Derek Ramsay Confirms Philippine-Only Race?

Derek Ramsay Confirms Philippine-Only Race?

Has Derek Ramsay confirmed that TV5’s upcoming The Amazing Race Philippines will travel only amongst the 7,107 islands of the archipelago?  Answering a fan’s tweet asking whether or not TARPh will be “around the world or just [the Philippines],” Derek answered “pinas muna” or “The Philippines first.”

This isn’t the first time Derek has implied TARPh would be a Philippine-only Race.  During his introduction as an exclusive TV5 talent, Derek expressed his excitement at getting to travel to places in the Philippines he’s never been to before by way of The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race Philippines just wrapped up the audition and application process and the final decisions on the cast should be coming soon.  TV5 has targeted a June start for production.

I certainly hope Derek means TARPh will merely have a couple of legs, even the majority of legs in the Philippines, but still travel to some of the country’s Asian neighbors.  While a Philippine-only Race would still provide some breathtaking and exciting locations (and TARPh wouldn’t be the first localized TAR edition to travel within its own country), it would still be great if they did get to leave the country, especially if some of the teams are people who haven’t traveled much, if at all in their lives.

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