Supernatural, Episode 7.20 – The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragon Tattoo

Bobby pops in and explains to Sam and Dean that Dick Roman is using his power and money to groom humans to be Turducken-style mindless sheep; the 99% to the Leviathan 1%. Suddenly, they get an e-mail from Frank. It says they’re getting the e-mail either because he’s dead or someone is trying to hack into his hard drive. Using the tracking device in the drive, they find it is at a Dick Roman Enterprises building.

Bobby suggest they ship the flask to the company so he can roam freely through the building, but the Bros are worried about what might happen to him. So they set off for Chicago.

Five hours earlier, we meet Dick employee Charlene “Charlie” Bradbury, a superhero geek and hacking expert whom Dick himself tasks with breaking open Frank’s hard drive.

“You’re kind of completing me right now Charlie.”

After a day, Charlie finally breaks into the hard drive and can’t help herself but read through the file folder named “Dick Roman Enterprises.” In it, she looks through a truckload of info on Dick and on Leviathans. She thinks it’s just the work of some wacko.

But she changes her tune when she sees Dick sic one of his lackeys on her boss Pete (after calling him a “Tim Tebow, Joe Biden type”).

She rushes home to pack her things, but the Bros are there. They prove to each other none of them are Leviathans.

*insert creepy Sucro Corp ad*

The Bros explain who they are and what’s going on. She tries hacking into Dick’s email from her laptop, but it’s on a private server that can only be accessed from his phone or from his office. They imply she has to go do it herself, but she suggests just deleting all the Dick and Winchester info from the drive and going back to her normal life. She has no normal life to go back to, they tell her.

“I should’ve taken that job at Google.”

But she decides to help.

“These things are going to eat everyone I know. What kind of douchebag stands by for that?”

They plan for the break-in. Charlie sets up a loop for the surveillance cameras to give her 15 minutes. Sam and Dean notice Bobby’s hitched a ride in Charlie’s bag and they ask her to take care of it.

Charlie’s getting cold feet, but Sam helps encourage her using her favorite character, Hermione Granger. (“She actually saves Harry in practically every book. And then, she ends up with the wrong…”)

She goes in. They switch the camera feed to the loop to keep the security guard from noticing her going up to Dick’s floor. She’s a little excited, Bobby’s amused.

“There’s a big ass guard out here blocking the door.”

Dean suggests she flirts her way through, but she says he’s not her type… meaning, he’s a guy. Dean offers to guide her through the flirtations and they have an I Love Lucy-moment before he lets her though.

She gets into the office and cracks Dick’s password (w1nn1ng, by the way). She begins copying the files and Bobby keeps the security guard from finding Charlie behind the computer. She slides her way out of the situation, with the USB, and leaves the office.

Dean’s worried, but Sam says they don’t have a choice. “Don’t mean I gotta be happy sending in freakin’ Veronica Mars.”

Charlie gets back to her cubicle and begins sending the Bros the files. Her LeviaBoss shows up to check up on her. Continuing with the upload, they look through the e-mails and find Dick has stopped with the archaeological digs. A suitcase from Iran is on its way via private jets (including one courtesy of Donald Trump) and armored cars.

After a little fakery, we find out Sam and Dean were able to intercept the suitcase carrying the very important package and switch it with a Borax time bomb that explodes in Dick’s face. After Dick goes creeper-status on Charlie, she runs just as he realizes something’s up. He and LeviaBoss go after her, but Bobby tries to stop them.

He shatters the glass doors then gets a hand on the LeviaBoss. But that propels him towards Charlie and the wall where the impact breaks her arm. Bobby then sets his sights on Dick and pushes him towards a display. Sam and Dean do acrobatic somersaults through the doors (WTF!?) and watch as Bobby gives Dick another pushes before they all leave.

In the car, Charlie asks why they didn’t just kill Dick, but they tell her they don’t know how. Typical, she says, you always need a “special sword” to kill the bad guy.

Next day, they bring Charlie to the bus station.

“I left your dumb flask on the back seat by the way, worst good luck charm ever.”

“We can’t thank you enough.”
“Never contact me again, like ever, deal?”

She tells them this isn’t the first time she’s disappeared before and she gets on the bus.

Before they get back to the car and Bobby, Sam tells Dean he’s concerned about Bobby. What he did back at Roman’s, he might not have meant to break her arm, but that’s the point. He can’t control himself and soon, he’ll become a full on vengeful spirit and they won’t be able to pull him back.

Episode Thoughts
A strangely fun episode. A little predictable and probably one of the most gimmicky (gymnastics through the door? 24-split screens? Fake outs?) episodes of Supernatural in a while. But still fun.

Felicia Day was great and Charlie was a fun character.

Lolz at the Harry Potter and Veronica Mars shoutouts, plus a nice little homage to a gag perfected by Lucille Ball on I Love Lucy 60 years ago.

This whole Leviathan mess still doesn’t interest me that much and I hope that it gets wrapped up in the next three episodes instead of dragging it into the just announced 8th season. That red clay package from Iran hopefully is what can bring the Leviathans to an end.

As for Bobby becoming a vengeful spirit, it’s been interesting how they’ve written him this season. You’d think his death and now the risk of him become one of the very things they hunt would get more development and depth, but we’ve had almost no lead up to any of Bobby’s story this season. The suddenness should be shocking, but it’s more jarring and kind of takes the emotion away from it all. Emotion that should be automatic considering Bobby’s importance to the series.

Anyway, let’s hope the black goop disappears before the Bros sign off for the season.

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