Recap: The Amazing Race 20 Episode 10 – “Alright buddy, I’m gonna ride you!”

The Amazing Race 20, Episode 10 – I Need Hair to Be Pretty

The Leg

Rachel & Dave open the first clue telling teams to head to Cheranallur Temple where they will receive a blessing from the head priest before getting their next clue.  They’ll also have to remember to remove their shoes.

Brenchel leave the Pit Stop a half hour behind. But just minutes apart, Art & JJ’s trouble getting a rickshaw allow Vanessa & Ralph to get ahead.  Back at the Pit Stop, Bopper sits by Mark as he receives an IV, still not 100% after last leg.

Rachel & Dave receive their next clue and find the Fast Forward, which they can’t take since they already took one.  Brendon & Rachel, however, in 2nd place can, so they decide to go for it.

The clue says they must take part in an Indian good fortune ritual by looking for the priest at the Mutharaman Devastanam Temple.  They arrive and they read the clue. To win the Fast Forward, they must both shave their heads. Phil reminds us that this is a Switchback to season 7’s unforgettable Fast Forward featuring Joyce (of Uchenna & Joyce) shaving her head and eventually winning the Race.

Rachel can’t do it though.  She paid $500 for extensions. So they have to backtrack and instead head to the next Route Marker at Pattanacaud Coir Mats and Matting. Vanessa and Ralph manage to arrive first and they find the Road Block.

In this Road Block, teams must spin 40 feet of rope from coconut husks, following a demonstration by the women in the facility. Then, they must spool four bundles of already made rope onto one spindle before receiving their next clue.

Ralph, Dave and Art all decide to do the Road Block. Brendon & Rachel arrive and JJ can’t believe they didn’t do the Fast Forward, fearing Bopper & Mark will, making the four teams have to fight for last.

It amazes JJ that he and Art are the only ones playing strategically.  Rachel says she knows one girl did it on a previous Race, but “she was really cute and skinny and pretty” and that she needs hair to be pretty.

Dave finishes the first part of the Road Block first with Ralph and JJ close behind. They get started on the spooling while Brendon tries to catch up. Vanessa and Rachel Reilly are encouraging their partners, but Dave rejects his Rachel’s encouragements and tells her to be silent.

Ralph finishes first and he and Vanessa run off to the next Route Marker at Fort Kochi. But on their way to their rickshaw, Vanessa twists her ankle and falls to the ground. She gets up, but Dave & Rachel pass them. 

As Art finishes the spooling, Dave asks Rachel again why they didn’t take the Fast Forward. She tells him that it was head shaving and he sort of understands. JJ says Rachel’s a nice lady and all, but she’s pretty gullible so he uses the opportunity to psych her out by saying Mark & Bopper could easily get in front of them all, leaving Brendon & Rachel in last and possibly eliminated. 

But as Brendon finishes up the Road Block, Bopper & Mark are just leaving the Pit Stop.  They head to the Temple and they have whole Speed Bump yet to do.

Meanwhile, the other teams look for their next clue from a barber under a tree. Rachel & Dave get there first and find the Detour.
In Pachyderm, teams must decorate an elephant with a headdress and golden ornaments.  Then, they must shovel and transport 15 wheelbarrows of elephant poop to receive their next clue.
In Pack a Box, teams must head to a ginger processing center where they must fill 10 empty wooden boxes with dried ginger, properly seal and stencil the boxes for shipping and transport them to a nearby shipping depot.

Rachel & Dave, Vanessa & Ralph and Brendon & Rachel all choose the elephants while Art & JJ decide it’s time for them to do manual labor.

Mark & Bopper find their Speed Bump at the Cheranallur Temple where they must paint a tiger on the belly of one of the Pulikali Tiger Dancers.  Once they’re done and the dancers perform for them, they can continue Racing.

At the Detour, Art & JJ realize they have a lot of work ahead of them.  On the other side. After decorating the elephants, Rachel & Dave maintain a lead, while Vanessa maintains concentration on Brendon & Rachel and think they’re skipping wheelbarrows of manure.

Bopper & Mark finish their Speed Bump and get the next clue from the priest.  They decide to take a chance and go for the Fast Forward.

Back at the Detour, Rachel & Dave finish with Vanessa & Ralph and Brendon & Rachel close behind.  Teams can now head to the Pit Stop by taking a ferry to the Cheena Vala Fishing Nets. Rachel & Dave get to the ferries first and attempt to pay the captain so they can leave before the other teams get there.  The ferry leaves anyway, leaving Brendon & Rachel and Vanessa & Ralph at the dock.

While Art & JJ pass the time at the Detour by imitating Dave being condescending to Rachel, the married couple steps on the Mat first, their 6th win, and claim $10,000 each.

Brendon & Rachel just outrun Vanessa & Ralph to finish 2nd with the divorcees taking 3rd.  Phil for some reason mentions penalties and Ralph & Vanessa bring up thinking Brendon & Rachel somehow miscounted their wheelbarrows.  Things get tense as Phil asks why they can’t get along. Rachel mentions Vanessa not liking her sequins, making fun of her nose and recalling when it all started at the watermelon Detour when Vanessa laughs at Rachel’s ass. Vanessa says she has nothing against Rachel except for the craziness at the airport. Brendon tries to stop Rachel from going any further.

Rachel and Vanessa seem to apologize to each other, but Rachel says she is offended when they come to the Mat and get accused of somehow cheating. Vanessa defends her accusation, but Phil stops her by noting how she doesn’t like to let things go. Rachel then extends her hand and they shake.

As Bopper & Mark happily get their heads shaved, Art & JJ struggle to finish their grueling Detour.  And despite getting slowed down, the border patrol agents arrive on the Mat in 4th and safe. That leaves Bopper & Mark, even with the Fast Forward, in last and eliminated.

Episode Thoughts
Well, it seemed like another poorly designed leg that allowed for zero chance for Bopper & Mark or any trailing team be able to catch up.  Though the ginger side of the Detour seemed incredibly unbalanced with the elephant side and maybe if Kentucky weren’t three hours behind everyone else, they might have caught up yet.

The tasks were good, though all physical. It would’ve been interesting to see Nary & Jamie or any all-female team have to keep up with the others having to do the physically demanding Detours and Road Block. 

The Switchback to the TAR7 Fast Forward was nice even though you knew Rachel or any other woman not named Joyce or Joey (TARAu shoutout!) would’ve done it, especially knowing a team was hours behind.

This leg also revealed how a leg with both a Speed Bump and Fast Forward would work. The Speed Bump will likely always be placed before the Route Marker containing the Fast Forward clue. So actually, if close enough, a Speed Bumped team could still be safe in the event a FF is present on the leg. As long as they aren’t so horribly behind.

Interesting Mat Chat between Brenchel and Vanessa & Ralph.
But even more interesting was the preview for next week’s finale.  Phil’s teases better deliver!

Bolgatty Palace
Cochin, India

Cheranallur Temple
Cheranallur, India

Pattanacoir Mats and Matting

Fort Kochi

Cheena Vala Fishing Nets
Vypin, India

Bolgatty Palace
Cochin, India

Dave & Rachel 6:53am
Brendon & Rachel 7:20am
Art & JJ 7:28am
Vanessa & Ralph 7:32am
Bopper & Mark  10:38am



In order of completion
> or < indicates team switched Detours.

Bopper & Mark used their Fast Forward.

Who did the Road Block?
Who’s at the end of their rope?
In order of completion; Italics indicate who did the Road Block

4 Rachel Dave 4
4 Vanessa Ralph 5
4 Brendon Rachel 5
4 Art JJ 4
3 Bopper Mark 5

4 Nary Jamie 2
3 Joey Danny 3
3 Kerri Stacy 2
1 Elliot Andrew 2
1 Dave Cherie 1
0 Misa Maiya 1

Cheena Vala Fishing Nets
Vypin, India

1st Rachel & Dave =
2nd Brendon & Rachel =
3rd Vanessa & Ralph +1
4th Art & JJ -1
Eliminated Bopper & Mark =
Brendon & Rachel Brendon & Rachel – The Fast Forward was worth a shot, but considering they didn’t do it, had to catch up with the other teams and still finish 2nd, they did pretty well this leg.  Makes you wonder if they had just stayed with the others, they might have won the leg outright. That should boost their confidence going into the final two legs.
Bopper & Mark Bopper & Mark – It wasn’t meant to be.  Bopper & Mark have been one of the very best and most enjoyable teams to ever run the Race.  They were strong, consistent competitors and they enjoyed every single minute of it. They were genuine and sincere and it is a shame they didn’t make the final four, let alone the final three. They should be a shoo-in for the next All-Stars, yes?
Rachel & Dave Rachel & Dave – Art & JJ summed up their relationship perfectly.  Dave’s overbearing nature towards Rachel in the heat of competition is so odd. I mean, you know he loves her, but then he treats her like crap half the time. As for their wins, they’ve been just as boring as the other teams who’ve set win records, aka Meghan & Cheyne and Nick & Starr.  Boring, boring.
Art & JJ Art & JJ – So this leg pretty much proves that Art & JJ merely like stirring the pot.  Apparently for strategic reasons. How odd was it when JJ said Rachel was a “very nice lady.” Huh!?! Since when was that how he felt? But really, it just shows they love getting under people’s skin and turning other teams against each other. Which isn’t the worst strategy ever, but then again this isn’t Big Brother (Zing!!).
Vanessa & Ralph Vanessa & Ralph – If you haven’t seen the extended clip of the Mat Chat, you must.  It sums up Vanessa & Ralph perfectly.  Ralph is pretty much fed up with Vanessa’s antics and drama-starting. Bringing up Brenchel’s supposed miscounting was the last straw for him and it wasn’t the first time he’s been annoyed by Vanessa focusing more on Rachel than on the Race. Vanessa’s obsession with Rachel as well as her apparent lack of self control when it comes to causing unnecessary drama will probably spell the end for them in the penultimate leg.
Quotes from Episode 20.10

Blonde Rachel: “Dave looks pretty good in a skirt.”
Vanessa: “Actually, Ralph is one of my few boyfriends that [hasn’t] crossdressed.”

Red Rachel: “I already feel bad about my big nose Vanessa pointed out. I don’t need a big nose and no hair.”

Blonde Rachel: “Alright buddy, I’m gonna ride you!”

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