Recap: The Amazing Race Australia, Episode 2.02 – “He’s as useless as tits on a bull.”

The Amazing Race Australia 2, Episode 2

The Leg

It’s past midnight and teams set off from Misibis Bay in the Philippines.  They hop on a Jeepney to take them to the Philippine Airlines terminal at Manila International Airport where they must buy tickets to Delhi, India,

While waiting at the gate, James and Sarah get into a fight because he doesn’t want to buy her a Coke.

All teams are on the same PAL flight and they arrive in India past midnight.  They head to the Route Marker at a 10,000 year old well, the Agrasen ki Baoili, but Hours of Operation!  It opens at 9am. 

Once inside the building, teams must search among dozens of Indian Mystic for a turban with “CORRECT” printed inside.  If the turban is blank, they must wrap it back on the man’s head before moving to the next one.

Sticky & Sam luck out on their first try, finding the turban they need immediately and they exchange it for the next clue, the Detour.

In this Detour, teams will be dealing with India’s most sacred animal.
In Pull, teams must take turns milking a cow to collect half a liter of milk in an aluminum bowl.  The first team member must fill to the first marked line in the bowl and the second would fill up to the top line.  They’ll exchange the bowl for their next clue.
In Poo, teams must use their hands to mold cow poop and hay into 50 fuel bricks and dry them on a wall to receive their next clue.

Sticky & Sam choose Pull and on their way to Jabbar and Laallu’s Dairy, while stuck in traffic, two guys dressed as girls approach them and take a liking to Sam.  He enjoyed it, he says.  Meanwhile, Shane & Andrew’s rickshaw driver takes them the wrong way, so they get into another rickshaw without paying the first driver.  They end up having two rickshaws heading o the Detour.

At the Detour, Sticky & Sam have trouble with their excitable cow while Ross watches Tarryn get frustrated.  Back at the turbans, only Paul & Stave and Michelle & Jo are left.

While Sue & Teresa speed through the Detour, Stick & Sam have to switch and join Lucy & Emilia over at the Poo side of the Detour.  After running into and then ditching the cops on the way, Paul & Steve also get into the poop.

After the Detour, teams head to the Old Fort where they’ll take part in a Bollywood production.  First, they must learn then perform a choreographed Bollywood dance route.  Then, both team members will act out a scene together in Hindi.  When the director is satisfied, he’ll give them their next clue.

Sticky & Sam pass Lucy & Emilia at the Poo Detour and they inadvertently help Paul & Steve pass them as well.  On the other side, Michelle & Jo fight off their cow peeing and pooping while milking her.

Most of the teams are at the Bollywood set or on their way.  And while arriving sixth there, Sticky & Sam are the first ones to finish, but Sue & Teresa are right behind them.  They head to the Pit Stop at the Qutub Minar.  Meanwhile, Michele & Jo shoot up from 7th to 3rd on the strength of their cheerleading background and Adam & Dane, Kym & Donna and Ross & Tarryn finish as well.

Sticky & Sam officially hop on the Mat first and Grant gives them a trip to the 2012 Japan Moto GP, worth $10,000.  Michelle & Jo pass Sue & Teresa and they finish 2nd.

After the Bollywood task, Adam & Dane struggle with having zero money to get them to the Pit Stop.  Ross & Tarryn offer to help and buy them train tickets, but they find there is no direct train to the Qutub Minar.  With no money for two rickshaws, Ross & Tarryn have to go on without the cousins.

Desperate, Adam & Dane meet a mother and son to whom they sell their brand new shoes, a shirt and a pair of thongs (sandals in American English, hehe) for 4000 rupees. 

Sue & Teresa just beat Ross & Tarryn to the Mat and they finish 3rd and 4th respectively.  Paul & Steve take 5th and Kym & Donna finish 6th.

Adam & Dane head to the Mat, but Grant breaks the bad news.  They broke the Race rules by selling their personal belongings, so they now have to wait out a 30 minute penalty.

Shane & Andrew, who left Bollywood last, arrive to officially check-in as Team #7.  Joseph & Grace step on the Mat in 8th and James & Sarah take 9th.  With three minutes left on their penalty, Lucy & Emilia come running in and just escape elimination again by checking-in 10th.

Unfortunately for Adam & Dane, that means they are last and eliminated.

Episode Thoughts
India always delivers for TAR, right?  It was no different here.  A crazy leg that saw teams go from last to first and first to last and everywhere in between.  That’s the kind of competition that’s been missing in TARUS.  Teams were really competing with each other, side by side and not hours apart. 

The tasks definitely helped with that and again, leg design was a huge part of it too.  They only went to three different locations, plus the Pit Stop, but they each had tasks that challenged the teams and required them to really focus on what was going on.  India’s awesomeness also threw in a few great wrinkles into the teams’ Races all for one great leg.

Mosboron Beach
Misibis Bay, Albay, Philippines


Delhi, India

Agrasen ki Baoli
Delhi, India

Jabbar and Laallu’s Dairy
Bhalswa Jahangir Pur, Dehli

Old Fort
Delhi, India

Qutub Minar
Delhi, India

Mosboron Beach
Misibis Bay, Albay, Philippines

Ross & Tarryn 12:58am
Kym & Donna 1:01am
James & Sarah 1:08am
Sue & Teresa 1:11am
Sticky & Sam 1:15am
Joseph & Grace 1:25am
Michelle & Jo 1:31am
Shane & Andrew 1:57am
Adam & Dane 2:30am
Paul & Steve 2:34am
Lucy & Emilia 3:39am

Sue & Teresa
Tarryn & Ross
Kym & Donna
Sarah & James
Adam & Dane
Joseph & Grace
Michelle & Jo
Shane & Andrew

> Sticky & Sam
Paul & Steve
Lucy & Emilia

> or < indicates team switched Detours.

Who did the Road Block?
There was no Road Block on this leg.
In order of completion; Italics indicate who did the Road Block

0 Sticky Sticky & Sam Sam 0
0 Shane Shane & Andrew Andrew 0 
0 Sue Sue & Teresa Teresa 0 
0 Sarah Sarah & James James 0 
0 Tarryn Tarryn & Ross Ross 0 
0 Paul Paul & Steve Steve 0 
0 Michelle Michelle & Jo Jo 0 
0 Lucy Lucy & Emilia Emilia 0 
0 Adam Adam & Dane Dane 0 
0 Joseph Joseph & Grace Grace 0 
0 Donna Kym & Donna Kym 0 

Qutub Minar
Delhi, India

1st Sticky & Sam +4
2nd Michelle & Jo +5
3rd Sue & Teresa  +1
4th Ross & Tarryn  -3
5th Paul & Steve +5
6th Kym & Donna -4
7th Shane & Andrew +1
8th Joseph & Grace  -2
9th James & Sarah  -6
10th Lucy & Emilia +1
Eliminated Adam & Dane -2

Sticky & Sam Sticky & Sam – They’re definitely setting themselves up for a great run on the Race.  If they can keep it up, they’ll be big contenders for the final leg.  And yes, we know Sticky is missing an arm. lol  
Lucy & Emilia Lucy & Emilia – They’re fun and hilarious.  They are definitely enjoying the Race, but they aren’t necessarily Racing that well.  And that’s fine for them.  Finishing last, technically, again, is funny, but maybe it’s time for them to get serious now and try to get themselves out of literally, last place.
Tarryn & Ross Tarryn & Ross – Looks like Tarryn quickly getting frustrated could be a problem for them.  Hopefully it’s not, but Ross was level headed enough to keep her focused.  Otherwise, it was a solid leg for them and they’ve been doing very well so far.
Michelle & Jo Michelle & Jo – They’re running a solid Race so far and they certainly have the makings of a team that can make a strong run to the final leg.  A better performance than the first leg, so they should definitely keep up the momentum.
Paul & Steve Paul & Steve – They improved their position this leg, but they still seem to be lacking a lot.  Their “buffheads” personality isn’t that annoying, especially since they don’t really have anything to be cocky about yet.
Sue & Teresa Sue & Teresa – A third place finish for them.  They’ve been quietly doing very well.  The aura spray must be working.  But they’re done well so far, keeping calm under pressure and doing the tasks with minimal fuss.  They could surprise.
Sarah & James Sarah & James – Not a particularly good leg for them, Race-wise, but it was fun to watch.  From their fight over Coke in Manila to Sarah’s frantic decision making, they’re hilarious.  Hope they provide more fireworks in the next legs.
Donna & Kym Donna & Kym – An okay leg from them and a little quieter from them too.  Should be interesting to see how far they can go.  
Shane & Andrew Shane & Andrew – Not a very good leg for them again.  They might easily be in danger in the next legs if they don’t step it up.  They’re good natured and nice guys, but they really have to get their Race going. 
Adam & Dane Adam & Dane – Well that’s definitely not how I expected them to go out.  A tough position for them to be in, but it was a fatal decision.  I felt like they hadn’t Raced to their fullest yet and now they won’t get the chance.  Too bad.
Joseph & Grace Joseph & Grace – Grace seemed like a strong competitor last week, but she literally cried over spilled milk this leg.  They also stayed at the bottom of the pack, so they better step it up next leg.
Quotes from Episode 2.02

Lucy: “We need for you to go very bilis.  As bilis as bilisiby possible.”

Emilia: “We’re chooising guys based on whether or not they’re smiling.  Which doesn’t really help because they’re all smiling.”
Lucy: “We only picked good looking ones.”
Emilia: “And that’s why they were smiling, cuz they were smiling in a ‘Hey, you know I’m good looking,’ kind of way.’

Sarah: “He’s as useless as tits on a bull.”

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