night’s episode of Supernatural was. It was an absolutely great idea to try a new take on the werewolf lore, and I’m so happy with what I saw last night. I finally got my coworkers at DISH to start watching this show, but they still have to finish season 7 before they can watch this new one. I am recording every episode of season 8 for them with my Hopper, so that they can watch them all once they get caught up. I think that this season has been one of my favorites so far, and I really can’t wait to see the next episode now!

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