Grimm, Episode 1.17 – Love Sick

“Forgive me for the evil I have done; my mother drove me to it; it was done against my will.”

Nick is at Aunt Marie’s trailer, rummaging through looking for something the key she gave him can fit into.

Across town. a man holds a gun to Renard’s neck. He’s Woolsey, someone Renard says he’s known for 20 years. Woolsey brings him to meet another guy under a bridge. The 2nd man calls Renard “cousin” and brings a message from home. The family is very concerned that things are not moving as fast as they’d like. They want the key now.

Renard doesn’t care for his ultimatum and he kills both of them.

That night, Nick and Juliette head to the Brasserie Montmartre to meet Hank and his new girlfriend for dinner. And as soon as Nick sees who it is, he’s furious. During dinner, Adalind gets a call from the law firm she works at and Nick excuses himself to follow her and warn her to stay away from Hank and that whatever she’s planning, he’ll stop it. Go ahead and try, she says.

Renard meets a woman, Catherine and they talk about Adalind’s mission. She asks if Adalind does “this,” will her debt be paid. She reaches for his crotch, but he stands up and reminds her how big finding the key will be.

Hank and Nick get called during dinner to the crime scene of Renard’s friends from the old country. As Hank finds a cell phone under the car, Nick notices Wu eating his Chapstick then stuffing a flashlight (?) down his throat.

At the station, Hank decides to go home and work on the case in the morning. With Wu continuing his eating with coins, he collapses, distracting everyone in the room, allowing Renard to swipe the phone in the evidence bag to replace its sim card.

Adalind arrives home and her mom is there to greet her. “You still love him don’t you,” she asks, referring to Renard perhaps. Catherine tells her daughter she knows she’ll get the job done. Stalking her from across the street again, Hank calls Adalind hoping to have some fun tonight.

Nick accompanies Wu to the hospital where the doctor says he has Pica, a disorder in which people eat random objects. She says he’ll be fine, but he’ll have to get help. Nick then goes to Monroe to talk about the Adalind situation and they go to Rosalee to try and find an antidote to whatever Adalind gave Hank.

Rosalee and Monroe stay up all night looking for the antidote and she realizes the cop (Wu) must have taken some of the potion meant for Hank, explaining why he had those crazy symptoms.

Catherine helps Adalind with some beauty treatment (leeches on her face, pretty) and the next morning calls Hank at the station to invite him over tonight. Nick asks to talk to her and they have some double meaning-ed back and forth.

While Nick moves on to the case, Hank’s obsession gets worse as all he can think about is Adalind. Nick instead goes to Renard to talk about his suspicions about the shooting, how there might have been a third man and he goes on to explain what he thinks which is pretty much on the money with what really happened. Renard plays along, but tells Nick that the families of the victims are on their way and being families with powerful political connections back home, they don’t want Portland PD getting involved in their affairs.

Monroe calls Nick as Rosalee has found the antidote. She mixes up all the ingredients and tells Nick they have to spray it into Wu and Hank’s nose using a nasuflamme.

They go to Wu’s apartment first. He’s in the middle of eating his carpet as Nick knocks on the door.

“What are you eating!?”

Wu bursts out laughing, but then starts gagging. Nick kicks the door in and he and Monroe carry Wu to the couch. Rosalee sprays the antidote into his nose. Wu suddenly thrusts his body into the air and lays back down. He does it a second time and his face turns completely red.

He calms down a little and they wonder if it worked.

Wu spits out some carpet right into Rosalee’s face. He regains consciousness and is embarrassed by being in his underwear, so he runs into his bedroom. It worked. Nick calls Hank, but he doesn’t care as he’s about to enjoy his night with Adalind. The three muskateers quietly leave Wu’s apartment.

There’s a trail of clothes at Adalind’s apartment. She then walks out of her bedroom dressed in all black and leaves. The three get to the apartment and find the door open. They follow the trail and find a naked Hank unconscious in bed. Rosalee looks at his eyes and deduces that they’ve had sex, rendering the antidote useless. Rosalee rushes to find a new solution in the book as Adalind calls Nick. Unless Nick brings the key Aunt Marie gave him, Hank will die.

Rosalee finds the answer. To cure Hank, the hexenbeist whose blood has entered the body of the victim must be killed… but only by using Grimm blood.

Nick meets Adalind in the park. He says he doesn’t have the key. Adalind is disappointed and walks away, but Nick tells her “I think it’s time we settle our differences. Violently.”

Adalind is happy to and she morphs into her Wesen form. They throw each other around until he ends up on top of her. He kisses her and she bites his lip. Nick continues laying one on her until he starts bleeding into her mouth.

He gets off of her and suddenly, it appears her soul or Hexenbeist soul escapes from her body. Hank wakes up, meaning Adalind must be dead.

But Adalind wakes up as well.

“What have you done? You killed me.”
“You don’t look so dead.”
“I’m nothing now. I don’t have any powers. You’ve taken everything. You’re just like everybody else. I have nothing.”

Adalind walks away in tears. She goes to her mother’s home, starts telling her what happened, but only gets a hard slap to the face.

Do you know how important that key was for us, her mother asks. Adalind says “I wasn’t doing it for us. I was doing it for…”

And in comes Renard.


Adalind doesn’t understand how Nick could have known how to kill her. But Renard says it’s because he’s smarter than her. And because of what happened, he realizes that Nick is more valuable than her, that he underestimated him and he now regrets trusting an amateur like her.

“What are you going to do to me?” she asks.

“You’re useless now. Just another pretty girl.”

Broken and defeated, Adalind walks out of the house.

Meanwhile, Nick is at the trailer again. Having realized something when looking at the key earlier, he dips both sides of the key (folded up) into ink and presses them onto a piece of paper. It reveals some kind of symbol or even map of some sort.

Episode Thoughts
So this might have been the show’s first pure, 100% mythology episode. No case of the week, just all big picture stuff. And it was great.

We had some payoff and resolution to Hank’s crazy obsession and Wu’s hilariously creepy eating. We got to see a lot more about Renard and Adalind’s background and more insight into their personalities.

But one thing that’s been strange these last couple of episodes has been the way they’ve handled Nick and Juliette’s relationship. It’s been three times now that episodes have ended with what would appear to be big road blocks to their relationship (Juliette questioning whether or not she can keep going through the crazy, first when Nick is late for their anniversary dinner and again after she gets kidnapped by the dragons. Then last week’s proposal rejection). Yet there’s almost nothing in the next episodes about how those moments have affected their relationship. They go back to whatever they were doing and however they were acting before, like nothing happened.

Adalind’s character has been pretty one dimensional until this episode. But you couldn’t help but feel sorry about her after she lost her powers. The way Claire Coffee played those scenes, it would appear Adalind’s been through a lot in her life and considering the way her mother and Renard very coldly treated her, I guess she’s had it rough.

On the other hand, Renard’s icy, ruthlessness was emphasized this episode. He basically threw Adalind to the side, not to mention Woolsey who I will guess was a sort of driver/bodyguard/butler/lackey for his family for years. We still don’t know who or what Renard is, but they’re definitely building it up and I hope the big reveal doesn’t disappoint.

Lastly, I hope Rosalee sticks around. She and Monroe (and Nick) are great together and it is nice to have another Wesen regular on the show. I hope they aren’t just setting her up for a shocking death, making us care about her then yanking her away from us (and poor Monroe!) in the future.

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