Recap: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, Mission 31 – Space Sheriff Gavan Arrives!

Kotoha A young woman is being attacked in the dark forest. Morishita detects the irregular energy spike, but it’s not Vaglass. And Nakamura doesn’t detect any Megazord on the way. But it’s time for Go-busters anyway and they head out and drive the monster away.

The woman introduces herself as Shelly who has arrived on Earth with Space Seriff Gavan. They bring her back to command center. Ryuji and Yoko have heard of him.

Shelly explains that she is Gavan’s partner. Like a buddy, Gorisaki points out. She continues to explain the monster is a remnant of the Space Crime Syndicate Makuu, Rhino Doubler.

She and Gavan, members of the Galactic Police Federation, were chasing the Rhino Doubler but were separated in the dimensional rift. Shelly asks Kuroki for their help. He tells the guys to go find the Makuu while he assigns Yoko to help Shelly find Gavan.

It’s daytime. Shelly and Yoko are on a rooftop looking out over the city. Yoko notices Shelly is eating one of her chocolates and realizes she doesn’t have anymore. That isn’t good. But Shelly makes up for it by buying Yoko tons of sweet desserts. Shelly tries to pay with a huge diamond and asks for a receipt to give to the Galatic Police Federation.

After dessert, the Makuu returns and creates some kind of portal that sucks Yoko and Shelly in. They get dropped into an amusement park, but Shelly says this is the Makuu dimension. Suddenly, large stuffed animals (or fuzzies, who knows) start attacking them.

They run away and end up at a bathouse where they are again attacked.

“A sentou in a sentou?”
Shelly thinks that was lame pun Yoko just dropped (it really was a Power Rangers Samurai-level pun). Shelly morphs into a bird and they escape the bathouse people.

Suddenly, Morishita detects an Enetron spike and Nakamura detects an incoming Megazord. Nick wonders why there are Metaroids and Megazords when they just destroyed the subdimension.

Ryuji heads off to take care of the Metaroid while Hiromu and Nick head to the location where Yoko and Shelly disappear. Suddenly a man in all black jumps out from behind a pillar and attacks Nick saying he looks suspicious.

The Makuu creates another portal and Ryuji and the Metaroid are sucked in. Yoko and Shelly end up in a classroom with a freaky skeleton and science dummy. The escape a huge rolling skull and end up in another classroom where they share a chocolate bar.

Ryuji and the Metaroid drop in. Ryuji, Yoko and Shelly henshin into their respective power ups.

Hiromu separates Nick and the guy who introduces himself as Jumonji Geki aka Space Sheriff Gavan. Jin and J fight off the Megazord as Buglars appear for Hiromu and Geki. Geki then transforms into something silvery, as Nick points out.

The narrator explains it is Gavan’s combat suit. Hiromu also henshins and they finish off the Buglars. Gavan calls on his Cyberian and he and Hiromu drive off into the portal.

In the Makuu dimension, Ryuji and Yoko continue to fight the Metaroid, when Hiromu and Geki arrive and take over.

“In the Makuu Dimension, evil powers are tripled.”
“Why tripled?”
“You don’t need to ask that!”

They finish off the Metaroid while Jin and Ji finish off the Megazord.

Back on Earth, Geki tells Kuroki he and Shelly will be on Earth for a while and asks him for the Go-busters help. Sounds good, Kuroki says and they shake on it.

Yoko and Shelly are good friends now and they stock up on chocolates.

Meanwhile, Enter lurks in the shadows.

Episode Thoughts
So a little break from the last couple of heavy and emotional episodes. And it is definitely a welcome break. Time for some fun with Gavan.

Now, I’m not familiar with Gavan at all. I haven’t even seen the Gokaiger-Gavan movie yet. But I think it’ll be a nice, fun breather from the Go-busters we’ve come to know.

Great seeing Suzuka Morita back even though not as Kotoha. And definitely fun to see two Sentai Yellows together in a non-teamup capacity.

Also, should be interesting to see what Enter will do now too and whether another big bad comes out the rest of the season.

8 thoughts on “Recap: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, Mission 31 – Space Sheriff Gavan Arrives!

  1. bro, musta? haven’t dropped in your blog for a while. you’re not familiar with gavan? shucks ang tanda ko na pala. 😉 anyway, gavan is the first of the space sheriff series back in the 80’s (a predecessor to shaider). it seems toei plans to revive the series, with the gavan movie coming up this month.

    pero, di ako sold sa episodes na to e. too much wayward sa overall tone ng ho busters. pero they will be back on track by next.

    btw, bat di ka ata nagrereview ng local (filipino) shows ngayon?

    1. Yeah, first time I heard of Gavan was for that Gokaiger-Gavan movie. And I’ve heard of Shaider thanks to GMA’s “Zaido” adaptation.

      And about Filipino shows, I’ve actually been TFC and GMA Pinoy TV-less since May! Hehe. We canceled our subscription to save the $40 since we were in the Philippines for vacation for almost two months. When we came home, we didn’t immediately re-subscribe and have been teleserye-less since. And strangely or funny enough, it hasn’t been a big loss. lol

      I hate having to search for and watch blurry uploads online, I have no pasensya for it lol, but we may or may not get reconnected soon. I’ve read about some interesting upcoming shows. Any interesting shows from the last couple of months I should check out?

      And maybe it’s just as well since a review as truthfully critical as mine were for Mara Clara, I might get put in jail if I were to utter anything remotely negative about a precious new show from the big networks we know are in cahoots with the government.

      But I digress. Maybe that whole discussion is worth it’s own post.

      Anyway, Sentai > Princess and I + Walang Hanggan combined? lol

      1. ah, that wretched zaido adaptation…

        now, i’m intrigued. which show is that? maybe we have the same views

        walang hanggan had been quite problematic in its last two months, with too many unnecessary and anyong twists and turns.

        princess and i is still pretty much ok storywise, except for their tendency to give too much screentime on a character that is not even relevant to the series’ main conflicts, just to give the actor’s fans their loveteam fix (you probably know which one i am referring to, and i am also probably going to jail too for this comment 😉 )

        i have to agree on your last comment. those still am liking princess and i the same.

  2. In the pink dress I thought that Shelly was played by the same girl who played Ahim from the gokaiger. Silly me but I knew it was Hanaori Kotoha Shinken Yellow. 😊

  3. In the pink dress I thought that Shelly was played by the same girl who played Ahim from the gokaiger. Silly me but I knew it was Hanaori Kotoha Shinken Yellow. 🙂

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