Supernatural Episode 7.14 – Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie

Sam is running away from a clown.

Cut to 60:00:00 earlier
Dean answers a call from Frank on the payphone.
“Seriously Frank, I’m getting the clap from this thing just touching it.”

Other than learning Fred Savage is a Leviathan, Frank’s got “dick on Dick” (as Sam puts it). They quickly move on to the job where the victim looks like he’s been attacked by a 30 foot octopus then bit on the neck by a vampire. They talk to the guy’s wife who suggests they talk to the nanny. They leave as the family’s daughter eerily watches from atop the stairs.

The Bros split up and Dean heads over to the nanny who tells him that the daughter, Kelly, had a birthday party yesterday at Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie. She was upset because her father merely popped in and left quickly and one of the other kids teased her by saying her parents didn’t love her. After some prodding, she adds that Kelly has a “weird thing” about monsters in her closet.

Sam goes to talk to Kelly who is drawing on their walkway. She says she’s afraid of what she told the police, that she had warned her dad about the monster in the closet getting him. Kelly’s mother comes outside and hurries her into the house as Sam sees what she was drawing… an octopus.

Later that night, a unicorn… a UNICORN horns a man dead and runs away leaving a rainbow trail out of its ass.

Sam is now cornered by two clowns, he shoots at them but all that comes out of their wounds are bursts of glitter.

36:36:05 earlier.
Dean learns the new victim had taken his son, Billy, to a friend’s birthday party yesterday… at Plucky’s of course. He calls Sam with the update and asks him about the place, not knowing that Sam absolutely hates it. Dean remembers Sam is deathly afraid of clowns, but tells him “If it bleeds, you can kill it.”

Sam reluctantly visits Plucky’s to investigate and he meets Jean, the sorta cynical shift manager. She explains how they have kids draw their worst fears on placemats so that Plucky can poof them away; a psychological exercise by TPTB at Plucky’s who want children to live wonderful, happy lives.
She recounts Billy’s father having a conniption at the party, dragging his kid out early even after asking to stay a few more minutes.

Before Sam leaves, the janitor, Saul, overhearing the questions, wants to share something with Sam. But not now, “too many eyes,” he says and tells Sam to come back after closing.

Meeting back at the motel, Sam tells Dean about the fear drawings and how Billy had drawn a unicorn for his fear. Maybe a connection.

Later that night, Jean asks Saul to clean out the vomited on balls in the ball pit and ends up getting attacked by something. When Sam and Dean arrive on the scene they see his wounds and they look very much like shark bites.

The clowns are enjoying hurling Sam around this garage.

04:34:11 Earlier
Sam and Dean are stumped, so Sam is forced to go “bad cop” on the Plucky’s employees, starting with Jean. She says she just got promoted to manager and admits that she gets high in the alley out back.

Meanwhile, Dean wants a giant slinky. But he needs 1000 tickets to get one.

Next up for Sam is Howard, the greeter and guy in charge of the prizes. He seems clean as well. Out in the play area, Dean meets a young boy whose stressed mother works at Plucky’s. He hates being here, (“The pizza tastes like butt.”) but Dean gets him to understand that his mother is working her ass off for him.

Back in the breakroom, Sam talks to the mascot. Afraid of Sam the Fed, he runs and both Sam and Dean chase him outside. Dean tackles him onto a pile of tires. (Awesome stunt.)

The mascot mentions the meth lab being his brother’s, not his, then talks about hearing weird noises coming out of the basement after hours while he and Saul would enjoy some “Shrooms in the ball pit.”

Fearing the boy and his stressed out mom are next on the victim list, Dean sends Sam to stop her from being killed by a giant robot with laser eyes. Dean, then, heads down into the boiler room where he finds a voodoo hoodoo set up and the tickets guy, Howard.

Howard explain how there’s a ton of power in fear and that with a little of that mojo ending up on the paper the kids draw on, he can summon those fears into reality to help protect the kids from crappy parents and bullies. He burns the drawings along with something from the person being punished and voila, instant unicorns.

He says he knew Sam was afraid of clowns, so wanting to protect himself, he is able to summon clowns.

While Sam continues battling the clowns, Dean, looking at the pictures up on the wall deduces that Howard’s brother drowned. Howard says it was his parents’ fault, but Dean takes one of the drawings off the wall (by Howard, presumably) and a clown doll made by him and throws it into the fire pit. Howard’s little brother pops in and he makes Howard drown too.

Thanks to that, Sam gets in the middle of a glitter explosion when the clowns poof into thin air.

Dean is getting a kick out of glitterySam.

Winchester Bros Funny/Emo Moment of the Week
Dean apologizes for psychologically scarring Sam by dumping him off at Plucky’s when he and Papa Winchester went out on a job. It’s fine, Sam says and declares the experience just now has helped him get over his fear. Sam hands a happy Dean a giant slinky. Dean’s got a present for Sam too, a stuffed clown… which he throws out before they drive away.

Episode Thoughts
This was a fun episode. A REALLY fun episode. From the random 24-style clock/countdown to the glitter and flying teeth and a great performance from Jared evoking chilling and horrible fear of clowns, it was a crazy, random, enjoyably fun hour.

The case was interesting itself, but whenever Jared and Jensen get to do something funny and light is awesome. Lack of Leviathans are a bonus, of course.

Supernatural definitely needed a nice little episode like this. Reminds you of how great fun the show can be when it isn’t all dark and brooding and emo.

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