Recap: Tokumei Sentai Go-busters, Mission 32 – A Friendly Tag Team with Gavan

Morishita is giving a report on his findings of the Makuu Dimension. He says it is different from the subdimension and that is activated by Rhino Doubler’s axis-shift device.

That’s all.

Hiromu and Yoko express their disappointment at the little amount of info Morishita found. Nick points out Hiromu’s lack of tact again, Usada teases Yoko’s need for people to be blunt with her and Ryuji teases Gorisaki for being a worrywart. This is all while J is banging on the entrance for more Enetron.

Geki can’t believe he’s agreed to work with this crazy crowd.

The alarm sounds and the Go-busters and Geki meet Rhino Doubler on the roof, but let it get away when J runs out of juice. Back inside, Morishita overhears Geki telling Shelly how while the Go-busters are talented, everyone else around them is unreliable and that none of them trust each other. Shelly disagrees, but Geki thinks he shouldn’t have asked for help.

On the rooftop, Nakamura finds Morishita and asks if they can find a way to help the Go-busters navigate the Makuu Dimension. But Morishita says it’s pointless and maybe they should just leave it all to Gavan. Nakamura snaps back at him, what are you talking about? They’re the ones supporting the Go-busters and it isn’t like Morishita to take their responsibility for granted. She leaves him on the roof.

Taking her words to heart, he heads to the Dimensional Research Center and asks the top scientists there to help him contact the Makuu Dimension. Across town, Enter meets Rhino Doubler and proposes they work together.

Rhino Doubler then appears at the lab and sends Morishita and the scientists to the Makuu Dimension. Morishita grabs the computer with him as they are transported.

At command center, Kuroki tells the Go-busters and Gavan about the scientists vanishing. Geki goes to look for Rhino Doubler and the Go-busters head out too. Just then Nakamura and Kuroki realize Morishita is not there.

Morishita wakes up in a cell in the Makuu Dimension and he rallies the other scientists to work together and find a way to send a signal back to command center.

Back in the city, Rhino Doubler is about to attack a stadium and the Go-busters and Geki arrive. They all henshin and run towards Rhino Doubler who opens up a portal to the Makuu Dimension and sucks them in.

Rhino Doubler drops them into an underground tunnel and Enter shocks the Go-busters when he walks out from the shadows. They try to summon their Buster Gear, but it isn’t transporting. Rhino Doubler and Enter take them into different settings in the Dimension. Enter lures Ryuji and Yoko into a part of the tunnels where he lets out a huge boulder to chase them around. Ryuji uses his strength to punch the rock to pieces and Yoko stumbles upon a switch that uncovers the cell Morishita and the scientists are in.

Ryuji breaks the bars open and they rejoin the others. Morishita manages to establish a connection back to the command center and the other Go-busters compliment his skill. Geki is intrigued.

Morishita sends Nakamura the coordinates and they are now able to transport the Buster Gear into the Makuu Dimension. They finish off Rhino Doubler and head out of the Dimension.

But back on Earth, Enter reveals all he wanted was Rhino Doubler’s body which contains the axis-shift device allowing him to recreate the subdimension by combining it with the Makuu Dimension. Things grow darker as the subdimension starts to engulf the city again. They call on the Buster Machines to fight a now embiggened Rhino Doubler and with the help of Gavan and his Electronic Star Beast Doru, finish it off.

Oh well, Enter says with a scoff and disappears again.

The Go-busters say goodbye to Geki and Shelly who compliment them on being great partners. Geki compliments Hiromu on the Go-busters’ teamwork. They wish each other luck and Geki and Shelly beam up to their spaceship and fly away.

Hiromu and Yoko turn to Morishita and thank him for his excellent work. But they have to add how they didn’t even realize he was gone from command center. There they go again, say Nick and Usada.

Episode Thoughts
A simple episode and nice conclusion to the Gavan team-up.

I guess anyone would have the same reaction to the Go-busters’ wacky dysfunction as Geki had. But like he realized later, their teamwork and dynamic works. And that has definitely been reaffirmed numerous times throughout the season. It’s been great seeing the Buddyroids as well as Nakamura and Morishita getting good screen time, even their own scenes and stories, without taking time away from the main Go-busters. At least too much.

Plot wise, it is now established, I guess, that the subdimension is still very much a possibility and that maybe even Messiah being alive somewhere is as possibility too. Who knows what Enter is planning, or what the Go-busters showrunners are planning, but I hope the story coming up doesn’t negate the pitch perfect midseason finale of Episode 30.

Anyway, the Gavan crossover was a nice breather from the heaviness of the last couple of weeks. But again, it’ll be interesting to see them go back to work on the real stuff.

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  1. call me old fashioned pero di ko gusto yung redesign kay starbeast dol (gavan’s mech). the original dol actually looked more streamlined (this one looks fat). and i am not really sold on the new gavan costume, too shiny. still prefer the dull metallic look of the original.

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