Recap: The Amazing Race 20, Episode 7 – “White men CAN jump!”

The Amazing Race 20, Episode 7 – I Didn’t Make Her Cry

The Leg

Rachel & Dave leave the Pit Stop first and head to Pasha Travel agency to book tickets to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.  Back at the Pit Stop, Art & JJ hope deadweights Brendon & Rachel are eliminated next as they and Bopper & Mark catch up to them at the travel agency.  Bopper is excited about the free candy. 

Wanting to stir the pot, Art & JJ tell Brenchel and Kentucky their suspicions about Nary & Jamie not being teachers.  But after they leave, both Brenchel and Kentucky say their don’t really care if they are teachers or feds and that they like them a helluva lot more than Art & JJ.

Nary & Jamie arrive at the agency and they all laugh at Art & JJ.  Vanessa & Ralph join them and as Brendon & Rachel leave, they decide to badmouth them some more. 

All teams are on the same flight out of Baku and they have to connect through Nairobi.  And the sparks begin to fly.  Brendon runs past Ralph and JJ heading to the transfer desk and Ralph says Brendon gave him the finger.  With all the teams in line, Ralph confronts Brendon about it.  Brendon says he’s just here to play the game which results in Art & JJ putting in their two cents against him and Rachel.  Then it’s Rachel and Vanessa’s turn to trade insults about sparkles (!?) and boob jobs. 

At the counter, Rachel expresses her annoyance at being hurled insults when she hasn’t done anything to Vanessa, which draws an eyeroll and laugh from JJ right next to them.

Rachel lets out a good cry, which brings in more insults from Vanessa. 

Meanwhile, Art & JJ aren’t done as they confront Nary & Jamie about the occupation.  The feds don’t back down and call them out for continuing the drama and animosity after what just happened surrounded Brenchel.  Nary & Jamie stick to their story and Art & JJ relish bullying other teams.  Okay.

Once the drama’s over, teams fly on to Kilimanjaro.  Once there, they have to take a taxi to the Arusha Airstrip where they’ll sign up for one of three charter flights to the Ngorongoro Crater.  Brendon & Rachel and Art & JJ get on the first flight leaving at 9:30am, Bopper & Mark and Rachel & Dave leave on the 9:45am flight and Nary & Jamie and Vanessa & Ralph are on the last plane at 10:00am.

After spending the night outside, the teams get on their respective flights and enjoy a breathtaking tour of the area.  Brendon & Rachel and Art & JJ touch down first and get their clue telling them to choose a safari vehicle and navigate their driver to the western rim of the Ngorongoro Crater where they’ll look for a Masai warrior who’ll hand them their next clue.

They stick together and are handed the next clue, the Detour.

For both Detour choices, each team member must choose a bike and pedal themselves to Soneto Village.  They’ll be dressed in traditional Masai clothing.
In Marksmanship, teams must use a traditional Masai weapon called a rungu to each hit a clay target.
In Courtship, teams will take part in a traditional Masai courtship dance known as adumu, that requires them to jump for one minute despite the high altitude. 

Art & JJ choose Marksmanship, but Brendon & Rachel who choose Courtship easily finish before them.  But Art & JJ are right behind.  They bike back to the starting point as Rachel & Dave and Mark & Bopper arrive.  Brendon tells Kentucky to choose Courtship.

Bopper & Mark also finish the Detour before Rachel & Dave.  Nary & Jamie and Vanessa & Ralph bring up the rear with Vanessa having lots of trouble riding her bike.  They both choose Marksmanship.

Meanwhile, Brendon & Rachel and Art & JJ are going the wrong way with Brenchel realizing their mistake first.  That allows Rachel & Dave to arrive first at the next clue at the Simba Campsite.

Teams must now unload a truck and use the equipment to set up an elaborate safari tent complete with bush shower.  Once they have assembled the site correctly, they can head to the Pit Stop nearby.

Brendon & Rachel and Bopper & Mark arrive next with Art & JJ in 4th.  Teams have a little trouble putting pitching their tents and Nary & Jamie and Vanessa & Ralph catch up as all teams are now struggling.

Bopper & Mark think they’re finished, but the Camp Manager gives them the thumbs down having forgotten to put water into the shower.  That opens the door for Rachel & Dave to finish first.  They hop in their safari vehicle and head to Phil where they finish first for the fourth time.

Bopper & Mark finish 2nd, Art & JJ take 3rd and Brendon & Rachel finish 4th.  Vanessa & Ralph arrive at the Mat 5th, leaving Nary & Jamie in last.

Knowing they’re in last and expecting elimination anyway, they ask their driver to stop on the way to the Pit Stop so they could look at the elephants walking by.  They enjoy the moment and meet Phil expecting worse, but he has good news. It’s a non-elimination leg and they’re still in the Race. 

Episode Thoughts
An interesting leg.  It was a pretty sparse leg in terms of tasks and was more like a travel show showing off the breathtaking Tanzanian landscape.  Amazing shots.

I think it would’ve been an Emmy episode had there been more competition.  The Detour was great.  And yeah, that one minute jumping side of the Detour might seem incredibly lame and stupid.  But it was great for a few reasons; it was a task that allowed teams to be immersed in the local culture, something that’s been largely absent in recent seasons.  Also, being at a high elevation and having just ridden a bike (and having to ride it back afterwards), the jumping could be exhausting.  But it turned out to be the faster one, which lent to this being one of those tricky Detours. 

The only other task in the episode was the tent building, which isn’t necessarily the most exciting thing ever.  If there was an awesome Road Block, this would’ve been an excellent leg.  But the drama at the airport took too much time.  It’s a shame because while we did get some great travel porn cinematography, it would’ve been even better to have the epic landscape be the backdrop of a great task. 

Boulevard Esplanade Estakada
Baku, Azerbaijan

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
via Nairobi, Kenya

Arusha Airstrip
Arusha, Tanzania

Ngorongoro Crater
Ngorongoro, Tanzania

Soneto Village
Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Simba Campsite
Ngorongoro, Tanzania

Boulevard Esplanade Estakada
Baku, Azerbaijan

Rachel & Dave 9:15pm
Art & JJ 10:45pm
Bopper & Mark 10:55pm
Brendon & Rachel 10:56pm
Nary & Jamie 11:32pm
Vanessa & Ralph 11:35pm





In order of completion
> or < indicates team switched Detours.

Who did the Road Block?
There was no Road Block in this leg.
In order of completion; Italics indicate who did the Road Block

3 Rachel Dave 2
2 Art JJ 3
3 Nary Jamie 2
3 Bopper Mark 3
3 Brendon Rachel 3
3 Vanessa Ralph 3

3 Joey Danny 3
3 Kerri Stacy 2
1 Elliot Andrew 2
1 Dave Cherie 1
0 Misa Maiya 1

Simba Campsite
Ngorongoro, Tanzania

1st Rachel & Dave =
2nd Bopper & Mark +1
3rd Art & JJ -1
4th Brendon & Rachel =
5th Vanessa & Ralph+1
6th Nary & Jamie -1

Brendon & Rachel Brendon & Rachel – Another solid leg for them.  They were lucky to have gotten onto the first charter flight.  But they chose the correct Detour and didn’t make any mistakes.  Now for the drama, they’ve been getting an interesting edit this season.  They’ve pretty much been minding their own business and bickering with each other, yet other teams like Vanessa & Ralph and Art & JJ have been very hostile towards them despite being unprovoked.  That’s made them more the bullies and Brendon & Rachel the poor victims (who have their own issues of course.) 
Bopper & Mark Bopper & Mark – They’re still one of the most consistent teams and not only consistent, but one of the stronger teams this Race.  They’re still fun, they’re still hilarious and I still hope they go all the way.   It is very refreshing to have an entertaining and strong team who doesn’t really participate in drama (even though those teams are fun too).
Nary & Jamie Nary & Jamie – With less teams, Nary & Jamie are starting to come out of their shells personality wise.  I still wish they’d step up their game though.  I’m really starting to think they’re not capable to be as strong as I wish they were.  I liked them not cowering in fear when Art & JJ confronted them.  I still want them to make the final 3 though, especially over the three teams below.
Rachel & Dave Rachel & Dave – Well another leg, another win for them.  I can’t like ’em that much, though I don’t hate them either.  They’re winning, yet they aren’t exactly the most dominant team.  They’ve benefited from a lot of breaks.  They deserve credit for great placings, but they should also be thankful for some luck. And WTF at Rachel’s “Uh oh, natives!” comment when they in the plane? Almost rivaled Kendra’s “breeding” comment in TAR6.
Vanessa & Ralph Vanessa & Ralph – Their obsession with Brendon & Rachel continues and it really is a wonder why would they even waste their time talking about them nonstop if they are not worth it in the first place.  Unless they’re fans of Daniele from Big Brother or something, why would they care to talk about Rachel not stop?  Unnecessary and unprovoked cruelty. 
Art & JJ Art & JJ – They are bullies and shit-starters for no reason but to do it.  Add to that their ever-growing egos and it is impossible to like them at all.    They say they want to stay out of the drama, yet they inserted themselves into the Vanessa & Ralph/Brendon & Rachel fight and are the ones trying to stir up trouble against Nary & Jamie.  Their cocky attitudes hopefully are a sign that they don’t win the Race.
Quotes from Episode 20.07

Jamie: “We can still run faster than them.”
Brendon: “Border patrol?  Who you checkin?  I’m crossing that whole in the fence.”
Jamie: “I love it!”

Jamie: “It appears the gig might be up.  If that’s the case, then finally the gig will be out that our agency’s better than theirs.  And that Nary can kick their ass.”

Rachel: “Art & JJ… snobby McSnobsters.”

Bopper: “White men CAN jump!”

Mark: “Don’t fart on me Bopper!’

Brendon: “You just gotta hold it.”
Rachel: “It’s holded.”

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0 thoughts on “Recap: The Amazing Race 20, Episode 7 – “White men CAN jump!”

  1. Wow, Art and J.J. giving away money to Bopper’s sick child. They are truly horrible people. Not like Brendon bad mouthing the hell out of them in episode one because they work for the Border Patrol which make them his enemies as he is half Mexican. Or the fact that Brendon and Rachel provoked Vanessa and Ralph many times in the first few episodes and ride Art and J.J.’s superior traveling skills in order to just keep up with them.

    I’ve been watching the show with several family members and all of us seem to think that the only ones deserving of winning are Art and J.J. or Rachel and Dave. Rachel’s hay stacking skills really solidified her high standing in our eyes. However, next week’s promos seem to have a big blow-up happening between those two teams. We all also can’t wait to seen Brendon and his cry-baby leave asap. And while I like Bopper and Mark, I don’t know how you can label them consistent as they’ve been at the back of the pack (and last when Art and J.J. gave them the money) for most of the race.

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