Power Rangers (Super) Samurai, Episode (4) 27 – Something Fishy

Antonio is still traumatized from almost getting eaten by a cat last week, now he’s afraid of fish. The others tell him to get over it. Meanwhile, OOH-AH-OOH! Xandred and Octoroo are paid a visit by Serrator who says he’s been lying on the bottom of the Sanzu River for a while and because of that, has been able to develop heightened powers.

Xandred takes a swing at his arm, but Serrator doesn’t avoid it, wanting to show his “unflinching loyalty.” He says he can help finally get rid of the Power Rangers as well as flood the Earth. It will be glorious!

Back at the manse, Emily is explaining “aversion therapy” to Antonio and the others demonstrate by each facing their own fears; Jayden has a spider crawl on him, Mike gets locked in a closet and Mia kisses a frog.

Kevin makes a deal with Antonio; he’ll eat Mia’s horrible, disgusting food if Antonio touches the fish. Kevin takes a bite of Mia’s food, but Antonio still can’t touch the grilled fish. The alarm sounds and the Rangers head out, leaving Antonio behind.

Mentor/Ji/notJii gives Antonio something to do in the meantime. He brings out a latern, not a light, a LANTERN! and tells Antonio it is the “Light zord.” No one’s been able to unlock it for centuries, but maybe Antonio could.

The Rangers meet Serrator. And they get completely manhandled. Across town, Antonio gets working on the LANTERN!

Jayden goes SUPER! to fight the embiggened Nighlok Serrator creates as the other four deal with him on the ground.. Just as Serrator is about to finish them off, Antonio arrives with his LANTERN/Light Zord. Serrator says they pass his test and he heads back to the Sanzu leaving his Nighlok. Antonio embiggens his LANTERN!/Light Zord to finish it off.

Back at home, Antonio tells the team how Mentor/Ji/hedidsomethinguseful helped him get over his fear by stuffing a sushi in his mouth.

Episode Thoughts
How Much Better Was Sentai Than Power Rangers?
Corresponding Shinkenger Episode: Act 28 – The Lantern Samurai

This was an okay translation of the original episode. It’s always interesting to see Power Rangers, for which Saban has mandated a more fun and light treatment, remove any fun and lighter moments that were already present in the Shinkenger episode.

It seems Power Rangers was actually playing Antonio’s post-traumatic stress more seriously than Shinkenger did. Shinkenger was all laughs, from all the fainting and finding out Takeru wet his pants, Sentai was definitely funnier. Not even Bulk and Spike stuck up a tree was funnier.

“Light Zord” eh? Is “Latern” too Japanese? And speaking of wanting to make the show more kid-friendly and appealing to kids, should be interesting to see whether or not the LATERN! will talk as DaiGoyou did in Shinkenger. If not, it is really interesting seeing the kinds of decisions Saban and Co. make.

Oh, and there’s no describing how Jii is so much more awesome than Mentor/Ji. Seriously, what do they do to Rene Naufahu’s voice to remove any kind of emotion or natural tone? It just adds to what makes Mentor/Ji just not awesome at all.

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