Recap: Grimm, Episode 2.05 – The Good Shepherd

“Dressed in the skin, the wolf strolled into the pasture with the Sheep. Soon a little Lamb was following him about and was quickly led away to slaughter.”

Nick meets with the Eisbeiber repairman at a bar who tells him about what happened with Juliette. The Nuckelavee is watching from a distance.

Nick arrives home to find Juliette not there. He calls her and finds out she’s having drinks with friends. She apologizes, should she have left a note or something? It’s okay, Nick says. Juliette’s friends say it’s pretty weird how she doesn’t remember Nick, especially after he proposed to her. This is news to Juliette.

At the station, a Rev. Calvin wants to report a theft. Money is the church’s account has mysteriously been transferred to an account in Curacao with transactions made from a laptop owned by Norman, a member of the church and a Wesen who was killed a few nights ago.

Norm’s body is found in the wood grinder and Nick finds Rev. Calvin was the pastor of a church in Little Rock with a similar case of missing funds.

Nick and Hank head to the church. Megan, the reverend’s assistant greets them at the door and leads them into the church where Calvin is talking to the parish council about not condemning Norman and instead moving forward.

When Nick breaks the news to the group about Norman’s death, everyone wolges, though Rev. Calvin is different from the rest of the parishioners.

The parishioners are Seelenguts, sheep-like Wesen while Calvin is a Blutbad and immediately realizes Nick is a Grimm. They, including Hank, talk in the office. They talk about Calvin’s history, but he says he was enlightened and would rather put his past sins behind him. Ever heard of forgiveness? he asks.

Assistant Megan vouches for Calvin’s alibi from the night of the murder and Nick and Hank leave and head to Monroe’s. He tells them about Seelenguts and about Kehrseite (regular humans) and Kehrseite-Schlich-Kennen (humans who know about Wesens and Grimms).

Nick and Hank ask Monroe to go to the church undercover. Monroe, wearing a coat and hat, enters the church as Rev. Calvin presides over a service for Norman. The Seelenguts immediately detect the other Blutbad in the room and they freak. Calvin tries to calm everyone down and he brings Monroe into his office to talk.

Calvin offers a small room for Monroe.

At the station, Renard gets an e-mail with the identity of the Nuckelavee who is currently breaking into Nick and Juliette’s home. Meanwhile at the church, Monroe tries to settle into the room until he sees the Reverend whispering then kissing Megan. He calls Nick with the update.

The Nuckelavee finds the rubbing of Nick’s key and manages to sneak out just as Juliette arrives home.

At the station, Nick and Hank find Megan was also in Arkansas at Rev. Calvin’s previous church. They bring her in for questioning and she admits she was having an affair with the Reverend. Her husband, Frank, likely ran off with the money as revenge for the affair, she says.

She then wolges when she realizes they think she might’ve killed him and that Nick is a Grimm, but Hank calms her down. At the church, Megan tells Calvin everything and tells him they should leave Portland now. But not until they frame Monroe for the murder. After that, they can go enjoy the money together.

At Aunt Marie’s trailer, the Nuckelavee attacks Nick. They take their fight inside the trailer and Nick manages to knock the Nuckelavee out. He finds the rubbing of the key in the guy’s pocket.

Next morning, Juliette tells Nick that she’s trying and how angry she gets when everyone tells her how great they were together. They both agree that they should stay together right now.

At the church bake sale, a pregnant parishioner gets dumped by her boyfriend when he finds out the baby isn’t his. Megan goes to talk to the girl, Harmony, to comfort her but is then shocked when Harmony admits the baby is Rev. Calvin’s.

Sgt. Wu gives Renard an Interpol report on the identity of a body found floating in the river this morning… the Nuckelavee. Renard is pleased of course.

At the church, Megan comes out and announces to the parishioners that Rev. Calvin killed Norman and stole the church’s money. They’ve been fooled, what more could you expect from a Blutbad?

Calvin and Monroe are in the office. He gives Monroe a letter opener as a gift… nope, wait… actually it’s part of the plan to frame him. But suddenly the parishioners barge into the office and confirm what Megan has told them. They proceed to attack Calvin and then set their sights on Monroe. They chase him around the church, but Nick and Hank arrive just in time.

Meanwhile, Megan and Harmony are lounging in the lap of luxury in Barbados.

Episode Thoughts
First off, I definitely like the new opening title sequence without the narration. Much more exciting. I guess the narration was for the Olympic and The Voice audience NBC had hoped to get (or never got in the case of the post-Voice sampling that never happened).

As for the episode, it was good. A typical Grimm episode. I think the ending made the episode worthwhile though. It was fun to see the sheep attack the wolf, so to speak as well as seeing Megan and Harmony, the pregnant girl just lounging about in paradise. It’s always great to see the bad guys get their comeuppance, yes?

With the big picture stuff, it’ll be interesting to see how long Juliette stays Nick-less. And Renard must be happy his problems are being taken care of by an unsuspecting Nick.

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