Recap: Grimm, Episode 2.07 – The Bottle Imp

Grimm Episode 207

Juliette says she finally remembers Nick and how everything makes sense now. Even Nick telling her about being able to “see things,” she believes him.

Actually, it was just a dream.

Grimm Episode 207

Out of town, a Wesen and his daughter are seemingly on the run. They kill a gas station attendant when their credit cards are denied, ditch their truck and hitch a ride.

Nick and Hank head to William’s, the Wesen, home where they find his estranged wife, also a Wesen, beaten and bleeding, but still alive. Meanwhile, William knocks their driver out and he and his daughter April run into the forest.

Grimm Episode 207

Juliette drops by the station since she was in the area. She thinks seeing Nick at work might help jog her memory. She remembers Wu and Hank clearly. But when Renard comes by and says hello, there’s a strange awkwardness in the air.

Grimm Episode 207 Grimm Episode 207

Later, Renard gets a call from Adalind asking who killed her mother. He asks what she did to Juliette and she replies by saying he should ask her cat. He tells her maybe she should come home and they can talk about this in person. She says no and hangs up. Renard looks up at his computer screen and sees he’s typed “Juliette” over and over again.

Meanwhile, Rosalee, still with her aunt, calls Monroe to tell him about a special order for Leroy who is coming in for an ear problem. Unfortunately, Monroe mixes in the wrong ingredient and he has to head to Leroy’s apartment where he’s gone crazy thanks to the wrong potion.

Grimm Episode 207

Hoping to find some info on William, Nick brings Hank to Aunt Marie’s trailer. He gives Hank a drawing of the wife’s face when she wolged and asks Hank to help look through one of the books.

“You’ve been living one weird life.”

Grimm Episode 207

They find the Wesen they’re looking for, a Drangzorn and learn when threatened, they tend to hid in an underground den. It fits with the clues they’ve found of William building something using old shipping containers and ducts.

Nick looks for the weapon they might need and he geeks out over the weapons closet. Hank notices the unique European rifle and remembers it is the same kind that killed Stark, the ogre-like Wesen who tried to kill him before.

“Oh, fuuuuuhh…”

Nick admits it was Monroe who saved his life and Hank is grateful.

Grimm Episode 207 Grimm Episode 207

William and April are in their elaborate underground hideaway. He tells her he needs to go into town to get some supplies they will need since he didn’t expect them to come here to soon. She asks for cereal and milk.

He tells her he’ll be a few hours and gives her a watch to keep track. April is worried about him. When he leaves, she decides to read to her teddy.

Wu has managed to track down the location of where the photos they found on William’s laptop were taken and Nick, Hank and SWAT head into the forest. They find the hidden door into the underground den and descend. April is afraid as she hears the men coming closer.

Nick finds her and tells her no one is going to hurt her anymore. She hugs him.

Grimm Episode 207

They bring April to station and ask her some questions. Wu gives her a lollipop before a social work takes April away until her mother recovers.

William heads to the hospital to his wife and Nick and Hank quickly rush over. William’s wife tells them he hasn’t done anything and that the police have to know the truth. They handcuff him, but the wife explains William was coming to get April, but he couldn’t control her. It was her. She killed the gas station attendant. She attacked her mother.

Grimm Episode 207 Grimm Episode 207

William explains she is going through the change earlier than she should and they as parents weren’t ready for it. The mother pleads that she is just a little girl and she doesn’t know what she’s doing. No one can handle her.

Grimm Episode 207

April is brought to a foster home. The son calls her a dork then later pinches her off the swing. She then pushes him off the swing and the parents see and gives them both timeout. She wolges and attacks the father just as Nick and Hank arrive.

The family runs out of the backyard and Nick finds April back on the swing.

“You’re the one who was nice to me. I like you.” She then smiles showing the blood on her teeth.

Grimm Episode 207


Grimm Episode 207

Back at the station, Nick meets a guard from Juvy who is going to take April. He warns her about being able to handle her, but she wolges and says she will.

The guard goes into the interrogation room where April is. Nick looks through window and sees April smiling. Juliette calls to ask if she should cook dinner for two tonight, maybe a candlelight dinner. Sure, Nick says.

Grimm Episode 207 Grimm Episode 207

April is still smiling and Nick seems very uncomfortable. (I am too.)

Back home, Nick mentions how they used to dance on nights like this. Juliette stands and says that’s something she should make an effort to remember. She turns up the music and they dance. Nick gets close to her face, but she backs away a little.

But they eventually give in to a kiss. Suddenly, Juliette opens her eyes and sees Renard. She backs away.

Grimm Episode 207

“What’s wrong?” Nick asks.
Juliette replies, “Me,” and she leaves him in the living room.

Episode Thoughts
Well damn! I honestly was shocked when it was revealed little April was the real monster of the week. That was crazy. I really had no idea, though I was a little suspicious that the case seemed so clear cut.

It was definitely a twisty ending and creepy at that. First April attacking the man three times her size. Then her creepy smile at Nick when she says she likes him… (CREEPY!) and that very uncomfortable, awkward moment at the end when Nick sees April smiling through the window. What in the world was that about?! That was just as eerie and creepy as Sgt. Wu quietly eating couch stuffing.


So bizarre! But so awesome too. Grimm is awesome.

Looking forward to seeing what Adalind will bring along with her. The Monroe/Rosalee subplot was cute and fun. Hank’s continuing amazement at the Wesen world is great.

But the Renard/Juliette obsession. I don’t know where that’s heading. Now talk about bizarre. I guess it all ties in to what Adalind might have planned. But I hope the payoff to this subplot is worth it. Maybe Nick finally learning about Renard’s true identity? Or at the very least a hint?

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