The Amazing Race Philippines To Premiere in November!

The Amazing Race Philippines To Premiere in November!

TV5’s long awaited The Amazing Race Philippines may finally be premiering this November according to an article by the network’s online news portal, Interaksyon.

The article talks about TARPh host Derek Ramsay’s upcoming projects which of course includes the Filipino franchise of the Emmy winning series.

Here is the relevant section of the article from Interaksyon with my attempt to translate untranslatable Filipino phrases. (Hee.)

One is the recent London Summer Olympic games, which he considers “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” The other is the long-awaited “The Amazing Race Philippines”, which will finally make its on-air debut this November.

“It’s not true that it has been delayed,” Derek said regarding speculations that “The Amazing Race Philippines” is taking so long to be on the air.

“The truth is, the show has a lot of material, mostly top secret stuff that I can’t talk about. But when we shot that, tuloy tuloy, hindi pwedeng chopsuey. The cameras were rolling 24/7, wala talagang pahinga.

“Our shoot for ‘The Amazing Race Philippines’ was so grueling we didn’t get to appreciate the beautiful places that we went to because pukpukan, pukpukan, pukpukan. And they have to edit all that material and that took a while,” he further explained.

One thing to note though, Filipino networks have a habit of announcing premiere dates that never come to pass.  So let’s all cross our fingers that TARPh is a month or two away!

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