I’m Going to Miss American Television!

Will Power Rangers (Super) Samurai ever end? What’ll be the big cliffhanger on Grimm? Will the Winchester Bros (please) get rid of Dick and his Leviannoying betheren?

I’m going to have to wait until next month to find out as I’m going to be in the Philippines (and Korea!) for the next five weeks. So no American television for me, even if I’m able to miraculously find good internet in the Philippine countryside. I’ll have to get my fill of TV from the local networks in the Islands. (OMG the tired, overused, overdramatic, poorly written, poorly acted horror!) lol, Just kidding. I’m sure there’ll be something to tune in to.

So no Samurai, no Grimm, no Supernatural, not even The Amazing Race Australia premiering soon (which I will be recapping as soon as I get back). But you can tweet at me @dryedmangoez with any interesting TV stuffs like whether or not the Rangers stop making Mia cooking jokes. You can also follow my little trip, if you are so inclined, on my personal Twitter (@lesterjeff and on Instagram (dryedmangoez). I’ll be tweeting my “adventures” using the insanely expensive roaming plan on my cell phone.

But fear not! I have a few posts queued up for the coming weeks, so be on the lookout for those. I hope everyone will have a great next five weeks and great summer (hopefully, at least better than ABC will have with its Big Brother rip-off). Happy and safe TV travels everyone!

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