Review: Despite Great Premise and Charming Cast, KBS’ Big Falls Short

Huge spoilers, with advance warning.

I can group the Korean dramas I’ve watched into one of four categories: a) A well written series that has a great story. b) A series that features likeable leads and/or cast. c) A series with the magical combination of ‘a’ and ‘b’. Or d) A series with unfortunately none of the above.

With KBS’ Big/λΉ…, I’d lean towards classifying it as option ‘b’. And thank goodness for Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo, who are both likeable and charming leads that keep you coming back for more when the story or the execution of it falls short.

Option ‘c’ doesn’t happen often and when I can’t group a series into ‘a’ or ‘c’, I usually point to the immeasurable potential it might have had to make it that much better.

Big is one of those series as well, an interesting premise with the potential to produce some quirky, cute and fun scenes. And with the much vaunted Hong Sisters at the helm, there may have been some big expectations for it. Continue reading