Recap: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, Mission 29 – Plunge Into the Subdimension

Hiromu wakes up from a nightmare about the subdimension. He can’t stop thinking about his sister mentioning Gog and Magog. Meanwhile in the subdimension, Messiah continues to evolve into his physical form. Enter asks the Creators to continue helping Messiah, but then questions whether they’re listening or not.

Above ground, Kuroki calls Hiromu to tell him they’ve received a message from the subdimension… from his father, the Chief. He and Nick run to the command center and Morishita plays the message. Hiromu’s father tells them Messiah will soon gain a body. He tells Kuroki to send the Go-Busters into the subdimension and that he’s set up a Teleportation Marker, but it’ll only last three hours.

Jin guarantees the message really is from Hiromu’s father. He tells them that while they’ve never seen each other in the subdimension, they’ve communicated. The Chief as well as the others trapped have helped Jin to help the Go-Busters enter the subdimension to defeat Messiah.

They demand to know why he kept this from them and Jin can only say that they’ll see when they get there. But for Chief Sakurada to have contacted them like this, things must be getting really bad. The three Go-Busters are ready to go, but Jin isn’t sure they’re ready. Kuroki approves their mission.


Enter tells Escape there’s a traitor among the Creators and that he was tricked. Now he knows why there was an Enetron leak in the subdimension. He’s also found out about the Go-Busters plan to go there. But the moment they mess with the subdimension, Enter says, it’ll be “Le fin” for them.

While the crew down in the hangar are getting Great Go-Buster-Oh ready for teleportation, the Go-Busters are preparing their plans once they get to the teleported Research Center.

Enter has a lock on the source of the Marker in the subdimension and Escape follows him as he prepares to prevent the Go-Busters from even leaving.

While waiting for preparations to finish, they detect Enter, Escape, and a dozen Buglers heading towards the teleportation prep hangar. The Go-Busters go meet them. They henshin.

Escape goes directly to Ryuji, gets on top of him and says she wants to finish what they started. Jin comes to help. Enter sets his sights on Hiromu and takes him down into the hangar entrance.

The prep for Great Go-Buster is done and it’s ready to go. Kuroki sends the three Buddyroids down and tells the Go-Busters to fall back and head to the hangar. Escape takes the Buglers and follows them inside.

Enter and Hiromu are still battling. Nakamura tells Hiromu about a nearby shooter hatch to get to the hangar, but Enter stops him with his tentacle cables. Hiromu’s suit is torn and as he’s about to get up, Enter smashes Hiromu’s helmet off.

“Too bad Red Buster, but I’m serious this time.”

Hiromu collapses to the ground. The other Go-Busters are settling in when Morishita sees Escape has burst through to the hangar. The others want to go back to help Hiromu, but Kuroki tells them to wait.

Hiromu pushes himself to stand. Enter says Messiah will be arriving here in this world soon so they should just wait.

“We’ll shut down Messiah before that and protect this world. I’ve devoted 13 years of my life for that!”
“You’ve wasted your last 13 years then.”

Hiromu charges at Enter and Enter’s got the upper hand again until Nick comes to the rescue.

“Zut!” Nick helps Hiromu to the Great Go-Buster.

“Why’d you come?”
“Hiromu, your 13 years were also my 13 years. Do you deny that?”

Hiromu understands and they join the others. Suddenly, Escape and the Buglers arrive and start shooting, but so do Kuroki, Morishita, Nakamura and the maintenance workers who fire back.

The countdown to teleportation begins and Enter arrives. Kuroki stops Enter just allowing the Go-Busters to begin the teleportation.

“We’re counting on you Go-Busters.”
“Please come back.”

Kuroki and the others salute as the Go-Busters arrive in the subdimension. They see the remains of the Research Center, but are quickly greeted by Megazords. They quickly get rid of them.

Hiromu activates an “Override System” that makes the subdimension look less like a subdimension and they head towards the Research Center entrance where they come face to face with a now physically embodied Messiah.

Episode Thoughts
For a show that’s supposedly dialing back the “new” style and concept that’s being blamed for Go-Busters‘ low ratings, they certainly didn’t back down this episode.

If anything, the episode seemed like they were going all in, balls to the wall. Once again drawing comparisons to Eddie Guzelian’s balls out vision for what was supposed to be the final season of Power Rangers in RPM.

Regardless of whether or not “the shakeup” is real, Go-Busters is certainly at a turning point right now in terms of the story. This is a pretty big deal. We might just learn about what happened to the humans in the subdimension and they may actually defeat (one of) the big bad(s) of the season in the next episode or two.

This was probably the heaviest episode of Go-Busters so far too, focused primarily on the setup for what’s sure to come next week. From Enter shooting Hiromu’s helmet off (that’s definitely new!) and seeing good ol’ Kurorin Kuroki, Nakamura and Morishita actually going out and fight, there was some great and awesome stuff this episode.

That salute and the “Godspeed,” it almost felt like the emotional part of a finale. But we know this is only the beginning. And that’s definitely very exciting.

I really don’t think any of these story developments are in response to the ratings. The show’s been pretty fast-paced since it started and it’s felt like we’ve been on track towards this moment since the beginning.

That makes a possible post-Messiah Go-Busters that much more interesting. Anything can happen.

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