Grimm, Episode 2.03 – Bad Moon Rising

“Then she began to weep bitterly, and said, ‘What can a poor girl like me do now?”

Nick visits Juliette in the hospital. She still doesn’t know who he is, but he brings his laptop to show her pictures of the two of them.

“So I guess we know each other pretty well… like, really well… like sleeping together well?”

The doctor tells Nick to just be patient and try to help her remember. Later, Nick brings Monroe to see Juliette and she actually remembers him, but not his connection to Nick.

Meanwhile, Hank goes to a therapist to talk about his nightmares and being on edge. After recounting the moment he first saw weird things, he snaps and grabs the doctor. He apologizes and leaves.

Across town, a bunch of wolf-looking Wesen kidnap Lucifer’s Lucy’s a man’s daughter. They take her to a farm and lower her into a well. Turns out the father and daughter are good friends of Hank’s.

The father, Gerald, tells Hank and Nick what happened. While he’s telling his story, Nick sees Gerald wolge. At Aunt Marie’s trailer, Monroe helps find more info and explains to Nick that Gerald is a Coyotl, creature who are basically the street gangs of Wesens. Once you’re in the pack, you can never leave and it’ll be a big deal if you do.

There is a ceremony, sort of like a mating ritual for females as soon as they turn 17. Before leaving, Monroe points out to Nick that it is strange Juliette has only forgotten him and that maybe that was Adalind’s plan.

Back at the station, when Hank goes to get coffee, Nick reveals his Grimm-nes to Gerald and he questions him about his Coyotl-ness. Gerald remembers his wife’s brother, Hayden who was angry when they moved from Texas to Portland and how they treated his wife like she didn’t exist.

When Hank comes back, he finds that Hayden has been living and working in Portland. They go to his workplace on record, which leads them to Hayden’s apartment where they find a tub full of dead animals. But at the apartment, they find flyers for a foreclosed farm, which is where the Coyotls really are right now.

The Coyotls strip the daughter, Carly, and wash her in a tub before taking her to the ceremony setup in the barn and tying her up. Knowing the cops were on their way, the Coyotls are nonchalantly hanging out outside as Nick, Hank and Gerald arrive.

With a lechon cooking in the background, Gerald attacks Hayden while Nick and Hank manage to find Carly who’s been lowered into the well again. The Coyotls begin shooting and the three runback in to the barn.

Carly is panicking and slowly begins to wolge as Hank tries to calm her down. She turns towards Nick, realizes what he is and begs him not to killer her. She steps back to Hank but then completely wolges, prompting Hank to pull out his gun. Nick tries to calm Hank down and Carly spills the beans.

“He’s a Grimm, it’s what they do.”

I’ll explain, Nick says, but you have to trust me.

Hayden asks to come in, saying he’s unarmed. Nick thinks his Grimm-ness will be their advantage so they let him into the barn while the other Coyotls are holding Gerald at gunpoint.

Hayden wolges and goes after Hank, who punches him and gets knocked to the floor. They tell Carly to scream and she runs out, making the other Coyotls run in, but end up surrendering when they realize Nick is a Grimm. The creep Coyotl is left with Gerald who wolges and fights with him.

Carly smashes the guy’s face in and reunites with her father.

Back at station, Hank is taking their statements but says this is the first time he can’t really write what he knows. But nothing’s changed, he tells his friends, “I’m just glad you came to me.”

Nick tries to comfort Hank, but he says it’s not a problem. In fact, “Today’s been one of the better days of my life. … I might be crazy, but now I know I’m not alone.”

Later, Juliette is discharged and Nick brings her home. They have an awkward moment before she says she’s tired, they exchange “Good night”s and she goes upstairs.

Episode Thoughts
First of all, how fun to see Mark Pellegrino. Especially Mark Pellegrino not as the Winchester’s best friend Lucy.

I thought the episode’s setup was great in leading up to Hank finally learning about the Wesen world. Having the case of the week be people he’s very close with definitely kind of eased the shock. Otherwise, we might have seen Hank go even crazier and maybe resent Nick or something. But I guess that’s not where they’re going with the character. Besides, we have Juliette for that.

It was also different to see people not dying too. But I guess the main purpose of the episodes was the big reveal to Hank.

Should be interesting to see how long they keep Juliette, Nick-less. And whether or not they find Adalind or sooner rather than later.

A great episode overall.

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