Grimm, Episode 1.11 – Tarantella

“Instantly, the priestess changed into a monstrous goblin-spider and the warrior found himself caught fast in her web.”

An art collector fox or Fuchsbau tries to catch a pretty lady at an art gallery. She refuses, but he follows her out and ends up bringing her to his place. She says she can’t stay, but he violently insists, showing her his true form. His mistake, not knowing her true form. She tackles him to the floor and proceeds to, I guess, vomit into his mouth after he chews off her tentac… er, finger.

Across town, Nick is trying to fix the TV when their home suddenly gets egged. He takes his gun outside to find two kids (one of which is some creature). Next morning, Nick has a talk with Monroe who tells him that the Vessen, the legion of fairy tale creatures roaming about, are just surprised to find a real life Grimm in their midst.

Nick gets the call and heads over to the Fuchsbau’s condo where the body has already quickly decomposed. Nick finds the finger which twitches when he picks it up. They visit the coroner who tells them the victim was made to ingest some kind of highly corrosive acid, turning his insides into liquid, which was then sucked out through an incision in his abdomen. Looks like a bite mark, they say.

Back at the precinct, they find the print on the finger matches prints off of a murder in Phoenix five years ago with the same kind of mummified victim. They also get the report finding the acidic stuff found in the victims relates to spider venom.

Nick heads to Aunt Marie’s trailer that night for research and finds exactly what he needs. Meanwhile, Miss Spider tearily puts on a wig and some makeup, goes to a restaurant and finds another man to vomit and suck on.

A little later, Nick goes to the address of the people or Vessen that had been watching and taking photos of their home. These Oregon State Beaver (heh) fans, or Eisbibers, including the fridge repair man beg Nick not to kill them. But Nick assures them that he won’t, unless the Vessen they told of him continue harassing him and Juliette. They promise to make sure the word doesn’t continue spreading around.

Next day, after the 2nd victim is found, Renard tells Nick and Hank that the same killer ended up killing three in Phoenix five years ago and three more in Albuquerque five years before that. All of them included the killer taking a piece of jewelry. This could be a ritual killing, meaning one more to go in Portland.

Miss Spider drives to a soccer field and *gasp* she’s actually married and with a young daughter. And that night at dinner, she hands her husband the Rolex she had gotten from Mr. Fuchsbau.

Nick turns to Monroe who tells him he’s dealing with a Spinnetod, a kind of spider that kills their mates after having sex with them. Monroe takes Nick to a sort of rest home for Vessen to talk to Charlotte, an old friend of his and also a Spinnetod. She explains how Spinnetods must feed on the lives of men three times every five years to stop the mortification process.

Charlotte, who looks like an elderly woman, reveals she is only 26 years old, but looks like this because had given up the life of a Vessen years ago.

Nick and Hank go to arrest the husband and question him as Mrs. Spider gets ready for her final feeding of the cycle. Nick questions the husband alone and after revealing he is also a Spinnetod, recounts how he met his wife, Lena, in high school and that there’s no life for either of them without the other.

“I’m alive because she loves me.”

After dropping off her daughter at a friend’s house, Lena is back at home, taking a shower. She is aging and begins to peel off her skin.

Nick, Hank and a squad of cops storm the home but no one is there. Nick finds Lena’s skin in the trash and they get a call that her car was found at the marina.

Lena is on a yacht with a delicious young man. They hear noise outside and the guy goes up to see. Hank pulls him off the boat and Nick chases after Lena. She attacks him and some of her acidic vomit drips on his chest, but he shoots at her and she scurries off. He continues his pursuit and hesitates to shoot. Instead he whacks her with a sail and into a fishing net. Nick sees Lena’s remorseful human face.

Later, Nick and Hank take the daughter to her grandma’s and he sees her true form in the rear view mirror. Meanwhile, Lena sits in a cell, now very aged after not getting her third feeding.

Episode Thoughts
Now this was a quick episode. Faster paced, less of the sitdown talks, more of the action and more story development.

The case was fine and it was a nice example of one of those episodes where we see Nick struggling with whether he lives by being a cop, being a Grimm, or being a compassionate human being. I hope we get to see more gray area, moral dilemmas in the future.

But I think my favorite parts of the episode were the scenes dealing with Nick slowly and slowly getting outed as a Grimm. Whether it be by the Vessen or getting discovered by Juliette or Hank. I do think it’ll be happening soon. I doubt it’d be something they’d wait until the season finale to do.

The night scenes of Amy Acker walking the streets of Portland and even the scenes of Nicholas Gonzales’ condo/penthouse were a very nice and refreshing contrast to the lush greenery of the Oregon mountains. Definitely did another great job at showing off Portland. I only wish someone would do the same for the San Francisco Bay Area, yeah?

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