Power Rangers (Super) Samurai, Episode (6) 29 – The Bullzord

Serrator and his lackey Crustor are watching a young boy whom they identify as the guardian of The Bullzord. Serrator is excited about his grand plan falling into place.

The Rangers come home to find the young boy with his feet up on the table. Mentor/Ji tell them he is Cody and his family have guarded The Bullzord for 300 years. When it first appeared, it ravaged the countryside so the Grand Shogun sealed it away. Cody wants to set it free and the Rangers can control it with the Disc he brings.

Jayden wants to check this out so they escort the little boy home. They see Cody’s father chopping wood out back. He’s upset that Cody has put everyone at risk by sneaking out and bringing the zord to their attention.

The father tells the Rangers about Cody talking to the Bullzord since he was three and how the Grand Shogun has entrusted their family with protecting it for all times. Mia runs in to say Cody has run off. Crustor follows Cody straight to the Bullzord’s cave. Inside, Cody asks the Bullzord to behave and he draws the symbol for “Release” allowing for it to escape the mountain.

The father can’t believe it. Cody sticks the Disc onto the pedestal inside the cave (which actually turns out to be inside the actual Bullzord), but his 2nd symbol power bounces off. The Bullzord goes rampaging and the Rangers morph. Crustor calls out some giant Moogers and the Rangers zord up as well. The Moogers try to tie up the Bullzord, but it breaks free. Mia gives it a punch, then the Rangers decide to ride it, but the Bullzord won’t have any of it.

Cody continues talking in his head as the Bullzord rolls away. The Rangers go back to Cody’s home and try to comfort the father.

OOH-AH-OOH! Xandred thinks the rampaging zord is very interesting.

The next day, the zords (in origami form) return with Cody’s location. The father hands them the original Disc used to control the Bullzord centuries ago. The Rangers run into Moogers as they run to Cody. Jayden runs ahead, following Crustor.

They arrive inside the Bullzord and they fight as Cody looks on. Jayden hands Cody the new-old Disc and he tries the symbol power again and again and again until it works. Jayden knocks Crustor out of the Bullzord and it begins to fly.

Jayden puts the Disc into his Samurizer and the Grand Shogun suddenly pops in. “Now and forever, our power is your power,” he says.

Crustor embiggens and Jayden forms the Bull Megazord. He then goes into Shogun Mode (“Power of the Ancestors!!!!”) and finishes Crustor off.

Episode Thoughts
This was a pretty solid episode. *gasp* It was quick paced and full of action and simple.

How Much Better Was Sentai Than Power Rangers?
Corresponding Shinkenger Episode: Act 32 – The Ushi Origami and Act 33 – The Great Bull King

But in comparison, Shinkenger‘s two episodes were filled with a lot more. Granted, it was two episodes instead of one. But the story of the little guardian kid was much more tragic and emotional. (Maybe overdramatic? Then again, most of Shinkenger was more serious that Samurai.) There’s a scene between Takeru and the little boy’s grandfather that was very well done. On Samurai, the little kid was actually kind of annoying. (lol)

Shinkenger also had a full subplot with Dayuu and Juzo that took up half of the two eps, thus only one episode for Samurai. Kudos to Samurai, again, for actually filming a lot of fresh New Zealand footage, including the morphs during the fight scene.

The Battlizer is okay I guess, but it was a pretty low key intro for it.

So overall, a solid episode, but I liked what Shinkenger did a lot more.

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