Recap: Supernatural, Episode 8.02 – What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?

We start off this week with an old man emptying out his safe deposit box of a large bone, as well as splattering the bank employee’s blood everywhere.

Meanwhile, Dean is enjoying another burger when Kevin says he wants to check up on his mom with the hopes that what happened to Channing won’t happen to her. Despite the risks which Dean spells out, he gives in and they drive to Neighbor, Michigan. They sit in the Impala and watch Kevin’s home across the street. They see his mother through the window and Dean points out the demons patrolling the house, hoping to capture Kevin.

They take care of the two demons outside before knocking on the door. Mrs. Tran answers and the Bros splash her with holy water before she and Kevin reunite.

“She’s clean.”

Sam smells sulfer and heads into the kitchen to find Mrs. Tran’s friend is possessed. The demon tries to escape, but Sam says the exorcism verse backwards, keeps the demon in the woman and stabs her.

They explain everything to Mrs, Tran and before bringing them to a new safehouse, they have to get inked up with the seal to keep demons out of their body.

“It’s not like it’s my first tattoo.”

Kevin brings them to a bus terminal in Laramie to retrieve the tablet from a locker, but all they find is a diaper bag. They try to track it down, including an interrogation that has Dean flashing back to a similar scene in purgatory where he tries to find Castiel’s whereabouts.

They end up in a pawn shop, where Linda takes over and threatens the pawn shop guy into leading them to Bo, the man who the tablet ultimately ended up with.

Bo pops up as they are knocking on his motel room door and it turns out he’s the right hand of Plutus, the god of greed. Bo invites them to an auction where the tablet will be sold to the highest bidder.

When Bo leaves, they try to figure out what they can use to bid. Nothing. So they come up with the plan to just have Kevin memorize what’s on the tablet without buying it.

At the auction venue, Dean has to surrender all his weapons. This is a no-spell, magic, power zone.

They see all the artifacts up for auction then spot the tablet, but it’s covered. On to Plan B, but just then Crowley pops up. Mrs. Tran punches him in the face and tells him to stay away from her son. Plutus arrives and everyone heads into the auction room.

But Dean gets stopped by Samandriel, an angel. He wants to ask about Castiel, but Dean tells him Castiel didn’t escape purgatory with him. Samandriel says there are some in heaven who still believe Castiel’s heart was always in the right place. But he personally thinks Castiel’s problem was he had too much heart.

Samandriel heads into the auction room, here to make a play for the Word of God too of course. And Dean flashes back to purgatory.

He and Benny find Castiel by the stream. Dean hugs him, but Benny comes out and asks point blank why he bailed on Dean. Castiel admits he ran away. With the huge price on his head, he had to keep the Leviathans away from Dean and the only way he can do that is to stay away.

Dean tells Castiel about the opportunity to escape, though Benny isn’t sure the “escape hatch” is angel friendly. But Dean isn’t leaving without Castiel.

Back at the auction, the foursome take their seats and pool all their money and assets they can use to bid with: a credit card, about $2000 and a Costco membership card.

The auction starts with an amulet and they soon find their Costco membership can’t match up with 3 tons of gold. Crowley sits behind them and taunts them. Dean gets up to go to the bathroom and follows the man wheeling all the items into a room. He manages to swipe the key, but when he opens the door he sees there are two guards. Oops.

Next up for auction, the hammer of Thor. The old man from the bank bids on it with the finger bone from the first giant. Plutus says no so the man adds 5/8 of a virgin to his bid.

Next up is the tablet. Crowley bids $3 billion. Samandriel bids the Mona Lisa and Crowley bids the real Mona Lisa, topless. Samandriel adds Vatican City, Crowley throws in Alaska then the moon.

Since the bids are unsatisfactory, Plutus decides to add Kevin to the package. Mrs. Tran immediately stands up and offers her 401K and her house before ultimately offering her soul.

Crowley says he can give Plutus millions of souls, but Plutus notes it’s not about the quantity but the sacrifice. Mrs. Tran’s soul is the most valuable thing she has.

Crowley then offers up his own soul, to which Plutus laughs. Crowley doesn’t have a soul. Plutus congratulates Mrs. Tran.

After the auction, Mrs. Tran asks the Bros about losing her soul. Is it going to hurt? Will I die? No, but you’re going to wish you were, they say.

She asks for a moment alone and Samandriel approaches her saying his friends and him can protect Kevin. No offense, Mrs. Tran replies, but the last time angels were their bodyguards, it didn’t turn out well, so she’s taking her chances with Sam and Dean.

Mrs. Tran joins the others in the backroom to collect the tablet and hand over her soul. But suddenly, Dean notices the tattoo on her arm has been burned off. Turns out, Crowley and right hand Bo struck a deal allowing him to use some of his demon mojo and is now possessing Mrs. Tran.

CrowleyTran grabs the tablet and runs and Dean goes after her. Bo starts shooting at Sam and Kevin, but borrows the hammer of Thor to smash the guy’s head in. Kevin runs after his mother.

The old man asks for the hammer back, but Sam asks where he got the 5/8 of a virgin. The old man just shrugs and Sam smashes him in too.

Dean pins CrowleyTran to a pillar and is about to slash her neck when Kevin arrives. This gives CrowleyTran an opening to push Dean off and then escape Mrs. Tran’s body.

Crowley’s back to being a man and then taunts Kevin about having dug around Mrs. Trans head and finding out about his “real” father. He then gives Kevin some advice, Run.

“The Winchesters have a habit of using people up and watching them die, bloody.”

Crowley walks away.

Back in the auction room, Kevin is with his mother who has not talked since Crowley vacated her body. Dean says she’s tough, she’ll be able to pull it together.

But Kevin takes issue with Dean almost killing her earlier. Dean tries to explain, but…

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear anymore of your crappy speeches.”

Kevin asks for time alone with his mom. Sam and Dean go into the other room and Dean says he doesn’t regret putting the knife to Mrs. Tran’s neck. He does regret not going through it, to finally kill Crowley. It’d suck and he’d feel bad about doing it to Mrs. Tran, but “what’s one more nightmare anyway?”

They realize it’s become quiet in the next room and they run over to find Kevin and his mother gone. They find a note saying Kevin and mom have bolted and since they don’t have the tablet anymore, he is no longer needed either.

Kevin adds they shouldn’t come looking for him and that he thinks people Dean doesn’t need anmore end up dead.

“That’s not true, you know that,” Sam says.

Dean flashes back to purgatory and of Castiel calling for Dean as he lets go of a hand.

Episode Thoughts
Oh Supernatural.

I should know better, but they always get me with these types of episodes. You know whenever Supernatural starts off an episode being all fun and cute that they’ll end with something heavy and crucial to the overall story arc.

That was definitely nothing new here. The episode started out fun. nuMrs. Tran was kick ass, funny and awesome. Even Crowley and the idea of an auction and Costco memberships was amusing. But then we have to go through almost losing the awesome nuMrs. Tran, seeing Kevin realize dark clouds follow the Bros around, and that some dark crap went down between Dean and Castiel in purgatory.

Supernatural still has that knack to knock your emotions on its rear almost as hard as nuMrs. Tran knocked Crowley’s block. That was definitely a get up and cheer moment eh?

So now the tablet’s with Crowley and Kevin’s gone which probably means we’re going to be focusing on other things for an episode or two. And it looks like we’re going to see Sam and his normal life next. Hmm… I certainly hope it’s interesting. Because right now, I’d rather see more of purgatory.

Anyway, I hope we get to see more of Mrs. Tran and Kevin Tran, Advanced Placement. Lauren Tom was great as nuMrs. Tran and of course Osric Chau is awesome.

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